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Warren Smith

President of the Caribbean Development Bank, Warren Smith. (CDB file photo)

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Dear Dr. Smith

I have listened and read the articles concerning your bank’s involvement with the misprocurement issue involving the Caribbean Development Bank and the Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

As president of the bank, you are responsible for the embarrassment that your institution has brought on the Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines through no fault of theirs.

I think, Dr. Smith, the most honourable thing you should do given the circumstances is to resign your position forthwith from the bank.


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John Gumbs

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3 replies on “An open letter to Warren Smith, CDB president”

  1. Sir I implore you to do no such thing. You did the right thing and the government of SVG need to be embarrassed.

    The first line of defence against unqualified applicants has to be a department elected by and on behalf of the SVG government. There is nothing simpler than checking qualifications of applicant. If they do not qualify do not allow them to bid.

    What you have done has served as a warning to the whole of the Caribbean governments and shown to your lenders or funders that you are on the ball and will stand no nonsense, there investment is safe.

  2. Indeed to both you John Gumbs and Urlan, we most clearly see here for sure why, in the kingdom of the blind why the one eyed man will always be king! Just how much more information do you both need!

    Are you both that blind? Have you both been reading the reports that were made available by Kenton on this site?

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