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ULP supporters at the rally in Arnos Vale on Sunday. (Photo: Anthony Fonz Dennie/Facebook).
ULP supporters at the rally in Arnos Vale on Sunday. (Photo: Anthony Fonz Dennie/Facebook).
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There are many jobs coming for Vincentians, says Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Camillo Gonsalves.

He told the ruling Unity Labour Party’s 25th anniversary celebration in Arnos Vale on Sunday that the PAVE programme was scheduled to commence the following day.

The Public Access to Village Enhancement programme will build footpaths, steps and install rails in communities where persons still do not have concrete or asphalt roads.

Further, on Nov. 23, the government will begin construction of a world-class athletic track at Diamond, Gonsalves said.

He further pointed out that Rainforest Seafoods, a Jamaican company, is expected to complete their factory at Calliaqua by June 2020 and will put some EC$20 million in the hands of the fisher folk of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

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“If you ain’t start catch lobster yet, it’s time to build some lobster pots because money coming,” Gonsalves said.

He further said that the government is building a new port at Rose Place, Kingstown.

Also in Rose place, Clear Harbour, a call centre, has just opened and will employ hundreds of Vincentians by next year and 1,000 in a year and a half, Gonsalves told the rally.

iWitness News was reliably informed that so far, 11 persons are on the job at Clear Harbour as the company has only one campaign underway. 

The rate of pay is EC$7 per hour, lunch is 30 minutes with a 15-minute break in the morning and a 15-minute break in the afternoon.

Camillo GOnsalves 1
Minister of Finance, Camillo Gonsalves speaking at Sunday’s rally. (iWN photo)

Gonsalves continued:

“You hear job? Yo’ hear jobs I telling alyo about? We have job coming at the hotel at Diamond, we have jobs coming at the hotel in Mt Wynne, we have jobs coming at the Rainforest Seafoods, we have jobs coming at the call centre, we have jobs coming at Peter’s Hope, we have jobs coming at the hotel in Ratho Mill, we have jobs coming in the construction of all of these facilities, we have jobs coming to build the athletics track, we have jobs coming to build the community centre at Diamond.

“We are a busy government,” he said at the rally, which featured Jamaican artiste Busy Signal.

“This government, this action government, this busy government has more plans in store for next year. We’re going to have plans in place to help young entrepreneurs, give them a little grant, give them a little start-up money so they can start their own business.  You will hear more about that next year.

“And we are going to accelerate job creation and job growth all across St. Vincent and the Grenadines. That is what a government concerned about the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines is all about,” Gonsalves said.

Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves has announced that general elections will be held by December 2020, ahead of the March 2021 constitutional deadline.

The ULP will be seeking an unprecedented fifth consecutive term in office.

13 replies on “‘We have jobs coming’ — Camillo”

  1. With 46% of Vincentians out of work and unable to find a job, they will have to build 200 hotels to help the situation. Most international hotels employ all the skilled staff and management from abroad first world countries.

    This is just more nonsense because election is coming. Shame on the Gonsalves/Francis dynasty for fooling our poor and ignorant.

    Wicked slave masters whipping the ignorant slave class into a job frenzy.

    As for the stadium at Diamond where is that money coming from because they got $15 million US from Ghadaffy for this project and it disappeared? So lets hope this is the same money and not money from elsewhere

  2. Dem Man ah talk an fool ah listen.

    Watcg yah nuh JOLLY Wanda Bway ah nah one ah dem out ah work people thanks to Daddy!

    But whole heap ah man ah suck salt ah road ah day time!
    Nuf said.

    Wen wip ah crack…..Man ah run! Dem say Man ha fo Know im true place. Fool we dread.

    Ah Wah Change?

    1. Thank you, we all know, or at least you and I know, that democracy dies in darkness and SVG has been getting darker by the day since 2001.

    2. Ralphs Promises are little more than Ralphs Lies.

      Doesn’t all the lies just make you laugh.

      Remember the election promise in 2001, a 30% pay increase for everyone. Never happened.

      Remember when in 2013 Ralph promised that he was ready to pass the integrity law. Never happened.

      Remember the airport oil terminal to be built in the sea at Argyle. Never happened.

      Remember he said he was going to build new large cruise ship berth. Never happened.

      Remember he promised us the new Kingstown hospital. Never happened

      Remember he promised us the revival of the banana industry. Never happened.

      Remember he promised the revival of the arrowroot industry. Never happened.

      Remember he promised the revival of the coconut industry. Never happened.

      Remember we were promised the cross country road. Never happened.

      Remember we were promised a tunnel under the hills at Kingstown. Never happened.

      Remember we were promised a new international Olympic stadium at Diamond. Never happened.3

      Remember the Port Police were promised pay owed to them, when the asked they were all dismissed.

      Remember the irrigation worker when they asked for pay owed to them they were all dismissed.

      Remember in 2004 he said the best agreement that the teachers ever had. Untrue was deemed unconstitutional and therefore unenforceable. He was a signatory to it, and knew that when he signed.

      Remember he promised Bigga Biggs would get his quarry license back. Never happened.

      Remember he promised that the pay rise owed to all government workers would be paid. Never happened.

      Remember he told us to expect ten 747 400 seat airliners a day at Argyle. Never happened, and never will.

      These are just a few of the lies, there are hundreds perhaps even thousands more.

      Remember when he told us he would make it public the finding of what he sad was false accusation of his bank account in Switzerland. Never happened.

      Unfortunately Ralph Gonsalves is known as a self confessed liar. He told us himself he sometimes tells lies. Since then he has lied to the people of SVG and also lied in parliament to parliament.

      Why are Vincentians so stupid? why?

      The along comes his step son Camillo and makes more promises which will be unkept.

  3. Mental slavery CHRIS ULM is a disease that we Vincentians are finding it very hard to get rid of and our oppressors knows it full well and exploits us hard as a result, taking full advantage of our disability! Dem ah tell we dem love we but look how we ah live an how dem ah live?

    Yet as Bob Marley tells us, it is only we who has the power to get rid of such a debilitating disease and cure ourselves! Poor us.

    But watch yoh nuh dread, time langer dan twine. We ah go wake up one day soon. Tell yugh!

    So hold fast dread! Fe we time ah go come wen we tek it!

  4. Camillo Camillo l know you your self don’t believe what you are saying Before you start to talk about Job creation in St Vincent we the people of St Vincent will like to know how much jobs you create in Jamaica if any? And how much businesses you have out of this country if any? Last election yo big Bally dady spoke about the the jatty in Kingstown and said he get most of the money so what you saying he didn’t get that’s why he didn’t start it.. You and your father is not to be given another day in politics after election.l will not comment on the stopped an backwards things you were talking about.l will left does things for your idiotic supporters.

  5. I am sure there will be some jobs but those mentioned are not nearly enough for the tens of thousands out of work. When will both the ULP and NDP figure out that jobs are best created by crafting policy that creates an environment where investors WANT to invest, we will begin to prosper, instead of constantly going no where. For that the environment has to be attractive enough for investors to calculate that they will not lose. That is not done with high taxes and especially Customs Duties being some of the highest on earth. Also, our heavy beaurocracy and INEFFICIENCY is legendary and none of these government people even care.
    The environment has to be such that:

    Prosperity becomes inevitable and poverty becomes impossible.
    Right now we have the opposite

    At present it can take days for a person to clear a simple item through Customs, and for an item (that costs 5.$US) you have to pay a Customs Broker 100. EC$ Why does NO politician talk and do anything about the TOTAL INEFFICIENCY of our government sectors?. Sometimes paperwork can take over half a year for it to be addressed by government and if you do not keep going back they will do nothing at all and you will NEVER hear from them. Everyone reading this comment about the problems I am mentioning knows it all to be true!

    The Global Cannabis industry is bringing us millions but will continue to lose value and in a 3 to 5 years will be a shadow compared to what it is at present. Both the ULP and NDP need to think more clearly. Camillo will find out that handing out money to would-be entrepreneurs is not how it is done. Handing out money to anyone at any time never solves problems, it only prolongs them. Instead, creating an environment where would-be-entrepreneurs can do-it-themselves is needed. The environment has to be sustainable for that particular industry. For example, a thermal sweater factory will probably not survive for a beginning entrepreneur in SVG. If the government “hands out” money for such an idea and the idea flops, the entrepreneur and government DO NOT LOSE! BUT THE COUNTRY AND THOSE THAT PAY TAXES DO LOSE.

    I suggest that government here begins to govern by policy instead of frivolously throwing out money…our money, that we have entrusted them with.

  6. Masters of porkies na fool the poor black people like that. Is it because election will be soon…? This. Is a sin.

  7. Political gemic dam liars wonder if Vincentians really that blind and foolish to be listening to those Gonsalves dynaty.

  8. Politicians, foreign money and those minor details! What do we know? We know about David Ames, Chairman of Harlequin Group of companies and naturalised Vincentian. We also know of the William Wise Bank, the “Millennium Bank SVG” now a chance to understand a little bit more!

    “The Diplomats for Sale.” “Politicians in Dominica and Grenada willing to accept secret campaign contributions from wealthy foreign businessmen in exchange for diplomatic passports.” And remember that Diplomatic Bag in London?

    Well this is the Caribbean and those Briefcases of Cash that may not exist! Get my drift?

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