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Kenville Horne, journalist and community activist.
Kenville Horne, journalist and community activist.
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Vincentian journalist and community activist, Kenville Horne will participate, in November, in the British Government-sponsored International Leadership Programme (ILP) in the United Kingdom.

ILP is the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s flagship visit programme designed to create, and develop lasting relationships with future leaders who may have an impact on the UK’s global interests.

The programme will include a range of visits, discussions, and meetings with senior British decision makers and opinion formers. These will include UK leaders in Government and a visit to No. 10 Downing Street, the home of the Prime Minister, Parliament, the media, civil society, education, business and industry.

Horne will be expected to participate in roundtable discussions on global issues, tour the Houses of Parliament at the Palace of Westminster, hold meetings with two British Members of parliament and tour the Arsenal Football Club.

The visit will also see him visiting a number of major media entities, non-profit and non-governmental organisations. 

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Horne is the founder of the Kenville Horne Sports Academy in Rose Hall and a journalist with the Vincentian newspaper.

He received the Queen’s Young Leader award in 2015 and the Commonwealth Points of Light award in 2018.

He expressed delight on being invited to make such a high profile visit.

“I am overwhelmed with the invitation and the opportunity to learn from other young leaders from around the world,” said Horne.

The journalist said the visit will offer him the opportunity to develop his leadership skills and enable him to better help his country.

“I am very passionate about my country and I see this programme as a chance to learn and enhance my leadership skills to better help my people, especially the youth,” Horne said.

Most of Horne’s visit will be in London but there will also be a visit to the city of Cambridge.

“I came from very rough beginning but I didn’t allow that to dictate my life. That is something I want every [young person] who [is] struggling to understand. To get somewhere new, you … must first decide that you are tired of being where you are,” said Horne who is also a rising soca artist and uses the state name “Fonando”.

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  1. Congratulation Kenville your early life prepared you for what you are doing. You did not let society and the culture dictate your future and take your dream away. A good old teacher said this to me many, many years ago “Adversity provides an opportunity for us to do better and be better. Keep up the good work my son, you are blessed

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