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Glenroy Gaymes

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A supervisor at the Forestry Department has been charged with indecent assault in connection with an alleged attack on a female co-worker on Sept. 4 at Edinboro.

Glenroy Gaymes pleaded not guilty to the charge when he was arraigned at the Family Court last week.

He was granted EC$3,000 bail with one surety and was ordered to have no contact with the virtual complainant.

The matter was matter adjourned to Dec. 16, 2019.

iWitness News understands that Gaymes has been suspended from work pending the outcome of the court matter.

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3 replies on “Forestry supervisor charged with indecent assault of co-worker”

  1. Disgraceful these type of things is getting to prevalent in our small country rhe judicial system needs ti be reviewed

  2. Rawlston Pompey says:


    The former speaks to an offence of a ‘…sexual nature.’

    Not just mere allegations. Charge must be well founded.


    Touching reproductive organ; …fondling breast; …patting buttock; …kissing on cheek or lips.’

    Why was he called upon to plea to an indictable offence?

    A ‘…Common Assault,’ applying physical violence or an attempt,okay- Summary trial by Magistrates.

    Even so, enjoyment of the ‘…constitutional presumption of innocence.’

    Irrespective of which assault, advisable to ‘…Keep minds off; …hands to side or in pocket.’

  3. On September 24th 2018 I was in the Lincoln County R3 Transportation Dept. break room in Troy, Mo.. I was sitting next to a table where a drink was spilled on the table and was dripping on to the floor through the center crack in the round folding table. Along with a couple other drivers, I grabbed paper towels and began helping to clean the mess by putting towels on the puddle under the table. As drivers were beginning to go clock in I reached back under the table to finish cleaning puddle and pick up the paper towels. While I was on my hands and knees, my head and arms reached under the table, a male coworker came up behind me and straddled over me. I said move and I tried to move out from under him telling to get off me. The male employee then proceeded to sit on me, mounting me like I was a horse. Putting his crotch down on my lower back and causing pain to my back and down into my legs. I pushed his leg trying to dig my nails into his leg and yelled get off.
    Later that same day I reported the incident to my supervisor and the next day in writing to Human resources. During the time this man was suspended I experienced backlash from other employees and staff. After HRs investigation they stated “there is INSUFFICIENT EVIDENCE to substantiate a violation of Board Policy 1300.” Even though he admitted to what he did. Stating he was joking and it was in good fun. This was apparently enough for HR to justify his actions. Maybe it’s not harassment but it is definitely ASSAULT!!
    I have not had so much as a conversation with this individual. So it boggles me as to why he thought I would be ok with his actions! I cannot understand for the breath in me WHY THIS INDIVIDUAL STILL HAS A JOB!!
    ANYONE who knows me KNOWS I DO NOT joke around like this. I DID NOT AND DO NOT find his actions funny. I was humiliated!! By attacking me in a position where I was physically unable to defend myself he took the power to do so away from me. Since the initial assault this man backed a bus towards me and my son. Conveniently the morning after he was interviewed by the police for the assault. That was dismissed because ” I had no proof”. This man still works here and walks around with no worries. Maybe these things are becoming more prevalent, not because it’s necessarily happening more, but because women are tired of being treated like animals!
    In close nothing has been done. My workplace and our local government has failed me.

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