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Prime MInister Ralph Gonsalves speaking at his party's constituency conference in Chateaubelair on Sunday.
Prime MInister Ralph Gonsalves speaking at his party’s constituency conference in Chateaubelair on Sunday.
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Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves has again lashed out at overseas-based Vincentians who use the internet to criticise his government.

Gonsalves, who has long referred to these critics as “internet crazies” said on Sunday that some of them live in poor economic circumstances in their adopted homes and want to blame him for it.

In a speech at his Unity Labour Party’s (ULP) constituency conference in Chateaubelair on Sunday, Gonsalves invited Vincentians to “see with your eyes” what his government has done during its 19 years in office.

 “Don’t bother with the propagandists from the NDP and the internet crazies,” who is seeking an unprecedented fifth consecutive term in office.

“Yo’ have some internet crazies overseas living miserable lives and all they could think about that the man who is responsible for their miserable lives in New York, Toronto, Washington, or London is Ralph.

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“Why am I responsible for their lives, because they ain’t goh no job of any consequence, they living hand to mouth some ah them; some ah them. And those who living hand to mouth are those whose hands are fastest and itching to go on the computer to go and malign the comrade and the Unity Labour Party.

“And you know what they want to do? They want to move from an internet crazy to your excellency. The number ah them wah be ambassador now that Ralph and the Unity Labour Party make the prestige of St. Vincent rise to the stage we are now on the Security Council, the smallest country ever in the history of this world. Look with your eyes,” he said.

But some of Gonsalves’ critics have noted the contribution, via remittances, to the Vincentian economy of overseas nationals — including “internet crazies”.

In 2017, according to World Bank data, US$42 million in remittances was sent to SVG.

This was significantly higher than the other Caribbean countries for which data was available, including other members of the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union:

Dominica — US$59 million; St. Lucia — US$32 million; Antigua and Barbuda — US$31 million Kitts and Nevis — US$11 million; and Grenada — US$1 million

In Sunday’s speech, Gonsalves said he is satisfied that the ULP has a solid record on which to run.

“We have the quality leadership to continue our progress going forward, we have candidates of the highest quality, we have a vision, policies and programmes fit for the purpose of sustainable development in the interest of all the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and we have the organisation to support the leadership, the candidates and to carry forward the vision, the policies and the programmes because we have demonstrated to you before, over the last 19 years, that we have the capacity to deliver in your interest.”

He said it has been said by persons “who clearly have amnesia, people who are blind to reality” that nothing has happened in SVG for the last 19 years.

“Well, when a man says a thing like that, you know that to himself he is a complete liar and does not acknowledge it because the falsity of such a statement is so clear.”

The prime minister said that if one takes a bus from Kingstown to Fancy, driving along the windward coast or through the interior, or along the Leeward Highway, the progress under his government is clear.

“The first which strikes you is that St. Vincent and the Grenadines is far clearer than it ever was before,” he said, adding that garbage is now collected across the country, unlike before 2001, when garbage was collected only in the capital, Kingstown, and its environs.

The prime minister said the housing stock has improved across the country, adding that this is not to say that there are not some people who need housing assistance.

He said that where there were shaky and dangerous bridges, the country now has solid structures, and bridges in places where they previously did not exist.

He spoke about the bridge over the Rabacca Dry River, which his government built in 2007.

“I am not asking you, Comrades, to listen to what Ralph is speaking. I am talking to you that you can use your eyes to see what is before you.”

He also mentioned universal access to secondary education, adding that his government has built secondary schools all across the country.

He mentioned health facilities, including the smart hospital in Chateaubelair, and the polyclinic in Buccament Bay, Mesopotamia and Stubs, the Modern Medical Diagnostic Centre in Georgetown, as well as improvement to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, rebuilding of the mental hospital, the temporary facilities, at Stoney Ground, to accommodate residents of the Lewis Punnett home until it is refurbished, and the Home Helper for the Elderly programme.

“See with your eyes nearly 5,000 persons every single month lining up to get public assistance. Not $50 but $275 if you’re over 65 years of age,” Gonsalves said.

“Anytime you hear an NDP man or woman say anything to the contrary, ask them if they blind,” he said, as he also mentioned new police station and improvement in information communication technology.

The number of vehicles have quadrupled over the 2001 number – 8,000 — the prime minister said.

“What you think buying the houses? What you think buying the motorcar them? Whay yo’ think buying the cell phone them? Bottle stopper money? Bottle stopper? Eh? Eh? Whay buying? Is real money,” he said.

24 replies on “‘Hand to mouth’ internet crazies the fastest to criticise me — PM”

  1. Amos Greaves. says:

    As a diaspora VincentIan I take exception of the PM describing individuals in the diaspora as Internet crazies and hand to mouth. The PM should be reminded that these very hand to mouth individuals have remitted over $US 42 million though Western Union and other remittance companies. Not to mention the millions of dollars that are sent in goods especially at Christmas.

    The PM should be remindered that there is an old adage, that one must not bite that’s has that feeds you. Accordingly, diaspora VincentIan has a legitimate right to criticize the government if there is a tight to be critical of the government. They have earned that right though the $US 42 million that was sent back to SVG.

    Myself, I do not consider myself to be hand to mouth with over $1 million cash in the bank and over 5 million in real estate. So Mr PM we have a stake in what is going on in SVG, whether it is corruption, nepotism, cronyism etc.

  2. Getting criticised is part of being a leader. Trump seems to be able to handle it and actually has done a wonder for the US Economy…
    NO ONE criticises Trump in economics!

    I would suggest to Ralph Gonsalves, since he loves to use quips to criticize his opponents…:

    “If you cannot take the heat, get out of the kitchen!”

    But is sounds more like he has a guilty conscience because he is a total failure in economics and most all the ULP admit this.

  3. The red shirted Ralph with his gang by his side is telling us that his government has cleaned up SVG and have done a lot but sometimes what we do are just not good enough. This man travels the world over regularly and must have sight of foreign cities and their general environment and if he thinks we compare well with other places, then he sure needs his eyes and brain tested.

    Kingstown is a dirty festering slum to which we ought to be thoroughly ashamed. A British visitor arriving on a cruise ship was once overheard to have expressed the view that he had never seen a town so dirty and dilapidated as Kingstown.

    When will the Gonsalves Family get it and realise that Ralph Gonsalves Economics is not working, has never worked and never will work. It’s a profound fact of which we see unfolding in Cuba and Venezuela today that cannot be denied.A once rich country being brought to its knees by greed and incompetence.

    That is why all who has tried Gonsalves economics have abandoned it, from the Russian soviets, the Chinese, the Indians, the Africans and the Europeans. None have kept it because socialism does not work except for the political elite like the Gonsalves that it creates.

    Ralph is telling us that some Vincentians are living abroad hand to mouth but he negated to mention this fact to his audience that even more of them are here living in SVG hand to mouth because of his political economy.

    Vincentians here at home are sucking salt, because of the Gonsalves family, who like all people like them, who always runs the political economy to their own selfish benefit. We had seen it in Venezuela with Maduro, in India with the Ghandi’s, in Cuba with the Castro’s, in Angola with Jose Eduardo dos Santos and his family.

  4. nancysauldemers says:

    So, “garbage is now collected across the country” is it? Well, I guess that means Mayreau is no longer part of the country then, since we still have absolutely no solid waste management facility, services or plans here. And with my own eyes I see the crumbling unsafe wharves on Canouan and Mayreau and I see that government has absolutely no financing for a pre-school on Mayreau despite the fact that children are required, by law, to attend pre-school before primary school. And so much more… And I’m not living hand-to-mouth nor an internet crazy.

  5. Ralph Gonsalves like his African counterparts since the 1960’s are failing the people, “Equating capitalism with colonialism, Africa’s nationalist leaders rejected it and adopted socialism in the 1960s” The disaster of failed economies are well known. Resulting Swiss Bank Socialism!

    Show us a country that practises this Gonsalves political economy and you can be one hundred percent most certain that that country is centralised under a grubby dictator, has a very poor economy and a population wallowing in poverty, corruption and nepotism.

    Even when a rich country like the UK makes the sad mistake and indulge themselves in the foolishness of Gonsalvesian political economy, such as Britain did in the nineteen sixties and seventies and the Venezuela of today, the sad and inevitable results are only too predictable. A population reduced to poverty and struggling for economic survival.

    The British has Margaret Thatcher to thank for getting them out of that sorry mess that the Labour government of the day had got them into, and as the Labour government up there took power again, so once again Labour dug that nation back into a disastrous political economy, but who will free us from this labour government of Ralph Gonsalves or the suffering Venezuelans in their poverty and into much needed prosperity.

    Labour just loves to TAX and SPEND

    Labour Governments only bring their people poverty! Gonsalversian economics don’t work! The results of Gonsalves political economy are all around us to see and that is why Vincentian yearn to go abroad as the Venezuelans have done. Over 5 million of them have left Venezuela where the stray dogs, wandering cats or the feral pigeons will make for a night’s valued and precious meal.

    The facts are irrefutable that Marxist/socialist ruins economise, they destroys countries and bring with them extensive poverty and corruption. SVG beg and beg its way around the world and despite all of the Grant Aid we receive, over half of Vincentians are out of work. Be it Africa or the Caribbean the results are the same with these redshirts who bring us undesirable dictatorships and poverty.

    Watch again how “How Socialism Destroyed Africa”
    And the example:

  6. Blah blah blah the more he talks all these millions makes me wonder where did it all go with a low income economy a slow developed nation with a high unemployment rate..only people with no common sense and the rich 1% will even consider this can you govern if you not for the people of the nation your in charge of?!?!?!? Call people who’s awoke internet crazies cuss these comments is guilt reality of a dead ULP government

  7. Now tell me, who can interrogate the political tactics of Ralph Gonsalves, his ability to know when to say what is most applicable at the right time to the ears of the masses, those who hear but too brain-lazy to weigh astutely; the rationale to the PM’s approach?
    There is nothing wrong in being an ‘Ananse’ as depicted the survival tale ‘of the Caribbean’s half-man, half-spider lazy con-man or a tricky spider’. However, to infer laziness as one of the PM’s temperament will be unlikely but no doubt most fitting to that of the opposition who are yet to disclose a comeback strategy.
    Never mind the PM’s comment of internet; he is wise enough to understand how to carefully state his words not to estrange us in the diaspora. World Bank data of 2017, “US$42 million in remittances to SVG” speaks volume to the role we play on the ground in SVG.

  8. Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves has again lashed out at overseas-based Vincentians who use the internet to criticise his government.

    Gonsalves, who has long referred to these critics as “internet crazies,” said on Sunday that some of them live in poor economic circumstances in their adopted homes and want to blame him for it.

    Ralph Gonsalves has been under attack for years by many intelligent Vincentians who have been driven from their home country to try and find work to sustain their families. Outside looking in is much more informative than inside, looking out from behind pulled curtains. Gonsalves, when he is on a losing wicket, always goes into attack mode. He calls people nasty names, make offensive gestures, even makes nasty laws hastily to try and shut up those who expose the truth, expose the filth. He calls anyone who does not have the same opinion as him and presents the wrong on the internet, Internet Crazies.

    Vincentians are abroad in general because of his failure to provide them with jobs at home. Some of them live abroad because they have been hounded politically, some because they were raped in SVG.
    Yes, you are responsible for their lives, you came to power with many promises to give them work and an instant 30% pay rise in 2001. Every one of those promises you broke.

    Then you introduce all this nonsense about them wanting to be ambassadors; they want no such thing. What they want is to see the back of you and to bring a better life, and abundant work to SVG — being members of the Security Council does none of that.

    Those internet crazies as you call them, those worthless dogs abroad who as you say live hand to mouth still can send remittances home to their families in SVG of somewhere approaching $50 million a year. And they do that through their hard work, not by selling our votes at the UN.

    The only solid record on which you can run is the infliction of spite and hatred on those who do not support you.

    You and your party have no vision other than giving away millions and millions of dollars before elections to bribe the electorate to vote ULP, to keep you in power. Now just before this year’s pending polls, you are flooding SVG with proposed projects of grandeur to influence the poor and ignorant once again.

    Over the last year, we have seen a host of bad decisions and failed projects. Argyle airport a failure, costing the country every year millions upon millions in costs, which exceed income from the airport several times. Built at an actual cost of about 1.5 billion will keep our children and grandchildren paying off the debt for the next 100 years.

    Buccament Bay Resort, failure. The revival of banana, failure. The revival of arrowroot failure. Revival of agriculture in general failure. Marijuana project failure. Cross country road failure, money has gone where? International sports stadium, borrowed millions, money gone where? Inability to attract industry and prolifically create [none government] jobs.

    No, we do not have amnesia; we know what you have done to us and the country during the last nineteen years. Taking us into the ALBA organization and aligning us with Marxists and communists countries along with their nasty leadership and allowing Cuba to bring political and financial control to our little nation and supporting Maduro while he kills the Venezuelan people and starves them. Yes, we know only too well what you have brought us. Because without you none of this would have happened to us, we would of all been in a better place. There are more people on poor relief than at any other time in SVG, and you rejoice in that. Most of those poor people were created poor by you and your policies.

    Calling us liars in the scheme of things is something to laugh out loud about when we consider and reflect on all the lies you have told as a confessed liar.

    The windward highway was rebuilt under a scheme paid for by the EU and negotiated under the NDP. All the road schemes in SVG have been paid for by others; you have absolutely no right whatsoever to take credit for road building. The condition of the roads that require repair and maintenance is a discredit to you. Even with your degree in potholes, you have been a dismal failure in everything to do with infrastructure.

    Garbage collection under your watch is about the only thing which you can claim some credit for.

    Housing stock for the majority of poor people has not improved at all.
    The bridges became dangerous and were washed away because of there being no river maintenance, and under the bridges becoming silted and blocked up during storms saw severe damage inflicted on the old bridges simply because of that severe neglect.

    Secondary education was a scheme brought to the whole Caribbean by others. Only you rebranded it and called it the education revolution; every island had the same expansion of their education system.

    Yes, we have some new police stations. But the police are still accused of beating the public at every opportunity. Many accused appearing in court beaten to a pulp, black eyes, and broken teeth. Police are going to people’s homes and places of business with search warrants issued for political purposes. It’s horrible what has happened to our police force and how it has become a political tool of oppression.

    The fight that has been put up by the government to stop the proper court procedure taking place promptly regarding the alleged fraud at the last elections. That in itself is an excellent reason to see the last of you.

  9. is this the reasons why you think you can bondage the people who are blinded what is the difference between socialism and communism mr S.V.G is a free Christian Nation under God.a leopard never changes it spots. only a fool will not believe this Mr.

  10. And u will never be hand to mouth.,,, never. never,,, if u cannot stand the music, then do not lead the band.
    look how nice u look. .. U can never be hand to mouth again. I

  11. Well, Chief Jackass Big Belly Gonsalves, If that is the case you are making. You are lost. For example, 95+% percent of the houses along the Western and Eastern Highway have been built by Vincy diaspora. How many Trinidadians come to SVG looking for work? How many Barbadians come to SVG for work? How any St.Lucians or Grenadians immigrate to SVG? Big belly Jackass have you been to Martinique, Guadalupe, St Martin, Nevis, or The Virgin Islands? Not to mention the Cayman Islands or the Bahamas or even the Dutch Antilles? I’m sure those islands must have made you jealous. Just look at Kingstown. You don’t have to walk from the Garricks (Cemetery hill) to Timmy school (Head of the town) Just stand in front of the house of Parliament, it is illustrative of your Government. Most people in SVG probably don’t know better or have ever seen better. In twenty years you’ve created 5000 jobs, Twenty years! Teachers can’t get their months of backpay. Construction workers rioting for their salaries. Doc workers owed months of back pay. Look at the state of the beaches on St. Vincent island. History will remember you as a sucker of poor people’s blood and a fool. I don’t know how intelligent young people can align themselves with you when Moscow is your GOD. You’re returned from Moscow with a bigger mouth. What we want to know is exactly what did you go there for? How much money have been pledged and how we going to pay it back.? The US Government already sees you cozying up to Putin.

  12. The Agriculture Minister doesn’t look interested in your discourse. He is probably thinking: ‘what am I doing here?. I don’t think that having one man in power for 20 years or, for life is natural. The men who did were all Dictators or some other Authoritarian Archetype. Like Castro, Maduro, Chavez, Bishop, Putin, Duterte, Kim Jun Un, Xi, Pinochet, The Shaw of Iran, Hitler, Marcos, Stalin, Lenin, Amin, Paul Pot, P.W. Botha. You are in the same school. Main traits: Dishonest, Selfish, Narcissist, Megalomaniac.’ And, can’t tell their ass from a hole in the ground. Poor SVG. + the boy wearing the red T shirt and cap is the minister of finance. Lighten or darkness we beseech thee oh lord and by the great mercy protect us from all peril and dangers and dishonest polititians.

  13. Well, If that is the case making. You have already lost. For example: 95+% percent of the houses along the Western and Eastern Highway have been built mostly by Vincy diaspora.

    How many Trinidadians come to SVG looking for work? How many Barbadians come to SVG looking for work? How any St.Lucians or Grenadians immigrate to SVG? Have you been to Martinique, Guadalupe, St Martin, Nevis, or The Virgin islands? Or, the Cayman Islands or the Bahamas or the Dutch Antilles? That is what development looks like.

    Just look at Kingstown. You don’t have to walk from the Garricks (Cemetery hill) to Timmy school (head of the town). Just stand in front of the house of Parliament, it is illustrative of your Government.

    In twenty years you created 5000 jobs, twenty years! In the mean while,Teachers can’t get months of backpay. Construction workers on strike for their salaries. Dry-Doc workers owed months of back pay. The list is long.

    Look at the state of the beaches on St. Vincent island.

    No so long ago, I read in the local news that SVG government gifted Trinidad (a rich country by comparison)millions for disaster relief. In the same news paper there was news of a woman and her children living under a tree in the middle of kingstown.

    My dear Kenton, IWN staff,
    I sincerely apologize if my comments ( are hard to redact and still keep the same meaning. I don’t intend to) get you in trouble when I use strong adjectives or other emotion-driven descriptive idioms and linguistic modisms. I feel the plain truth must be in language the ordinary people can understand.
    I admire your work and I hope the Free Press is still a valued Institution in SVG. From your email it seems that you are being threatened. I hope not.
    (also, I have VPN.)
    I stand behind every typo, misspelling, grammar and colloquialism in my comments but I understand if you can’t print it in SVG.

  14. Well said R thumbs up to u.Lucky for me I was not hand to mouth when I had to pay over $11,000 for my container when I was refused the concession I was told they don’t believe I was moving back home after 45 years,however I’ve been here 4 years as of last august. I can see that the Bang Belly Jackass have a serious case of FOOT IN MOUTH disease. The longest road in the world is in Canada even that have an end.Babylon did fall.

  15. As AMOS GREAVES has pointed out, quote; “The PM should be reminded that these very hand to mouth individuals have remitted over $US 42 million though Western Union and other remittance companies. Not to mention the millions of dollars that are sent in goods especially at Christmas”.

    What gross insult by this self-appointed dictator Ralph Gonsalves, to those Vincentians in the diaspora. This grubby dictator, because of his gross incompetence at running the SVG economy, goes abroad year after year begging for Aid support in Britain, Canada, America and wherever he would find a listening ear, yet he has the audacity to presume that all Vincentians are living lives abroad “hand to mouth”. In fact one doubts if any such Vincentians are so living!

    What sneeringly gross insult therefore this man is heaping upon those Vincentians who are picking-up the slack, where his gross incompetence at running government and his misguided policies, are causing with profound hardship on jobless Vincentians.

    Right is Dr George Ayittey to call the likes of these misguided dictators “Swiss Bank Socialist” for so many of his kind could be found failing the people, in the Caribbean, South America and in Africa.

    These Champagne Socialist in truth real moto is, what yours is mine but what’s mine is my own. And as one such African was reported to have said, what’s mine is mine but what’s yours we share.

    See how the Grandson of Fidel Castro shares his life of luxury aboard yachts and more on Instagram

    While Cuba falls apart and its people suffer.

    Hand to mouth indeed! Without the material and financial help provided by Vincentians in the diaspora, their relatives here in SVG would find themselves doing just what many Venezuelans are doing today, hunting stray dogs, stray Cats and feral pigeons in order to stave off hunger.

    Its time for Vincentians to learn from History and put this grubby dictator out to grass!

  16. Who can interrogate the political tactics of Ralph Gonzales you ask ELMA GABRIEL. Well Elma,
    As you will know a trickster always know his audience. But are we Vincentians to be made fools of? Have we not suffered enough already under the years of slavery and are we now to be made fools of by someone on the make?

    The insults directed at Vincentians abroad, who according to the “World Bank data of 2017”, that says “US$42 million in remittances to SVG” helps the economy of SVG, the insults are unforgivable. Indeed one doubts if any Vincentians living abroad are living hand to mouth.

    Nevertheless, this usurper who looks down upon Vincentians while getting fat on them, sees it fit to insult expat Vincentians because he thinks that all Vincentians are all profoundly dunce, and cannot see nor even perceive the nature of the insults.

    Well, we can see and perceive the nature of the intended insult and relatives abroad tell us that only hard work by them produces the remittance that they regularly sent home and those who choose to insult them, are but privileged Vincentians, who neither care for us nor respect Vincentians abroad.

    Who is getting fat under socialism?
    It is noteworthy to tell you that no Vincentian abroad is inclined to eat their pet Dog, Cat or feral pigeon because of lack of food as do the Venezuelans.

  17. Socialism does not work and that is the verdict of history: The socialist policies that the Gonsalves family are dragging SVG through and inflict on the suffering Vincentian people, keeps us in shackles and beholden to he and his family.

    We are thus wedded to begging for foreign Aid because of them. The policies keeps the Gonsalves family in office, creates a dependency culture, creates capital flight, destroys private sector jobs and sends Vincentians reluctantly abroad. Here is the verdict from Oxford University England.

  18. I was in Vincy last May and the pm should be ashamed to talk about hand to mouth because in vincy you have quite a lot of people who are begging for their bread(O begging is big business in Vincy, from the government right down to the poor people on the street).So this is like kettle trying to tell pot e batty black.Under this ILP administration the backbone 9f the economy is begging.
    Cumrod you’ve made us into a nation of begging hand to mouth people.

  19. Vincentians on the average are poorer and theretakesfore hand to mouth than dispora vincentians who are Most likely to have medical coverage etc.

  20. This is what the “internet crazies” contributes to the Vincentian economy Ralf and the echo chambers higher than most.

    In 2017, according to World Bank data, US$42 million in remittances was sent to SVG. Is there an entity that can generate this kind of income otherwise

    This was significantly higher than the other Caribbean countries for which data was available, including other members of the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union:

    Dominica — US$59 million; St. Lucia — US$32 million; Antigua and Barbuda — US$31 million Kitts and Nevis — US$11 million; and Grenada — US$1 million

    These kind of statements you would expect of an benighted individual. My hand to mouth internet crazy wife just return from SVG yesterday and she brought back some vincy goodies valued around $ 300.00 US that she bought from the many small businesses around kingstown. I guess she made a mistake. It may be considered to be peanut change
    but multiply that by 10 000 persons. Is it ever taken into consideration the fact these hand to mouth crazy individuals are making sacrifices to support their children, grand children, and even great grands to attend school, build homes, provide employment, start their small businesses, and other economic activities beneficiary to the country in the form of taxes, fees and so on. On top of that you have the “echo chambers” applauding. Fact mr pm it isn’t all you, and your ULP. Come back to earth and get back your senses. I have not heard any such ignorance and foolishness from any other Caribbean leader, only in SVG. This is exactly why many Vincentians in the diaspora don’t get involved. Many instead are spending their money on trying to have their love ones migrate to whichever country they reside. So you lose the human capital, and resources and the economy remain stagnant and in a box. We paid and was willing to pay $ 28.00 for a bottle of black wine despite the attitude she got from the salesperson. I guess everyone in SVG is living like Lebron James. Criticism is a part of life, it may not be pretty but we must be professional and mature enough to handle it given his kind of experience in public life. Grow up and be the adult in the room.

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