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A sergeant of police who is also a prosecutor and his father were in court this month over broken windows at their shared home.

Cornelius Williams, 76, of Langley Park, appeared before the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court this month, charged that on Dec. 18, 2019 at Langley Park, he damaged two glass windows (one 3’x3’ and one 3’x4’) valued at EC$730, the property of Renrick Cato of the same address.

The facts presented in the court are that on Dec. 18, 2019, about 2:45 p.m., Cato was at work when he received a call from his sister informing him that their father was mashing up the windows to Cato’s room.

Both men and the sister share the same house, but the room belongs to Cato.

Williams, in mitigation, gave a historical background of how he acquired the property and his living conditions from 1976, telling the court he built a three-bedroom house and gave rooms to his son and daughter.

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The magistrate interrupted the defendant more than once, telling him that the court was only interested in the Dec. 18 incident.

Williams described his son as “a dictator in my home.

“I told him he is a disgrace to all the sergeants and he tell me I need a bullet in my face,” the defendant said.

Pompey, a retired deputy police chief, stopped Williams amidst his tirade, and suggested that the matter was for the Commissioner of Police.

Prosecutor, Assistant Superintendent of Police John Ballah, however, rose, telling the magistrate that Cato had earlier said that he did not want compensation and had already bought new windows.

Magistrate Pompey reprimanded and discharged Williams.

Cato who sat in court during the hearing left immediately after the verdict.

4 replies on “Prosecutor, his dad in court over broken windows”

  1. Legally he shouldn’t be charged for damaging windows to his own house. If it was he was renting to a tenant then it would have been much different.

  2. Boy, you see how this guy Renwick is on a power trip. That man is your father who struggle to send you and your sister to school and you will make such comment to him. Dude, try reconcile with that man before he leaves this earth.

  3. Has the correct charge been brought here? Is the son not lodging? How could the windows be the property of the son when he lives in the father’s house? Or am I reading this wrong?

  4. Albert u don’t kno wat went wrong
    So if u don’t have anything good to say is bet u don’t say at all
    Since wen u kno Renrick as a bully
    And get your facts straight before Lay it out here
    Devil struggle to send who school
    So what our mum did
    Remember it’s your friend so u see no wrong in him
    Bcuz Remember when u come he has all your secrets as he say
    So u have to abide with his behaviour
    But it should of been me who name Ves he try that with
    Then u will of get something more proper to talk about bcuz all like now he behind bars
    Kno d facts before u run your damm mouth
    But my brother is bully
    I don’t cares what ppl say or think of me either
    More than we all ask a sad question with no anser
    How our mum choose to spend life with that man
    He is d worst I ever come across
    And with dat I gone

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