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Police investigation
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Police are investigating the discovery of a body in a shallow grave in Evesham Tuesday night.

A police source said that the body was wrapped in  sheet and was buried behind a house.

The source said the body has been identified as that of George “Coban” Samuel, a truck driver.

iWitness News understands that Samuel was last seen alive on Sunday.  

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7 replies on “Body found in shallow grave in Evesham”

  1. This is so sad…Coban was good with everyone in the village…time for us to love each other and stop this violence.

    1. Winfield Alexander says:

      He will be missed, he was a good friend to my son. May his soul rest in peace and raise in glory

  2. Christel baptiste says:

    This crime rate need to be dealt with its getting too far but God you see them and you are angry let this nation see that you can do wonders and you will bring them to their own confision lord may your spirit look over us the ones who left cause we dont know whose next

  3. Shirlon(st Kitts) says:

    My heart bleeds for my dear friend and I wondered ,what could have cause this level of violence in my community. We need to take stock, stop the crime and violence .To his family my condolences may his soul RIP.

  4. It broke my heart to learn of this truly sad news. Coban was dear friend to my family and I. He was always friendly and helpful to everyone in the community. My deepest condolences go out to his family in this time of their grief, and may his soul rest in peace!

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