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Lonyé Browne, left, and Zuania Baptiste, two of the three Girl High School top performers. (Facebook photos)
Lonyé Browne, left, and Zuania Baptiste, two of the three Girl High School top performers. (Facebook photos)
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Three Girls High School (GHS) students are St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ top performers in the May/June 2019 Caribbean Examination Council Secondary Education Certificate Examinations (CSEC).

The Ministry of Education said on Tuesday that preliminary results show that Zuania Baptiste passed her 14 subjects, obtaining grade 1 in 12 of them and two grade 2s.

Lonyé Browne, who sat 15 subjects, obtained eight grade 1s, six grade 2s and 1 grade 3.

Adiah Holder passed her 14 subjects, with 13 at grade 1 and one grade 2.

When she wrote the Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment in 2014, Holder, then a student of the Questelles Government School, placed fourth for girls and ninth overall.

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The GHS was also the nation’s overall top performer, registering a 96.9% pass rate, followed by St. Vincent Grammar School (SVGS), which registered 91.44%.

They were followed by the Bequia Seventh-day Adventist High School, with 88.57%, St. Martin’s Secondary School, 87.7%, St. Joseph’s Convent (Kingstown), 84.35%, Mountain View Adventist Academy, 82.08% and St. Joseph’s Convent (Marriaqua) 80.71%.

Additionally, 11 schools obtained pass rates between 60% and 80%, which the Ministry of Education described as “creditable”.

They are West St. George Secondary School, 78.24%; Bishop’s College Kingstown, 75.95%; Thomas Saunders Secondary School, 75.49%; Georgetown Secondary School, 79.85%; Adelphi Secondary School, 70.49%; Petit Bordel Secondary School 68.07%; St. Clair Dacon Secondary School, 68.06%; North Union Secondary School, 67.53%; Sandy Bay Secondary School, 65.76%; Intermediate High School, 60.51%; and Emmanuel High School (Mesopotamia), 60.14%.

The Bequia Seventh-day Adventist and West St. George Secondary showed vast improvement in their performance over last year’s results.

In 2018, the Grenadine school recorded a pass rate of 74.71%, while the West St. George institution registered 64.68%. This year’s performance represents increases of 13.86 and 13.56 percentage points, respectively.

This year, 2,478 candidates from SVG registered for the exams. Out of these, 817 were private candidates, while 1,661 were school candidates.

There were 1,641 school candidates sitting 11,222 entries in 31 subject areas from 26 secondary schools, the ministry said.

About 74.33% of the subject entries were awarded grades 1-3 — a passing grade. This compares to 74.67% in 2018 and 73.25% in 2017.

The ministry said that this year, 15.62% of the passes were at grade 1 level, 38.53% at grade 2 and 45.85% at grade 3.

Last year’s figures were 16.82%, 37.29% and 45.89%.

“The Ministry of Education congratulates all students and extends gratitude to the principals, teachers and staff at all schools for their support of the students. We are cognisant of the fact that outcomes in education are measured, not only in quantitative terms, but also in qualitative terms, therefore, the value added to the lives of all of the students, the top performers, as well as those whose performances can be improved, is greatly appreciated,” acting Permanent Secretary Myccle Burke said in the statement.

“All principals continue to work diligently in conjunction with the Ministry of Education in support of their school’s effectiveness and the students’ success,” he further said.  

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  1. Congrats to the Girls High school . A special congratulation to Miss ADIAH HOLDER. YOU MADE YOUR PARENTS PROUD, YOU MADE YOUR SCHOOL PROUD YOU MADE YOUR TEACHERS PROUD.AND YOU MADE ME VERY PROUD. You are No 1 so you have to hold on Miss Holder you have greater things comming your way

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