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Vincentian students, for the first time ever, took part in Taiwan National Day Parade in Taipei on Thursday.
Vincentian students, for the first time ever, took part in Taiwan National Day Parade in Taipei on Thursday.
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By Zuleika Lewis

St. Vincent and the Grenadines, on Thursday, participated in Taiwan’s 108th National Day parade, for the first time since its observance.

The 10-member team of Vincentian students work outfits in their national colours, which were made by Vincentian student Alicia Cox.

The students who participated in the parade are all recipients of university scholarships from the government of Taiwan and are enrolled at the National Taiwan Normal University Mandarin Training Center, where they are studying Mandarin Chinese ahead of the commencement of their degree programme. 

Minister Counsellor at the SVG Embassy in Taipei, Elroy Wilson said the event was “a big success”.

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“They were very happy to be the first to participate. We decided to use the new students because they have more time and being based in the capital, Taipei, made it more convenient for them to attend rehearsals,” Wilson said

“I’ve seen first-hand the hard work and dedication put into the students’ performance. On many occasions to accommodate everyone, rehearsals were sometimes held at 10:30 p.m. by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Taiwan, and all of the students were always present. In addition to this, they had rehearsals on their own.”

Vincy Students in Taiwan national day
The students who took part in the parade.

Taiwan’s National Day celebrations were observed under the theme, “Taiwan Forward,” and were intended to convey Taiwan’s passion, inclusiveness and endless possibilities.

Every year thousands of people gather in Taipei to witness a show of military might with tanks, armoured personnel carriers, and various other military vehicles. 

Taiwan’s air force was also involved with jets screaming overhead and skydivers landing on designated spots in front of the president.

The event was also heavily attended by dignitaries in a show of solidarity.

4 replies on “Vincy students participate in Taiwan National Day parade”

  1. Nice! Always a pleasure to see our young people aspiring, carrying the torch and continue to grow stronger as a group but for the future of their homeland….SVG.

  2. Again every Nation that is a Christian nation is separate from the none Christian or Heathen how could S.V.G. a Christian island be tied to this Heathen nation this is a mockery in the eyes of Jehovah the ancient body or forefathers isreal did the very same thing here and lost Jehovah God their creator and brought evil upon shall it be in S.V.G

  3. It’s good to see your students so happy in Taiwan.but in Cuba Mr PM they are suffering.if any of your children was in Cuba would your response be the same? Now there is a new situation developing at home with the Medical schools.The MMH or the Kingstown hospital is no longer credited which means the medical students can not practice there internship there.So Vincentsion student will have to go to another country to finish there program.Which going to corst them hundreds of thousands of dollars more or bare there last.And also I understand some of the medical schools will be closeding down. thanks . This is what happens when you have dictatorship all the thinking on you.What going to happen to does people who invested a lot of money into apartment.And the hundreds of employees.What was being done with the money that the medical school were paying the government.Or were They paying the ULP?Now don’t tell me you didn’t understand how important maintaining a good standard for the hospital was important for patients and the economy.MR PM you let me down And l want to apologise for publicly saying you are my mentor in torms of your determination to get things done.

  4. As Taiwan seek to keep its dwindling friends on board, it is folly on the part of Taipei and its allies like SVG who are more likely to be fair weather friends, to assume that reunification with the mainland is not completely inevitable and that the USA can somehow change that coming day.

    With over one and a third billon people on the mainland, Taipei with only 24 million people and its little size of 35,808 square kilometres meters and being just across the Taiwan strait from the People’s Republic of China, what little military it possess, can hardly stand its ground against the growing might of the mainland battle groups.

    “Beijing’s nuclear-capable missile DF-41 ‘can level the whole of New York City with a single strike’, Chinese media warns”

    “Chinese analyst Xi Yazhou said the weapon could deter Washington from ‘running risks’. The missile could strike and destroy NYC ‘without a problem’,” And that the new “Nuclear-capable DF-41 was unveiled to the world by Beijing earlier this month. It is said to be able to hit the US within 30 minutes, carrying nuclear warheads.”

    With Donald Trump abandoning the Kurds in his latest declaration, perhaps it is time that Taipei and the likes of SVG accept the real reality of China’s President Xi great game.

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