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Minister of Finance and East St. George MP, Camillo Gonsalves. (iWN file photo)
Minister of Finance and East St. George MP, Camillo Gonsalves. (iWN file photo)
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The story of the 25th anniversary of the ruling Unity Labour Party is the story of the Labour family, “the story of you, because this labour family gathered on the tarmac tonight is an unbeatable and an unstoppable coalition of interest and people across St. Vincent and the Grenadines.”

This was the pronouncement by Minister of Finance, Camillo Gonsalves at Sunday’s rally to mark the party’s silver anniversary.

Gonsalves, who is a first-term Member of Parliament (for East St. George), said that in the Labour family, there are young people, the elderly, and women who are the backbone of the party

He said that next year, the party will send two women, Debbie Charles and Mineva Glasgow, into office.

Charles, a senator, failed in her bid, in 2015, to unseat the incumbent Daniel Cummings of the New Democratic Party as Member of Parliament for West Kingstown.

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Glasgow, a retired deputy director of the National Insurance Services, is tipped to become the ULP’s candidate in South Leeward, from which Speaker of the House of Assembly, Jomo Thomas, has resigned as the party’s caretaker and a member of the party.

Gonsalves told the rally at Arnos Vale that Labour also has the support of “the poor, working class people, farmers and fisher folk, teachers and nurses, police and civil servants, small business people, proud patriots and progressive Vincentians who know that we live in a great country; we are home to a great people and we are destined to achieve great things.

“We have great young people in the crowd tonight,” he said and “big up” Linda McDowall, whom he described as the greatest long distance runner the country has produced.

He said that Pamenos Ballantyne, who is also in the crowd, was the greatest male distance runner the country has ever produced.

ULP supporters
ULP supporters at the rally in Arnos Vale on Sunday. (Photo: Anthony Fonz Dennie/Facebook).

Gonsalves said he was bigging up the distance runners because the ULP is a distance running party

“We doh bun after five years, we doh bun after 10 years, we doh bun after 15 years. We going the full distance of the marathon, we ain’t bunning after 20 years either.”

He said that in its 25 years of existence, the ULP has enjoyed the support of the majority of Vincentians since 1998.

“So for 21 of the 25 years that this party has been in existence, the Unity Labour Party has been the voice of the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. We are, undoubtedly, the home of the majority of the people and we are, undoubtedly, the natural party of governance of this great nation.”

Gonsalves said the ULP has become “this powerful and unstoppable force, this undisputed political juggernaut in St. Vincent and the Grenadines because you, the Labour family, are united, you are focused, and you are committed to the cause of progress and independence, even when the road sometimes get rocky.

“Over the 25 years, we have achieved a great number of things, from education, housing, roads, jobs, Rabacca Bridge and Argyle International Airport.

“On our 25th anniversary that we celebrate today, we celebrate all of those things and all of the individuals who lend their time and their talent and their vision to the cause of progress in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.”

He said that although the party had rallied supporters to celebrate 25 years, history, the triumph and long road travelled so far, “ULP ain’t tired yet.

“In our 18th year of government, we remain an action government, we remain a busy government, working hard day and night for the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, motivated by progress and development, energised by the people’s support and powered by our undying love for the Vincentian people.

“No matter what they say, you know that Labour loves you and this party shows no sign of slowing down.”

Sunday’s rally featured Jamaican artiste Busy Signal as the headline act.

40 replies on “The people made ULP ‘this powerful and unstoppable force’ — Camillo”

  1. Utter waddle on the part of Camillo! Lies and deceit, nepotism and the intimidation of others, very much like their counterparts in Nicaragua, Cuba and Venezuela. This is what have kept the Gonsalves family and its ULP poodle in total domination over Vincentians for near on twenty years.

    Part of the proof of such intimidation in action is for one to engage a Vincentian, (stranger or otherwise) in any political discourse in a crowded place, and then observe how that individual would squirm, while gingerly looking to both their left and then to their right and over their shoulders, before responding or engaging in the conversation.

    What a frightened state some Vincentians are in!

  2. Camillo nothing your father tell you to say don’t make speakings about 25 years and the party in office 19 years.l tell you to be a man and start talking for your self.Tell us about YOGGE The Fack that your father tell you what to say ask him if election was free and fear.Ask him about the rape allegations.Ask him who deposit the one million$US in the bank, Ask him if they have any information about Glen Jackson murder.Ask him if there is an investigation going on about the FSA financial services authority and the financial intelligent unit.Not because you have the name of minister of finance you will have any information about that.So tell him you need to know about that if it’s true.So before you come with any more stopped talking tell us what your dady say about them thing they.

  3. Camillo can gloat and boast and ubout the Ulp achievements as much as he wants . However, one question that one has to ask him/herself is whether or not life has become less onerous under the ulp?

    1. I read that article you posted on a different News outlet. The truth is that all political and economic systems are flawed. There are good and bad things about the system in Cuba; even still, we should not impose any system like that here. Bolivia is a very different country. What existed there was certainly much better than what existed before Morales. Anyone that looks can find that the USA is responsible for the Bolivia overthrow. That Army General that “advised” Morales to resign, is not a millionaire living in the USA, as are a few other generals and the heads of the police all received 500.000 US$ and are now living outside Bolivia. Venezuela, even under Chaves was a poorly run country. We certainly do not want any system like that here, even though ours is also bad and poorly run. In my opinion Ralph Gonsalves certainly has some qualities of political and moreso geo-political genius. In certain areas he is very bad, such as macro-economics and his responsibility for our police is also poor.
      When any of these politicians talk about “democracy” just realize that Democracy is the worst form of government and exists nowhere. Ben Franklin said:

      “Democracy is two wolves and a sheep deciding on what is for dinner”.

      In order to “save” SVG, vast changes would have to be made, but certainly not those the ruling family want to impose upon us. What changes, how and who are all questions not yet answered and may not be in my lifetime, meaning we will be stuck in undevelopment for the long foreseeable future.

      1. Above there is a typing mistake:
        The general that advised Morales to resign is NOW a millionaire living in the USA. He resigned right after Morales resigned and left for Mexico. I do not know where the other generals went or the Police that also got a pay-off from elements in the US Government.

      2. DUKE, everything you write is pure poppycock and your personal dreamed up nonsense. If you want us to believe a single word provide the evidence. Where on earth you gather such rubbish is important for it to be counteracted. Are you paid to come here and write unsubstantiated rubbish?

      3. Duke I only seem to know about the bad things about Cuba, perhaps you can tell us what the good things are. These as I know are the good things, do you know of anything better?

        Dirty second rate hospitals lacking medical supplies and modern equipment for the masses, somewhere approaching OK, but still without excellence, for party members.

        Government controlled internet.

        Shops and stores huge shortages of foods and household items, some shelves are bare.

        Secret police spying on everyone.

        Political prisoners.

        Unable to travel outside of Cuba without permission.

        State controlled radio and TV, real news is exchanged for invented news.

        Priests have to submit sermons for approval before using them in church.

        Prostitution in Cuba is a legal profession, though it is regulated. Sex tourism has existed in the country, mainly since 1959 Cuban Revolution. Many women and girls are part time prostitutes to pay there living costs during college education.

        Black people are treated differently to white people. Most government positions are manned by white employees.

    1. Jolly Green,
      You should not be so very critical just because I did not post any links. I think it is great that you do post links but I do not because I believe after hearing some information people should research for themselves because any link I post may tell the story from a perspective the reader may not accept. For example: some think CNN would never lie to them and some believe FOX would not.
      I have seen the information I mentioned in a few places. I have to work so I do not have the time to copy nand post links to everything I see after reading I Witness News articles. Here is one link about information I mentioned in my comment:

      In case you believe that the US Government, Obama or Trump the CIA are a group of angels and can never do wrong, that all they kill and overthrow are “bad guys” I have a different opinion. I have various experiences in my background where I have seen things and I have to restrain myself when I encounter people that have allowed themselves to be brain-washed and indoctrinated into believing things that further the cause of certain entities, especially governments seeking to overthrow other governments in order to gain power or resources. In the military I trained next to soldiers in the School of the Americas at various military bases, then I worked in intelligence and other positions with top security clearances, meeting heads of state, generals and others. I was even ordered and had to sign an agreement that I am never allowed to talk about what I have seen and experienced for my entire life, or else… so please do not accuse me of not knowing anything of what I am talking about.

      1. If you were a signatory to any official secrets act you would never even give the information that you give here. May I suggest you Sir are a charlatan.

  4. Camillo is right in saying that “the people made ULP the powerful and unstoppable force” it emerges to have become. Yes; a progressive and independent mandate should be the goal and focus for any ambitious nation and can be demonstrated only through hard work.
    However, hardly ends there; but by the unreciprocated concerns of– do we really want to uphold a political dynasty? Or is there much fear of the menaces to those dear to challenge the concerns?
    So even in unison with the ‘Labour Family’s Labour Love’ slogan: “Love is about giving freedom and power, not about gaining control or possession”. Therefore contradicts any possibility to the endorsement of a ‘political dynasty’; any political dynasty.

  5. The ULP haters are out in their numbers. Same thing Camillo is saying, “ah set of empty barrels” making a whole bunch of noise, but cannot make a meaningful contribution nor come up with ah amicable solution. The naysayers and haters will forever be making noise because take it or leave it, it will be 5 in a row for the ULP. Only those who cannot see progress will want to remove the ULP from power at this stage to put in a party with no vision, no ideals and no foreign policy/relations. The haters need to wake up from their slumber, face reality and admire progress and prosperity. Get away from the bitterness and hatred all in the name of politics.

  6. Wouldn’t we all Mr Mac, but Kenton has a tightrope to balance in staying out of court and getting sued.

  7. Big up ugee too. She is also there. The prettiest and sw??st the Country has produced….
    Something is wrong with some a we black poor people. Think we being studied.



  8. If you I witness can print camillo comments then you can print would be very stopped and an professional to try and do something like that . You said you get a master degree in journalism.Wat is your GPA? did you cover public relations?l am not satisfied with the level of your journalism mentality and the way you edit your work.

  9. Dear, TRUE PATRIOT, if only you were in reality a TRUE PATRIOT with a modicum of acumen, you would have realised that SVG’s economic policy is to beg its way across the world.

    Such is surely grossly embarrassing, humiliating and demeaning, as is our being ruled over by an undemocratic despotic, self-appointed king and his family.

    Which true patriot worth his salt, would tolerate such a debasing embarrassment?

    1. Nothing you recommend to me is worth my time reading. I can bet you are not in SVG, somewhere across the globe begging your way to life. Typical Ralph hater. Reading something that the white man puts up and swallow it up like a hot cake.

      1. True Patriots always use their own names, because they have the protection of the ULP family and the dynasty. So whatever you are, you are not a true patriot.

      2. But True Patriot, Ralph Gonsalves is a white man, he is also a self confessed liar, yet you still believe him, and believe in him.

  10. TRUE PATRIOT l respect your freedom to speak and your opinion on the NDP foreign policy. But your government foreign policy is to beg and beg beg. Wat your government have to give nothing. But the Lands of this country for next to nothing. I believe you were force to say what you said or you are on medication and if you are tell them to stop making you a fool. and say MC MAC tell you so.

  11. STHU!!! ABOUT BEG DAMN FOOLS !!!!!. THE USA owe China TRILLIONS in dept . Russia , England etc. every country in the world of trade asked for loans and contributions whether directly or indirectly get assistance through concessions , trade or political lobby .

    Lets employ the NDP strategy , stay dumb and hungry LMAO . SILLY PEOPLE .
    say anything to rile up the NDP base .

  12. AL is some one paying you to be stopped.That is there excuse to BEG. China invest there money in the USA bons.So wat the Americans do they use does money and keep there money as surplus to keep the dollar strong.You idiot. The US don’t go to no country and barrow money.You ULP ass you want to start a verbal political war the NDP is ready.Your leader is the oldest political fool in the Caribbean your party is the most corrupted political party in St it true that members of the ULP new that Glen Jackson was having sex with little under age boys .? You ready l will tell you how much labor party man who people say have HIV and who people say get it from bulling.. Bring the verbal war.

    1. sounds like you having an emotional break down . Its a hard thing to loosing election after election lmao . like yo wah go meet Glen it seems . keep it up

    2. I think AL is meaning the Trade Deficit, but the USA is trillions in debt to the Federal Reserve (private banks). If you consider debt, the USA is the poorest nation on earth but very developed compared to other countries. The most militarily developed as well as having control of the Global Financial System. This makes them the most powerful nation on earth. For sane thinking people this is a very terrifying thought considering they are the only nation to ever use nuclear weapons on civilian populations multiple times and they have more chemical and biological weapons than all nations on earth combined! Now they are stealing Syria’s oil against International law, as they have been doing in Libya since 2013. The USA does whatever they want. The rules are for others to follow.

  13. Dear AL why do you continue to show yourself as a complete numskull especially on things that you do not understand such as fiscal policies? One keeps on advising you that you just should not comment upon those things to which you have very little learning as you only show yourself up as being thoroughly unlearned.

    Might one recommend to you AL “Economics for Dummies” you should find it most helpful.

    Or perhaps a simple guide for understanding Economics.

    My dear AL, “Fiscal policy” is not as you would have it. Further we know that the ULP too has shown itself to be very poor at conducting SVG’s Governmental Fiscal Policy.

    For your information AL in economics and political science, fiscal policy is the use of government revenue collection and expenditure to influence a country’s economy. Therefore AL before commenting on the same, do get some learning on the matter and stop showing yourself up to be a complete donkey in these matters.

    1. James what business do you run and what are your contributions to SVG if any besides being a political bullhorn like your associate Jolly for the incompetent NDP



      1. AL, I agree with much of what you say about the ambitious dastardly US foreign policy but James H. does seem to know his stuff about economics and it is obvious the leadership of SVG does not seem to have any grip on Macro Economics at all and instead lives (spends) beyond OUR means (see all the poverty in Kingstown) or gets very little investment based more on luck rather than anything else. I would very much welcome a more intelligent and sustainable economic policy in SVG instead of borrowing and only paying the interest on the loans and waiting for debt forgiveness from places like Venezuela. I am sure a system based on Supply-side is better than Keynesian Socialism. Supply-side works for Singapore.

        When impoverished Singapore adopted Supply-side economics they passed SVG like we were standing still. Now they are the strongest (per capita) economy in the world even with great social benefits far better than any in the Caribbean.
        By the way: the leader of Singapore is the highest paid leader in the world. Just in case our Caribbean leaders wish to know.

      2. Duke I respect your comments …………….the investment wheel in SVG has literally just started because of the AIA and their are few more infrastructures to finish up so it would take time to see the benefits and returns on investments once they begin . It dont take an expert to know this . Ralph at times has some short comings and has faltered but they are some things he must be given credit for .
        Rome was not built. in one day …….Gadaffi tried to achieve economic freedom for libya and you see what America did to him .

        SVG one day will flourish and all the naysayers will wish they had invested , I guarantee that
        Bad deals was done in the past on the Grenadines investments that was sold out for little or nothing so we saw no returns on those . I keep saying the Gov if chooses can redo those bad deals to benefit the mainland and its people . The workers in these places also need better representations and labor rights .

  14. James you unsuccessfully tried to discredit what I said by name calling and by simply posting a link defining fiscal policy without explaining how this attributes o the development of our country and how it relates to investments whether negative , such as your assertions or positively such as my assertions .
    The difference between me and all of you is that I look at things from an objective view and always impartial .
    hopefully all my comments get posted by this news because we all know he also is not an impartial news media based on my past comments being excluded from posts in the pass ,

  15. By the way AL after you have taken off those red garbs of yours, and have sobered up from your frantic jigging about like a demented rabbit, perhaps you could tell us all about those Diplomatic Missions, especially that one to the Holy enclave.

    “Politicians in the Caribbean are said to be involved in a corrupt trade of diplomatic posts in exchange for money”.

    Oh’ we will also love to know when was it that the USA, China, Russia, England engaged themselves in this “international begging for contributions” in economic support for their failed economic policies, whether directly or indirectly through concessions, trade or political lobbying?

    1. LOL James is one ting i can say , you really have a way with words lol. you really entertain me
      the last time you mentioned some words that i never even knew existed in the dictionary lol
      to bad educational credentials dont always equates to basic common knowledge . ever heard the saying , you smart till you dunce !!

  16. You may not need to be an Economist AL but what you sure need is a thoroughly better education. Your existing standard of education leaves much to be desired and is only suited for Rum Bars dialogues or your arguments with your friends on the block!

    You are however AL the ideal blockhead for the ruling family and its U.L P arm, for the simple reason, that you are quite a simpleton and understands very little Micro or Macro-Economics.

    Perhaps you could improve your understanding of these matters by following up on And reading

    The Wealth of Nations:

  17. The problem Duke is this, that America like much of Western Europe and the United Kingdom, they have departed from their founding principles of true Capitalism as envisaged by the likes of Adam Smith, and have to a degree have embraced the liberal/Left agenda for the purpose of Vote Banks.

    And that policy needs to be resolved in order for traditional capitalism to work properly again but sadly, one doubts if it ever will, because of some new distortions in what we once called Democracy.

    “For all appearances, China has emerged unscathed from the global economic crisis, in stark contrast to its biggest debtor, America”.

    So should we Duke be all following the new guy on the block who is neither democratic nor egalaterian and at the same time employs state capitalism in its frightening Dystopian “BRAVE NEW WORLD”?

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