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Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves. (File photo by Kingsley Roberts/Facebook)
Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves. (File photo by Kingsley Roberts/Facebook)
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The ruling Unity Labour party is the most successful in the history of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, party leader Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves told its annual convention on Monday.

Gonsalves said the world know this, adding that for five successive elections, the party has won majority support and has won the majority of seats for four successive election — an unprecedented feat.

“And the entire country knows and the world knows that the most successful government that this country had even seen is the government of the Unity Labour Party from 2001 to the present time,” Gonsalves said.

He said that in March this year, the government will celebrate 19 consecutive years in office.

“Currently, no political party in this country, or in the hemisphere, that we have seen, has won consecutive elections for 19 years.  Not one other country in CARICOM can boast that.”

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Gonsalves might have forgotten that Denzel Douglas and his St. Kitts Labour party were in office for 20 years before it was booted out of office in 2015.

But he was quick to say that opposition lawmaker and Vice-President of the New Democratic Party, St. Clair Leacock was right in the comment he made in a recording, from radio that was played at the convention.

In the recording, Leacock had urged NDP supporters not to be dismissive of Gonsalves, his leadership style, contacts, and strategies.

Gonsalves said:

“So St. Clair Leacock is right. Labour ain’t easy to beat. And our roots are deep, our connections with each other are well-founded, very strong and we have the leadership, we have the policies and the programmes, we have the candidates, we have the personnel, we have the organisation and we have the rank and file base which knows completely, entirely, that this government, whatever its limitation –because we are human beings — works hard and smart and openly in the interest of the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.:

He further said that the ULP is united.

“And when we are in battle, it’s like a fist and it’s tight and we mustn’t have any dissension because if we have any dissension, it means your fist not tight like that. You can only box if your fist is tight,” said Gonsalves, making a fist in demonstration.  

He said the party has one leader, is agreed on one set of policies and programmes, “and we all working together, rank and file and leadership, together, in the interest of this country”.

ULP convention
Persons at the ULP convention in Campden Park on Sunday. (Photo: Kingsley Roberts/Facebook)

The prime minister said that in the 19 years of the ULP in government, he has never had reason to dismiss anyone from the Cabinet.

“I have never had, on one single occasion, a Cabinet member resigning from the government because they have differences with the government. They ain’t resign at all,” he said.

“Go through every other island, every other country in the Caribbean and you don’t find that. So, when you come to us, you come to us with unity and stability and a focused sense of purpose.”

He then listed a number of things, which he said are incontrovertible.

The prime minister said that far more people are working today in SVG than in 2001, when his government came to office, adding that Vincentians are far better off; there is far less poverty and indigence, far less undernourishment.

He said there is now far better education and training, far better delivery of health services, far better housing, far better social security at the National Insurance Services and Public Assistance.

SVG now has far more and better sporting facilities and cultural facilities; far better road network, including bridges; far better air and sea access; far better immigration, passport, police, Coast Guard, fire and prison services; far better delivery of water, electricity and telecommunications; and far less personal and company taxes, he said.

Gonsalves further stated that there is now, in SVG, a far better system of and facilities for disaster preparedness; far better systems and practices of good governance, openness and transparency and accountability; far better management, functioning and delivery of services for the state-owned enterprises; and far better management of the economy, adding that the economy is larger, and the country wealthier than in 2001.

Gonsalves said there is a stable monetary and financial system and low inflation; far better and deeper regional integration, foreign policy and diplomatic representation overseas; and far better life and living in every demographic.

“In fact, over the last 19 years, a socio-economic revolution has taken place in St. Vincent and the Grenadines by way of the parliamentary process,” he said, adding that this process was a “difficult and messy” one through which to effect change.

“But we have effected the change,” he said, adding, “Fundamentally, when we arrived in office, St. Vincent and the Grenadines was at a dead end in economic terms…

“This economy grew, in the aggregate, from $800 million in 2001 to 2.2 billion last year,” the prime minister told party supporters.

20 replies on “ULP the ‘most successful govt’ in SVG — Gonsalves”

  1. The dirtiest government ever to be in power in the Caribbean. Held in office for four terms by the use of bribery and election fraud.

  2. This man is always so very economical with the truth! One half expected him to go around his enslaved and captive audience, handing out loads of pretty beads and glass trinkets as before.

    They sure deserve some pep me up before the usual handout of sacks of cement or the usual planks of lumber. Sadly, freedom only comes to those who wishes and wants to be free!

  3. Big belly Gonsalves is using the Trump narrative. He will probably soon be on twitter too. Since independence SVG has had Two governments, 1)Mitchell’s and 2)Gonsalves’. Neither of the two has done what is necessary. Develope our Nation. Build factories and infrastructure. Good health care for the people. In this day and age, we still have pothole-riddled narrow winding mountain roads built 50+ years ago. The infrastructure in Kingstown has fallen to pieces. That is big-belly Gonsalves’ legacy after 20 years. If the population Census starts counting all the Vincentians who have left SVG in search of a better life? When a better life is right there. You would understand the true scale of SVG problems The Vincentian community is traumatized with all the incompitense, corruption and lawlessness happening; Christian pastors assaulting people, policemen raping children, government ministers taking advantage of vulnerable women, rampant child abuse. People can’t get paid for their labor. Banks won’t pay their employees. Rat infestation. All we need now is a hurricane. to complete the disaster. Locals complaining that the capital is a dump. Rigging the election, manipulating the judiciary against poor people. You even think that you are the anointed of God in SVG. SVG needs a morally correct leader because all we have is our principles. that is what is wrong that is why fishermen and farmers and other entrepreneurs catching hell. Taxing the people to death. You Jackass Gonsalves. Mens with families can’t get their pay in the middle of december. Tourism development is at least 40 years behind our neighbors. All type of shady figures holdingSVG diplomatic passports. Roger Aims still at large with no end in side or are you keeping it a secret?


  4. Just look at us Vincentians here, are we really this stupid! A room filled with the descendants of African slaves sitting with bated breath listening to their own exploiters telling them how well they are doing when in reality, the entire fabrics of SVG is falling apart under a family elite.

    Can we not take time out to learn the history of the redshirt-socialist who would have us put on red shirts as they drag us further into more poverty through nepotism and cronyism?

    History is littered with the rotting corpses and carcasses of the redshirts, from the soviets to Venezuela today. Just listen to the “dreamer” Leo here at The Institute of Art and Ideas, is this defender saying that socialism is bad but the least worst of the bad philosophical ideas?

    “From Stalin’s gulags to weak growth in planned economies and the fall of the Berlin Wall, socialism has a chequered history. Is it a mistake to imagine that equality can be engineered by socialist planning? Should we be sceptical of those wrapped in fine ideals or is there a form of socialism that can deliver on the dream”?

    Socialism in action

    Was Marcus Garvey correct?

  5. It the most successful regime in destroying the economy of SVG and the dignity of the average Vincentian and in developing a begging culture that is second to none in the Caribbean.

  6. You could (actually) see in the photo that (Big Belly) Gonsalves is lying. Look at his facial expresion while he is ‘sharing the good news’. This is a good photo, quite illustrative, It actually makes me wonder, what came next?

  7. I think our Prime Minister knows that there are people that will believe anything. Everyone knows that the unemployment rate is far higher now than it has ever been. In fact I believe it is much higher than 46%.
    I do not think it can be called a job when a man works a few days a week for a farmer or a man that occasionally does various things for money every now and then.Or a young or older woman that cleans a house once a week.
    The truth is, that Ralph Gonsalves has done far worse to our economy than any hurricane. His “tax and spend” economics does not work here and has never worked anywhere. It destroys jobs and does not create jobs or prosperity.

    We get a short-term sense of prosperity but actually debt creates long-term poverty!

    There is so much debt that we will never find out the true extent of it until a new government comes. Then we have to really start working to get rid of all the destruction Gonsalves has caused and has hidden from us. If it were not for Vincentians living overseas and Western Union and Moneygram our people would be starving on the streets. Our sons would be in the drug trade and our daughters would be prostituted out to various politicians.

  8. Big Belly Gonsalves(and Jomo) also cheering for Maduro. Quite militant at that. He gearing up to change his Red Shirt to Army Fatigues any time soon. (bu whe kiajan tek noo moe). Our Country, our democracy is in the balance here. Our people future is in the balance. The Nation is beaten down to its knees waiting for the tax reforms that would actually benefit it. And, jobs so people can care for their families. Why Mr. big belly Gonsalves, why do you keep on sucking the Nation’s blood? Are you a Vampire? or Do you feel like we owe you something? What is that? Twenty years in power by now you must be power-drunk. Well Mr.big belly Gonsalves evil Vampire, I don’t believe that good people’s redemption has to wait until they get to heaven. You and Mitchell will dead pissing you all pants. Our faith will see us trough

  9. As a May 29, 1919, SVG is yet to be even close amongst the ‘Top 10 Richest Caribbean countries’. Therefore, there are still great growth potential enabling the opposition the opportunity to promote creative ideas.
    Let’s be reminded that the ‘most successful govt in SVG’ in only leading by on seat. With a GDP per Capita Income (USD) 7,145 compare to Barbados 16,357, St.Kitts Nevis 17,924 Grenada 10,451 and St.Lucia 9,715. The Opposition just need to be quicker in their political thoughts in combating ULP’s crafty approaches. It is call ‘Politics’ my ppl.

    1. AMEND to read:-As a May 29, 2019, SVG is yet to be even close amongst the ‘Top 10 Richest Caribbean countries’. Therefore, there are still great growth potential enabling the opposition the opportunity to promote creative ideas.
      Let’s be reminded that the ‘most successful govt in SVG’ in only leading by on seat. With a GDP per Capita Income (USD) 7,145 compare to Barbados 16,357, St.Kitts Nevis 17,924 Grenada 10,451 and St.Lucia 9,715. The Opposition just need to be quicker in their political thoughts in combating ULP’s crafty approaches. It is call ‘Politics’ my ppl.

  10. The party might be successful but the COUNTRY is not. Why then does it seem as if a huge amount of our people are forced to migrate (even to other Caribbean countries) in search of jobs.

  11. I work overseas for eight months then come home to SVG for eight weeks vacation every year then out again. Therefore my comment needs to be taken with a grain of salt. I’m usually very excited to come home to my beautiful SVG. As I spend my vacation I would drive about a bit and would observe the country. St. Vincent does not strike me as a bad place with starving people as some would like to paint. Every time I go to the KFC it would be full of customers especially school children with there 20 or 100 dollars bills in there hands. Whenever there’s a show in Victoria Park especially if an Artist is coming, the park will be full no matter what is the gate fee. One day I was waiting by Adams clinic at Hospital corner for about 45 and I saw about 1000 jeeps with mostly women driving. Everywhere I look in St. Vincent is jeep, jeeps and more jeeps. Vehicles like rice. Hardly any place to park in Kingstown. Everyone selling something. People buying stuff. Mini buses up and down full with conductors’ asses out the windows. Yes we have issues that needs to be addressed but please try to see for yourself. All the comments here do not reflect 100% of anything.

    1. glad you made this point even though it may not reflect the strongest of points ……..i will also add that you can change a government and the leaders but you can NEVER change the people mindset and their ways .
      we should be also asking ….what can we do for our country …

    2. This commentary by seeforyourself is quite obviously written by the regime and dynasty paid contributor. Used to try and fu fu whatever facts seem to be hurting the regime an dynasty. This is the ULP mechanism used to attempt to present wrong as right.

      We are living it everyday.

  12. Please read the political comments with a grain of salt as they go very hard on their critics. Political criticism are often very nasty and are meant to throw you off balance or to persuade you to side with their opinions. We can criticize our Prime Minister constructively without calling him ill names. After all he is SVG’s Prime Minister whether we like him or not. Remember whatever is posted here can be read by anyone in any country. Calling our own people who may have voted the Prime Minister into office four times in a row ill names like stupid, slaves etc is not good. Remember the Biblical saying ” the voice of the people is the voice of God”. If the people voted the man into power and you think they are stupid slaves, then your are also saying that more than half of your country has stupid people including family, friends etc. Instead of hating him and blaspheming Vincentian, why not try to vote him out.

  13. This individual who “work overseas for eight months then come home to SVG for eight weeks vacation every year” should give a little thought to those who live here, the over fifty percent of those who are eligible to work, but through no fault of theirs, cannot find any gainful employment.

    Thought should be given to as to how they could really function without a wage, since SVG in not a welfare state provider.

    Indeed, one may well ask this individual why they found it necessary after all to go abroad to find work since the country is so beautiful.

    Moreover as to the reported view from one corner and of the “1000 jeeps with mostly women driving” within a time period of 45 minutes, this has to be a total exaggeration as there may not be that many jeeps in the entire country much less for them to be driven pass one corner in a period of 45 minutes.

    What one gleans from the individual’s post, is that it was written by a very selfish individual who see only what they want to see. They choose to ignore the country’s dilapidation, the unemployment rate and the glaring needs on many people here. After all as the writer have disclosed they do not live in SVG but care little too about those who are in desperate needs here.

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