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Camillo GOnsalves
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The opposition New Democratic Party is an asset to the ruling Unity Labour Party (ULP), as it seeks a fifth term in office.

Minister of Finance, Camillo Gonsalves told the ULP’s 25th anniversary celebration rally on Sunday in Arnos Vale that the NDP “continues to bless us with their political incompetence.

“They are reliably consistent source of negativity, a reliably barren desert with no ideas and no plans to offer the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, a reliably empty barrel, mekking a whole set ah noise, pulling down St. Vincent and the Grenadines for political gain but never supporting progress,” Gonsalves said.

Gonsalves, who is into a first five-year term as Member of Parliament for East St. George, said that the NDP said no to the construction of a bridge over Rabacca Bridge, to PetroCaribe, to the geothermal energy project, the Youth Empowerment Service (YES) programme workers, the construction of the Argyle International Airport, and to the country’s bid to secure a non-permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council.

“But that is how they stay: negative, negative, negative. That is how they stay. Like Busy say, ‘A nuff ah dem stay so. Chat dem a chat, no action fuh back’,” Gonsalves told the rally, which featured Jamaican artiste Busy Signal.

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Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves has said that Vincentians will vote by the end of next year, ahead of the March 2021 constitutional deadline.

And the finance minister, who is the prime minister’s son, said that in the empty barrels are going to “make a whole set of noise and spread a whole set of negativity and will try a whole set of distraction” during the election campaign.

“But remember, empty barrel will make noise but this is the busy government. This is the action government; this is the Labour family that has been taking this country forward since 2001,” he said, punning on the lyrics of some of Busy’s songs.

“They can’t hold we back. As long as we stay focused, they can’t hold we back and we have a secret weapon. The secret weapon sit down in the front row. The greatest political leader and greatest prime minister in the history of St. Vincent and the Grenadines,” Gonsalves said.

He said the NDP will get desperate and will try all sorts of things to pull down the ULP.

“The only force in St. Vincent and the Grenadines that can defeat Labour is Labour itself. Only if we lose our unity, only if we lose our focus, only if we lose our commitment to country and to party, only then can we lose. The NDP cannot defeat this Labour family.  Never happen,” Gonsalves said.

He added:

“Time — five years, 10 years, 15 years — time cannot defeat the Unity Labour Party. Only we can stop ourselves. And when they start the commess, when they start the pull down, and when they start to come about this and that and forget about all the progress that this party has made, remember the Labour family.

“We ain’t perfect, nobody is perfect, but remember we love you with a perfect love, remember we love you with a perfect love and if we slip once in a while, you are our family, help us to stand up, if we stumble, help your family up.

“We are the greatest political force in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. This family is the agent for change in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.  United, we are unbeatable, united, we are invincible, united, we will win again, and again, and again,”

14 replies on “NDP ‘continues to bless us with their political incompetence’ — Camillo”

  1. Positive approaches are stimulated through positive thoughts. The ULP team knows; being affirmative and echoing about the progress of the party to the ears of those listening, will only produce positivity, clearly the strategy of the ULP.
    On the other hand, ‘defeat should never be a source of discouragement but rather a fresh stimulus’. The NDP can defeat ‘this Labour family’ when they begin to take the role as ‘opposition’ more seriously by re-examining the strategy of the ULP; their accomplishments and disingenuousness’ of the past 15 years.
    Voters need to hear a well-thought-out alternative by the NDP, as they are aware that the ULP has been the Government in power who holds SVG’s purse and is liable for the mandate of running the country. The big question to the ULP is: Were you answerable to the opposition whose role is ‘to act to discourage the party in power from acting against the interests of the country and the common man?”

  2. If one ever has to see the results of privilege over merit, then look no further than Camillo Gonsalves. He represents exactly some of those things that are profoundly wrong with our Vincentian society. Privilege, added to crony Capitalism and gross rampant nepotism.

    JOMO Thomas alluded to as much recently, and the same went down like a led balloon, drawing rapid fire from Papa, the Dictator himself who sought to engage JOMO in a kind of “fire fight” in the House. If you have something in your craw spit it out or something like that. In other words, “come confront me head on” if you dare!

    Yet there is another form of privilege, one that Thomas Payne spoke of; quote: “When men yield up the privilege of thinking, the last shadow of liberty quits the horizon”. Thomas Paine.

    But thinking is not what Vincentians have done much for the last twenty years. If we had, we would not be in the situation that we are in now, with so much of the workforce out of work. One thing for sure, is that neither “Boy Wonder” nor his siblings would ever be out of work as long as Papa ah run ting yah so!

    The dust-up between the PAPA and JOMO brings to mind a dust-up between both Stalin and Trotsky. The hero of these so-called Champaign socialist, besides Karl Marx, is Joseph Stalin. Another of their hero is Leon Trotsky whom Stalin had assassinated in Mexico by an Ice pick in the head.

    Leon Trotsky had something to say of privilege too. Of privilege and his Comrade he said “Everyone has the right to be stupid on occasion, but Comrade Macdonald abuses the privilege. Leon Trotsky. Is Comrade Ralph now saying the same of JOMO?

    One note above that the “Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves has said that Vincentians will vote by the end of next year, ahead of the March 2021 constitutional deadline” but according to him too, the political future of anyone leaving his ULP is sure dead and as JOMO has indicated his intention to leave the ULP, Comrade JOMO must be abusing his privilege to be stupid.

    Vincentians are wondering what went wrong between the Comrades. What has caused JOMO to part-company with the Gonsalves family dominated entity known as the ULP? Is it lack of opportunities? Opportunities that are reserved for the Gonsalves family only? Whatever the case he has been told in no uncertain terms that “im done politically” carse ah Papa ah run tings!

    We are being reminded by our privileged “Boy Wonder” that like the builders of the Titanic and sea Ice or waves, the ULP cannot be defeated. But ah wanda if Boy Wonder ca recall ah wah happened to de Titanic?

    In the end of it all, Boy Wonder ah tell we dat dem love we! (all me caar say fo dat is, Mothers lack up yo darters)! An if yo war wok yo ha fo go abrard caars none na day yah fo yoh and despite all the glorious promises, if de foreigners don’t give we “Foreign AID” dis country ah go die ah Bird!

    But let me end by quoting Steve Biko who no doubt knew how privilege could entrench itself. Quote; “Tradition has it that whenever a group of people has tasted the lovely fruits of wealth, security, and prestige, it begins to find it more comfortable to believe in the obvious lie and accept that it alone is entitled to privilege”. Steven Biko

  3. Father Iike son. Comillo did your farther tell you to say does things? Because he does tell you what to talk. But we not interested in what you said. We are interested in what your father tell you what not to say. Prove your self a big man And tell us about YOGGY. SO tell the man yo is a big man an yo going to talk.

    1. The alleged affair is of little concern to me, although Vincentians seem to feel private affairs between consenting adults is part of governing.
      What astounds me is that Camillo would criticize the NDP when it is clear that he himself has never accomplished anything significant in his life. Everything he has comes from daddy. He was “given” his win in the most pro-ULP district in the country. As Finance Minister nothing has changed because daddy tells him what to do. It frightens me that this guy could one day become our Prime Minister when he has not yet even learned to think for himself.
      If the ULP were forced to act responsibly and could not continuously borrow money, this nation would be on its knees. The debt levels are beyond what we can pay and right now all we can do is struggle to pay the interest on all the loans, and hope for debt forgiveness from our communist friends and Taiwan. And yet the ULP continues to borrow knowing that hundreds of years of future generations will have to live in poverty because of it.
      Kick that can down the road!
      Camillo laughs at the NDP because they seek to be frugal with the people’s money and the ULP act as irresponsible spendthrifts and create NO jobs for us to pay back all the borrowed money.

  4. Urlan Alexander says:

    The treatment of Yugi Farrel should be enough for you to go and hide your face young Gonsalves. Your bold and pompous statements are irrelevant to the vincentian people who are slowly rising up to you and your dad’s rhetoric.

  5. Lol. Your dignified silence is broken. Lol. I agree that we all want to hear about. Yuggie. Pls. Tell us the truth. We do not want to. hear lies about your jobs. Number2 on God hate list is a lying tougue. Shame shame you shameless bunch. Stop fooling the poor and indegent and bribing.

  6. Camilo, why don’t you continue to take dignified silence because all you doing is talking out your posterior. Everything that’s coming out of your mouth appears to be emulating from that part of your body. So shut up, as your father has told you to do.

  7. Oh. I pray for strong doses of shame-facedness on alyo. After all y’all did to ensure stealing of elections and setting up yourselves as the illegitimate gov’t. It puzzles me how such statements can be touted. Seared consciences, obviously.

  8. Mica country Montreal, Quebec Canada says:

    Well said guys . What he camilo talking about NDP a party that produces negative. Camilo shut yr dam sour mouth and leave NDP party alone. When you start acting as an adult and being more responsible for your actions rather taking advice from yr rapper man father than taking a dignified silence then you can able to b a leader . For now just take a seat behind the back burner and stop fooling the poor ppl in vincy.

  9. Mica country Montreal, Quebec Canada says:

    I just hope you vincentians vote the Gonsalves dynasty out of office enough with those bunch of losers. You the people of SVG deserves much better representation. The way i see it they using you folks aa a voting cow only to keep them in power to use you folks like a donkey nothing more. The Gonsalves dynasty do not have no interest in you prople so you all need to check yourself and come to reality is the fact.

  10. Master's Student says:

    only now OH HO you realize that this is an illegitimate Government ? I wish more vincentians can be as enlightened and awakened like you. Congratulations. Thought I was the only who realized it….

  11. Does anyone in SVG think that we could ever see the Gonsalves being questions in Court about their years in office like Desi Bouterse President of Suriname? or ever legging it away from investigative reporters?

    This is not “running FOR office” but rather running FROM office! “Mayor in Chile sprints away from journalist’s mid-interview as they ask her about violence rocking the country”.

    The thing is dis, Vincentians are much, much worse dan ah flock ah sheep. Feed them some strong rum and gee dem some jump-up music an den see how dem go daft crazy like lego beast. So dem man day know how fo control dem well an dem nar go gee-up dem hold pon power easily either!

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