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An example of a hospital helipad. (Internet photo)
An example of a hospital helipad. (Internet photo)
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The acute referral hospital that the government intends to build at Arnos Vale will include a helipad.

“We are also going to get a helicopter pad and we are making arrangements, we have approved a proposal already from a private helicopter operator — not for government to operate a helicopter — so that it can be hired for medical purposes and it could be hired for other purposes,” Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves said on Sunday.

The referral hospital was one of the things that he told supporters of the ruling Unity Labour Party and media audiences to look out for, if the Unity Labour Party is returned to office later this year.

Gonsalves said that the hospital will be built closer to the roundabout end at the decommissioned E.T. Joshua Airport.

It will be a 130-bed facility and will deal with “a lot of tertiary healthcare,” the prime minister said.

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“… the designs have been finished and every room earmarked with equipment. It’s now being studied by us — our technical people and the World Bank,” the prime minister said.

He said the World Bank financed the design with a soft loan and also financed the selection of the location.

Minister of Finance Camillo Gonsalves is in discussion with the World Bank for US$50 million to build the hospital, the prime minister said.

He said that the hospital will have parking for 160 vehicles

15 replies on “Acute referral hospital to include helipad — PM”

  1. Such a hospital will require a staff car park for three shifts for 100 vehicle and the car park for patient visitation should be four per room so a hundred and thirty bed hospital will require 520 carpark spaces. That means we will require 620 car park spaces. Far better more than less. But even if skimped and parking numbers cut by half they will require 310 car spaces.

    Even soft loans have to be paid back, add that to the millions owed for the airport, and all the other silly pre-election stuff and it is quite obvious we are heading for a financial catastrophe.

  2. Now talk about red meat. Big belly Gonsalves in his own words. Helipad? decommissioned E.T. Joshua Airport? World Bank? US$50 Million? Structural plans? I guess cleaning up Kingstown could use that US$5 Million and, it is more of a benefit to a lot more people. Taiwan doing all kings of studies too, ULP promise. Gonsalves also promised to develop the harbor with again the World Bank. they also promise to build fiberoptics backbone for telecommunication. They also promised thermal energy at an affordable cost. They also promised to help Marijuana Farmers. Well, Mr. Big belly Ralph Gonsalves, How are we going to pay for all that? What about the job forecast? Does SVGers have running water in their homes? Do you have proper waste disposal systems in place? What about the dead beat so-called royal police force? What about the unsanitary public schools? Big belly Gonsalves’ answer: World Bank, World Bank, World Bank, UN, UN, UN, ALBA, ALBA, ALBA, LIAT, LIAT, EMBASSIES upon EMBASSIES. Last time they built a hospital and the people whose Village they built it in couldn’t afford to go there. They were bawling for menial jobs in order to feed their families. ULP days are done.

    1. The Camdenpark Hospital almost in ruins. Where is the taxpayer’s money going to? We are talking about the first responders in case of a medical emergency (for a whole cross-section of the south leeward populace). I wonder how does the incompetent minister of health manage to sleep. Well, ignorance is bliss.

  3. So a private helicopter company is willing to start business here and believes that the hospital is the key to profitability. I don’t think so! At least not if that is your sole source of income. If it’s not then why not start now. I don’t understand how we can’t get a Psychiatrist here on a permanent basis and we can’t make dialysis affordable yet we can build this.

    1. With all the bright Vincy students we have graduating here each year, it is a wonder we don’t have more Experts. Medical Doctors, Engineers, Architects, Researchers, and Economists. PM gwan drink yo vodka.

  4. Lies and lies and lies. What about the tunnel, the sporting complex, the cross country road and the others. Old man of porkies.

    1. know words dont cost a penny ….talk cheap
      politicians games . ……but we can only hope for the sake of our next generation all goes well

  5. You people make me laugh. You were saying the same about the new airport. It is entertaining to hear what you will come up with next.

  6. in the USA as much as we think the two political parties are against each other they work together behind the scene for one common goal ……..few countries in the Caribbean also accomplish this
    SVG will vastly improve when the political tribalism ends and citizens liberate their minds of political foolery and have more independent thinking.

  7. Acute referral hospital, Kenton you made a mistake in the title ‘Acute referral hospital’ ‘ A cute referral hospital’ built by an acute liar or a cute liar?

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