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The Reverend Adolph Davis speaking during the march and rally in Kingstown on Thursday. (iWN photo)
The Reverend Adolph Davis speaking during the march and rally in Kingstown on Thursday. (iWN photo)
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A Methodist preacher says it is totally unchristian for the church not to care what people do in their bedrooms.

The Reverend Adolph Davis told the rally in Kingstown on Thursday in support of the nation’s buggery and gross indecency laws that Christians had gathered together “because we care”.

Christians rallied in response to a legal challenge to the laws, which two gay Vincentians are asking the court to declare unconstitutional.

The men say that the laws violate their constitutional right to dignity.

But Davis said that in marching in support of the laws, Christians were standing up for and calling the nation to righteousness.

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“Now, tell me something: who seriously loves St. Vincent and the Grenadines going vex when yo’ stand up for righteousness,” Davis said.

“Now, if anybody really loves this nation, they’re supposed to be saying thank God the church standing up for righteousness. Because we are here because we love St. Vincent and the Grenadines… We are here because we care.”

Davis said he could take the attitude and say he does not care what people want to do.

“But the love of God in Christ makes me have to care. And hear this: It makes me want to care what people do in public,” Davis said, and stretched out the microphone to the crowd, which added, “and in private”.

He said it would be “totally be unchristian if I say I don’t care what people do in their bedroom.

“The love of God means I care what you do, known or unknown, private or public. I care because I love you.”

Rally crowd
A section of the crowd at the rally. (iWN photo)

Davis said that things have broken down in families and that is a serious problem in the nation.

He quoted Genesis 2:18, where God said it is not good for a man to be alone and he would make a suitable partner for him.

The reverend said it was God’s idea to bring woman to man and to marry them.

“So who created the family? Who started the family?” he said as the crowd responded “God.”

“Who made the first family? Who knows how family supposed to function? And who put family in place to bless a nation?” he further said, as the crowd continued to respond God.

Davis said that is why they were rallying “because we know that God has a purpose and a plan for the family.

“But my goodness gracious, things have gone bad. Family is supposed to be the foundation of any society and of humanity but our foundation has been shaken,” he said.

In his speech, Davis outlined other threats to the family, including adultery, child neglect, domestic abuse, and the sexual abuse of children.

8 replies on “‘Totally unchristian’ not to care what people do in their bedrooms”

  1. Yes I agree that it would be ‘totally unchristian and heartless not to care about what people do in their homes’ but realistically; is it really others business or that of any pastor? The said purpose that we as Christians are led to “pray without ceasing”; putting to God our concerns as our homes are meant to be our reserved dwelling and only the business of our Pastors’ if or when, asked as it relates to counsel or support in a variety of ways.
    For ‘You’ Pastor:-1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 – “Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”

    1. Unmitigated hypocrisy here by this and other pastors in that they are for the most vultures and wolves in sheep clothing who one dare not leave to watch the flock. they class themselves as ministers of the gospel but most are far removed from being supporters of the people that they are charged to care for. You only know how Christian and faithful most of them are until their behaviors and business become exposed while at the same time they are living double and triple loves, N0 wonder some of them become unraveled when hey are revealed!

  2. You are so correct Reverend..lots of preachers have been literally caught in married people’s bedrooms.That’s a huge issue…start marching and praying against that.There’s gay gay and lesbian preachers..what does the Bible day about the “mote in one’s eye”?

  3. There are many kinds of family not just those with a husband and wife with children. Many. Some are more stable than others. Rev Davis quotes the Bible to say it is not good for man to be alone. Would he want his daughter to marry a gay man or his son to marry a lesbian? Or are LGBTI people simply expected to be celibate all their lives? Where is the Christianity in any of that? Or the sense of it?

  4. What people do in their bedrooms is not the church business.Or anybody business for that matter.As long as it is consenting adults.

  5. Rev Davis. How very convenient it must be to not have to wrestle with tricky morale questions on your own – relying on your own instincts, and intelligence – instead how wonderful, to open a book and select a few aphorisms that happens to resonate with your own prejudices .
    Forgive me for mistakenly thinking that the overriding message from the New Testament is one of inclusivity where all are welcome, even, I believe antediluvian Methodist!

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