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Director of Public Prosecution, Sejilla McDowall in a 2019 iWN file photo.
Director of Public Prosecution, Sejilla McDowall in a 2019 iWN file photo.
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Sejilla McDowall has been confirmed as Director of Public Prosecution in St. Vincent and the Grenadines after acting in the post for almost two years.

Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves, who is also Minister of Legal Affairs, said on radio, on Sunday, that McDowall’s appointment has been confirmed.

McDowall had acted in the post since Colin Williams left it in 2018 to become a judge in Belize in 2018.

McDowall was called to the bar about a decade ago.

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3 replies on “Sejilla McDowall confirmed as DPP”

  1. What about the gang rapes in the school? Any charges against the boys who violated their fellow school mate?

    Are you going to get tough on offenders of domestic abuse by bringing charges against them even if the victim refuses to cooperate?

    Are you going to appeal the GAY rights case, when you loose against Jomo?

    Are you at any point going to have a press conference on your own volition to update Vincentians on the state of affairs on particular cases that are of utmost importance to the people? Afterall, Ralph Gonsalves is not the only person in this administration who has a brain. Right?

    Ms McDowald, congratulations on your appointment. I hope you are cut of a different cloth from your predecessor. He was a consummate brown noser of Ralph Gonsalves. A most dedicated ULP civil servant.

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