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Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves. (Filer photo by Kingsley Roberts/Facebook)
Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves. (Filer photo by Kingsley Roberts/Facebook)

Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves says that the main opposition New Democratic Party (NDP) will, this year, run a “nasty” election campaign as he said they did in the last four elections.

“They start already, like they did in 2001, 2005, 2010, and 2015,” he told the convention of his Unity Labour Party (ULP) in Campden Park on Sunday.

He said that the “nastiness of the campaign” is wrapped up with the people behind the NDP, who he said wants to sell the passports and citizenship of St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG).

SVG remains the only independent Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States nation without a citizenship by investment (CBI) programme, which Gonsalves has dismissed as selling passports.

The NDP, which operated a CBI programme when it was in office, said it would re-introduce such an initiative if re-elected to office.

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Gonsalves said the NDP’s CBI push is “wrapped up with an Englishman who lives in Switzerland and with some Chinese businessmen from Mainland China”.

He said that is why the NDP “even without making contact with the Chinese government” said they would change diplomatic recognition from Taiwan to China.

“It has to do with passport money,” Gonsalves said, adding, “and that is where they hoping to get the money for their campaign, as they got the last time.”

He said that the NDP also wanted to employ Strategic Communications Laboratories (SCL) and the successor organisation, Cambridge Analytica “which Trump people had hired in America with a psychological warfare campaign”.

Gonsalves said he wanted to tell people again about SCL adding that he had said that they are “mindbenders — that they will tap into your email, your internet; they will illegally tap your phone because they have done it before.

“And SCL has contempt for black people. You hear me?” he said adding that the leadership of SCL “are a bunch of racists”.

“Those are the people that the NDP get themselves hooked up with you know,” he said.

Gonsalves read from “Mindf*ck – Cambridge Analytical and the Plot to Break America” a Christopher Wyllie book published in 2019.

“They tried to break St. Vincent and the Grenadines before they break America with SCL,” he said, adding that the ULP is stronger than the Democratic Party in the United States.

“We know how to fight them,” Gonsalves said.

He said that Wyllie was a Canadian who went to work with Cambridge Analytica but couldn’t stomach them and spoke out.

The prime minister said that he had been targeted and has the documents.

“But you know me,” he said, adding, “What racist from England come to manipulate the NDP to tell you about Ralph, you know Ralph better than them.”

“I ain’t come to you perfect. I come to you as a good human being doing service on behalf of the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines,” Gonsalves said.  

Ralph Gonsalves at convention 3
Persons react as Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves arrives at the convention. (Photo Anthony Fonz Dennie/Facebook)

The book speaks of the SCL’s alleged ability to hack people’s IP address and monitor their actions remotely and in real-time.

“They stay in London watching you, because they want to tap as many of you as possible to know your mind and try to fashion things to come to your mind, to corrupt your mind against Ralph, as they were trying to corrupt them against the PNM in Trinidad,” he said.

He said that the NDP had accused the ULP of rigging elections but has hired a firm that is notorious for rigging elections in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean.

Gonsalves also quoted “Revealed: Cambridge Analytica and the Passport King”, a March 31, 2018 article in The Spectator magazine.

The article speaks of “Mr Passports”, Christian Kalin, the chairman of Henley & Partners.

The article says that SCL and Kalin worked together on the election campaign in SVG in 200.

It further notes that while the company tell its clients it does not lose elections, it actually lost in this instance, when they worked with Arnhim Eustace, then leader of the opposition.

“SCL billed Eustace’s New Democratic Party (NDP) more than $4 million, including $100,000 for ‘counter operations’,” The Spectator says.

Gonsalves commented: “Counter operations including psychological warfare. You hear me?”

The article continues:

“In emails seen by The Spectator, Kalin describes to Eustace what ‘we could do with you once you are in government’. He even goes on to suggest what the candidate might say in his campaign.”

Gonsalves spoke of a day in the 2010 election campaign when he said Eustace opened “a manila envelope and start to read something like he saw it for the first time.

“That is what is coming here,” he said.

The Spectator article continues

“‘You might wish to discuss this with your strategists,’ he tells Eustace, ‘and think about what you may wish to include in your propaganda (having used this word, the below points are not propaganda but is very much a reality if you let us do it). If there is an acceptable government in place (i.e. NDP) you can count on the following.’”

Gonsalves asked the audience if they remember Eustace saying there were investors who would come to SVG only if the NDP is in office.

“And he read out – here is what Kalin gave him to read out. It is here you know, the fella see the email from Kalin to Eustace,” Gonsalves told party supporters.

The article continues:

“Kalin then lists various investments that Eustace could count on if he won the election, such as a large residential and hotel development, a new chain of retail banks from ‘an important international banking group’, a construction group to invest in major infrastructure projects, as well as input from ‘a global player in private air-craft services’ and from ‘several of the world’s most experienced international tax specialists’.”

Gonsalves said that when he said that Eustace was seeing for the first time the statement he read and fumbling when he took it out of the envelope, “I am an old criminal lawyer you know.

“I know when a man lying. I see it. And I asked the question, ‘Who are these people who are going to do this?’

“He said we will find out after they win. In other words, buy a pig in a bag,” Gonsalves said.

The prime minister said the current NDP leader, Godwin Friday, answered a question similarly in the United States recently, saying vote the NDP and the population would then know where the money for certain things would come from.

Gonsalves also read from the Times of London, which said it had seen a 2011 presentation to potential clients in which SCL admitted that it carried out on him

A “targeted digital attack,” meaning that “within three weeks every single reference to him on the first two pages of Google … referred to the candidate’s horrific track record of corruption, coercion, rape allegations and victimisation”.

Gonsalves said: “In other words, you make up the stories, you get the internet crazies to write, and you write, and you devote three weeks by manipulating the algorithm so that the only thing that you see for the first two or three pages of Google is nastiness about Ralph. You don’t go past the first two pages. That is part of the psychological warfare which they wage against De Comrade.

“Well, let me say to Kalin again, let me say to Alexander Nix and the rest of them again, let me say to the NDP again, Ralph and the Unity Labour Party will never sell you a passport or a citizenship of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.”

Gonsalves said his government is opposed to CBI programmes on the grounds of principle and practicality.

“The principle is that the highest office of the land is that of citizen — higher than governor-general, higher than prime minister. It is not a commodity for sale. Citizenship is that bond established between people in a political society called a state, where we owe each other certain rights and obligations…

“And the passport is the outward sign of the inward grace of citizenship and that, too, is not a commodity for sale,” the prime minister said.

He said the NDP has said that selling passports is an easy way to make money.

“An easy way to make money too is to set up state-sponsored whore houses, but would you set it up?” Gonsalves said.

The prime minister has said that general elections will be held by year end, ahead of the March 2021 constitutional deadline.

18 replies on “NDP, SCL using ‘mind-bending’ in ‘nasty’ campaign — Gonsalves”

  1. Urban Alexander says:

    So NDP ran an SCL nasty mind bending campaign for the last four elections?. You got to be kidding me. The NDP lost four elections with SCL working with them all along. Hear what if that is the case those you are working with bend minds even better. What is your proof of mind bending? Whose minds are you planning to bend with this crap.?

  2. Urban Alexander says:

    The NDP has SCL and the hackers group in Russia that you’re visiting now to have them rigged the election for you what is their name? The Russians are the mind benders and your rhetoric is softening the ground so when the stealing of votes starts again you have a scape goat in ndp. You are a special breed of an impulsive and compulsive kind. Vincentian must beware of you. Here you are in the Hornet’s Nest (aka Russia) of election rigging and mind bending but you crying foul based on your own lie.

  3. Our Prime Minister really must think people are stupid. He really goes too far with this junk.
    What I do not like is when it gets close to the election, I am watching a Youtube Video I get ULP advertisements interrupting. The only party that uses tricks in an election in SVG is the ULP. He is our PM turning things around. He throws in “mind control” and “racism” for good measure, as he uses his “mind control” to manipulate public opinion.
    If he had documents he would rush to publish them. If there is documents, how does anyone know they are not falsified? He told us there was a nasty letter from a Caribbean Model to his family but no one else ever saw this letter!
    There should be laws against leaders using such tactics against thier own people!

    I suppose this tactic is to snare-in all the gullible and doltish.

    Poor Kenton. there will be so many outraged people commenting on this that he cannot possible post all comments. I think everyone reading this site are far too “awake” to believe what our PM is postulating.

  4. Ralph talks about the CBI program. That is a transparent way that many countries, including the USA, get funds. Tell me:
    Maybe Dave Ames can tell us that. What happens to that money?
    Ralph contends that two me with the names Kalin and Nix want to get SVG passports, and that they are experts with the CBI program. If they are such experts, why would they want to spend thier money to get SVG passports.
    Ralph’s anti-NDP pep rally does not pass the smell test!

    If citizen is a higher office than the Prime Minister then “I herby order this man to resign from office”.

    (my point is that, NO! it is not the highest office of the land. Now we see: Who is the politician that uses mind control and bull shit to fool his own people with such deceptions)? Not even Grant Connell would come upwith such trash.

  5. Ralph is setting the agenda for the NDP ahead of the election. The discussion is over the heads of many Vincentian voters. NDP should stick to their agenda and don’t even mention Taiwan or China. China is not good for SVG and should not be included in any debate. A dialog with Taiwan is easier and more appropriate. NDP should avoid talking about passports. It shows some weakness in creating jobs for Vincentians.

    1. Correct China is seeking world domination just like any other power house..but let’s be REALISTIC we need help from this poverty turmoil..its 1NATION NDP WAY not China way..what have Taiwan done for us other than some old school busses and 500,000 funds while they generate millions from us ?

  6. Master's Student says:

    lol. look at how he is speaking about his own secret – ‘Mind bending’ – you are the mastermind behind mind bending! wow! it takes an intelligent, godly person to figure you out! You and Trump know what you did! its totally over! #justice2020

  7. Even the doctor cant cure the poverty disease he have bestowed upon the land of the bless. Let’s be realistic. Education revolution had no impact..little girls in college selling body for expenses..the youths finish college and have no work that value that level of education..the pay rate is low from coreas $35 dollars a day modern slavery better than nothing strategy to the 40-50 a day work with ridiculous high cost of the no night life so how can us be happy ..the vibes is dead the sun is hot ..ULPK 2020 Yall winning?NOT ITS A START AND A END FOR EVERYTHING N WE AS VINCENTIANS TIRED OF THE ABUSE AND THE DISRESPECT FROM THIS ULP PARTY ..CHANGE

  8. Ralph Gonsalves reminds one of the guy who comes into a bar warning those of us inside that there are pickpockets lurking in the street outside, then he immediately preceded to ask each of the patrons drinking at the bar to lend him a $100, to which he in turn would buy the next round of drinks. Sucker! Suckers!

    A cunning fox indeed, playing the perfect mind games on Vincentians. How else could he convince a people as deprived and as destitute as we are, that all is well with our wellbeing, when in truth, we are as poor as a church mouse, and begging our way around the world. Have we ever stopped to think?

    One can almost hear the muffled laughter’s each time Ralph Gonsalves and the country’s name are announced at an executive gatherings and he enters the room. Note; “Here comes the beggars….snigger, snigger! Here he comes more begging! What a country…..can’t help themselves! Be kind the them!

    And as to inward commercial investment into our country! With the country in the state that it is in, who on earth would invest here, who other than carpetbaggers, slick operators, outright crooks and those looking to make a quick buck off the dunce descendants of ex-slaves? Who indeed would invest here other than the collection of rip-off artist and shysters? We are just towering fools to be used and abused!

    Who for goodness sake invest in Cuba today? Who invest in Venezuela? And Venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the world! who would invest in SVG with nothing to offer?

    Cuba, Venezuela and North Korea. This is the sad group of countries that we in SVG are grouped with. Investors are no fools or charities with shining gifts, they are hardnose individuals who sure requires a good return on investment. And there are no good returns to be had on investment in SVG unless one operates outside the mainstream.

    But this is the low to which a country could sink when all investment departs and no Grant Aid is flowing. We in SVG beg the world over for Grant Aid to keep afloat but in Maduro’s case, he would not allow US Aid to be delivered there.Thus many Venezuelans are sucking salt too!

    A rich country reduced to life on the brink! Since 2013 over 5 million Venezuelans have migrated to find work and a better life.

    Ralph Gonsalves and the ULP would tell us that these things are not taking place there in Venezuela but one picture is worth thousands of words of denial in rebuttal. No Investment equals no work! And that is SVG’s and Venezuela’s true reality.

    On the selling of passports, Ralph Gonsalves is yet to answer the questions raised by investigators in the following “selling of diplomatic passports”: as SVG has been mentioned in their investigations.

    Moreover, in Ralph Gonsalves case, what we have for sure is the case of a pot calling the kettle black, especially when it comes to subterfuge and Machiavellianism in government and elections.

    Further when reporting the case of the Times of London and SCL, what the man failed to tell his audience, was that the said report had stated that it was he who had made the allegations against SCL of their doing those things in the article. As usual can we expect the man to be anything other than economical with the truth?

    Here is the Venezuelan view when investment departs. Vincentians be warned and take the warning from history:

    We are but 100,000 with most here sucking salt. Venezuelan departure went from 1 million, to 2 million, then 3, 4 now over 5 million have already departed according to the UN.

    We are being offered zero hunger here in SVG by the ULP family regime, but how will that happen without commercial investments? SVG needs to realise that here we have an old misguided fox and his family who ought to be long gone out of office and like an old horse who has had its day be put out to grass.

  9. The truth is he employed a firm from Barbados to do exactly the same thing. They also ran surveys and poles which they fenagled the figures to try and convince the people ULP were going to win.

    Then some one in the ULP rigged just about everything from voter registration, to stuffed boxes and bribery. With millions of dollars worth of building materials given away to convince voters to vote ULP.

    The dirtiest and most disgusting political party ever in the Caribbean.

    Even this article is based on mind bending Vincentians minds to believe a whole lot of nonsense while he goes to see the dirty Russians.

    We must not lose site of the fact that the Cubans are now very much controlling SVG politically and are pulling all the strings.

  10. NDP is a party with good moral and. Integrity. Old man, leave them alone. They have not been accused of rape, give reassuring kisses or have to keep dignified silences

  11. What you are asking for JAMAL is a FREEDOM OF IINFORMATION BILL but our most wise rulers, the Gonsalves family, and their ULP lackeys and quislings, thinks we are not worthy to have such a bill.

    And as to those nauseating interrupting adverts, we were indeed, most surely greatly saturated with many ULP supporting adverts the last time round. However to this wise family, our benevolent rulers, they were never designed at mind bending.

    I often do wonder if Vincentians keep mirrors in their homes and how many ever take the time out to know who they truly are and how they ended up here, or even ever read a good history book. Just look at the above picture of this red cladded crowd, gathering in that room in Campden Park. Truly utterly dysfunctional for sure!

    Paraphrasing George Santayana famous statement:
    “Those who fail to learn from the mistakes of their predecessors are destined to repeat them”.
    “Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it”. So true, so true!

  12. Noted here is the road to despair! Are you in SVG living the high life, how long will it last?

    To the rest of Vincentians, take note that Ralph Gonsalvesism only leads to nothing but only poverty take my word!

    Vincentians needs to learn from history as the Indians of today have done, they have done so under the leadership of Narinda Modi who have abandoned socialism, given to them by the fraudulent Ghandi’s and as a result, he has created the largest number of middle class people in the western world, this in just as short few years.

  13. I fraid to comment, but Brothers, Somebody got to say something. Otherwise, they will just continue to walk all over our lives (your lives) as if people’s lives don’t matter. I don’t agree with politics that doesn’t benefit all the people, even Generations of unborn Vincentian to come.
    NDP, ULP, Children being abused, Corrupt Police, Judges.Unpaid salaries, back pay? People can’t feed their families? Every other-day somebody shoots somebody. It is shocking but Kenton Chance publishes it every day.

  14. Big Belly Greedy Gonsalves must be think we stupid. He will soon say that shit have bones and could walk.
    Well, I’ve never heard so much barefaced lying. Degrading the people and insulting their intelligence.

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