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Mitch Israel's alleged killing of his wife using a licenced firearm is bring junior police officers as well as senior ranks under scrutiny.
Mitch Israel’s alleged killing of his wife using a licenced firearm is bring junior police officers as well as senior ranks under scrutiny.
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Police had — but were yet to execute — a warrant for the arrest of Mitch Israel, 57, when he is alleged to have fatally shot his wife outside of their elder son’s school in Kingstown on Thursday. 

At least three times in the five days before she was killed, Israel’s wife, Arianna Taylor-Israel, visited the Questelles Police Station in connection with his alleged threats to kill her, sources have told iWitness News.

But Taylor-Israel, a Cuba-born nurse, also asked officers not to act on the report immediately, because she did not want her husband to be arrested in the presence of their sons.

Taylor-Israel, who is said to be in her 40s, died at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital — where she worked –about an hour after being shot multiple times outside St. Martin’s Secondary School (SMSS) around 3:30 p.m. on Thursday.

Israel is a graduate of that school and the elder of the two sons he shared with his wife is now a student there.

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The couple’s son is said to have held his mortally wounded mother outside the school as her life drained away.

“When I going put the woman in the jeep, Mitch (the son) tek up he mommy head and shake it off and say, ‘Mommy! Mommy!’  Man no sign, … no eye open,” said the speaker in a voice note, purportedly recorded by a student at the school and circulated via social media. 

She was rushed to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, where she died about an hour after being shot. 

In a bid to end their 15-year marriage, Taylor-Israel had served divorce papers on her husband on what turned out to be the last day of her life, a source close to the family has told iWitness News.

She was among the first set of Cuban nurses to arrive in St. Vincent and the Grenadines in response to  a shortage of nursing professionals when the Unity Labour Party came to office in March 2001.

Taylor-Israel integrated herself into the Vincentian society and became a member of the Kingstown Chorale/Cantemus, and was among choristers to sing at the funeral of former Governor-General Sir Frederick Ballantyne, in Kingstown, the day before she was killed.

Arianna Taylor
A cropped version of a montage of photos of Taylor-Israel that the S.V.G Nurses Association posted on its Facebook page on the day she died.

A well-placed source told iWitness News that the circumstances in which Taylor-Israel was killed raises questions about the manner in which police handled multiple reports that Israel had reportedly threatened to kill his wife.

Some media outlets have reported that Taylor-Israel made as many as 28 reports against her husband, but iWitness News was unable to confirm this.

The Questelles Police Station, which covers Lower Questelles, where the couple lived with their sons, is said to have entertained the last three reports that she made.

On Jan. 25, Taylor-Israel visited the Questelles Police Station telling them that her husband had threatened to kill her.

An officer entertained her report but she told the officer that she was not in a position to give a statement then.

The woman returned to the station the following day and gave a statement, sources tell iWitness News.

Police then told her that the next step was that investigator would go immediately to her house, confiscate her husband’s firearm and bring him in for questioning.

Taylor-Israel, however, asked the officers not to do so, saying that her children were at home and she did not want him to be arrested in their presence.

On Wednesday, she is said to have gone to the station again, where she told the police officers that her children were not at home.

Information in the public domain suggests that police had, by Wednesday, received from their superiors, an instruction to relieve Israel of his licenced firearm.

Further, a warrant for Israel’s arrest was signed sometime between Wednesday and Thursday, but was yet to be executed when the shooting occurred. 

iWitness News understands that according to police procedures, all reports of threats to kill must be forwarded to the divisional officer within 48 hours.

This raises questions about what instructions senior ranks gave to frontline officers regarding the threats that Taylor-Israel is said to have reported over the years.

Further, sources in the know told Witness News that when police receive a report of a threat to kill, they would obtain a warrant — from a magistrate or justice of the peace — to execute a search on the home and premises of the person who allegedly made the threat.

In instances where the person allegedly making the threat is the holder of a licensed firearm, action should be “swift and decisive”.

Our sources say that Taylor-Israel was concerned about police arresting her husband at home in the presence of their children.

“She didn’t want police to barge into their home, arrest their father and take away his gun in front of them,” one source said.

Our understanding is that she was also concerned about Israel’s alleged benefactors in the corridors of power, with one source opining that if police had seized Israel’s firearm they would have received a call a few minutes later asking them to explain why they had done so.

To illustrate, the source said that Israel once reported to police that he had lost his gun, and told them he was convinced that his wife was involved.

He, however, went back to police sometime later and told them that he had found the weapon in the pocket of a jacket.

Asked to comment on this information, one source told iWitness News that this was enough for police to revoke Israel’s firearm permit on the grounds that he was unable to secure the weapon.

However, his second report to police that he had found the weapon in the pocket of the jacket was the end of the matter.

Persons who know Israel for extended periods of time have also questioned the decision of authorities to issue him with a firearm permit in the first case.

They have noted his social habits and his alleged untoward interaction with a female with whom he had a longstanding intimate relationship that had ended before he married Taylor-Israel.

16 replies on “Police had warrant for alleged killer’s arrest”

  1. Slow ass police, what exactly do they do over there. Seems like her reports were not taken seriously and she should have let them arrest the husband.
    I know she wanted to protect the children but at what cost she has now lost her life.

  2. Urlan Alexander says:

    Her life was threatened so she visited the police for 3 consecutive days but did not want the arrest to be made in front of her kids…unbelievable

    1. Rawlston Pompey says:


      Agreed to some extent that it might be ‘…ironical,’ but it borders ‘…Nonsensicality,’ particularly where one spouse was aware of the other’s;

      (a) ‘…Erratic behavior;

      (b) …Intemperate habits;

      (c) ..Propensity for violence; and

      (d) …Knowledge of the possession of a Firearm (Licensed or Unlicensed).’

      When a spouse lays a complaint or makes a report to the Police about the behavioral traits of the other, very often these are reported by the aggrieved spouse.

      Not privy to ‘…full facts and circumstances,’ but a ‘…Judgement Nullifying the Marriage,’ reportedly delivered by a ‘…High Court Judge’ the preceding day’ may have triggered this ‘…senseless; …merciless and cold-blooded killing.’

      Clearly no respect for his wife nor the ‘…Sanctity of Life.’

      Professionally speaking, it is ‘…always dangerous to arrive at conclusions’ without the benefit of confirmed facts, ‘…officially or reliable and credible sources.’

      The ‘…Golden Rule’ has been that, ‘…Facts shall always be checked.’

      Moreover, no person ‘…apprehending fear of violence or threat of death,’ shall dictate ‘…when; …where; or how’ Law enforcement’ may discharge it responsibilities to the citizenry, let alone ‘…Executing Warrants of Arrest.’

      Now whenever the public begin to harbor ill-feelings towards the Police, a Commissioner of Police is ‘…bound to be jolted into investigative action or face the wrath of the public.’

      Here is where Commissioner Colin John must show ‘…decisive leadership as to prove his mettle.’

  3. Well if one senior office in charge of the sexual report unit could opinioned that teenage girls not been able to control their hormones is a contributor to underage rape (sex) AND still hold down his job.
    If a man allegedly hit his wife in the USA ..brought home AND is now the communication officer for one of our highest office
    When the wife of one of the highest officers in the police force, call the police to report an incidence of domestic violence AND the officers afraid to respond to her call and go to the house for a welfare check. ..
    When men out with their ‘ side chick’ … and curses and belittles the wife for questioning his behaviour..

    Thing systemic! !

  4. Sick society. Much ofnthis is escalating because the powers that be is seen as soft on crime. This woman cam3 here tonwork and ended up dead. This is what the politicians need to realize makes SVG look bad.

  5. If this is the truth then the police have this woman’s blood on their hands. Five reports of threats to take her life and the police did nothing, now the woman lost her life. How will the police explain their inaction. Same situation with that soon hill woman who almost lost her life with that hammer beating.

  6. Cynthia Taitt says:

    It is awfully sad that women are not protected from evil beast like this man. Domestic violence is a disease that is within black men who treat women as goods and chattels. I feel sadness for their sons who is now without their mother. May she RIP.

  7. It’s ironic how she protected the children from witnessing his arrest and he had no reservation shooting her in the presence of the same child.

    1. Because he is a beast x 10. Selfish and evil. O wish he can be tortured physically. Why they don’t leave people girl children alone. Things like them not even worthy to live in a jungle much less marry a woman. (Stupes)

    2. I’m saying the same thing. She didn’t want to traumatised her children (and perhaps embarrass him), but he did not care what shooting their mother infront of their son will affect him. It shows you what kind of “man” he is. I hope for once the authorities give a criminal what he deserves

  8. She didn’t want him to be arrested in front of their boys, how admirable of her! He killed her in front of their son, how wicked and self centred is he? Let justice be served.

  9. He is a DOG ad should be treated as one He need to be in total solitary confinement for the rest of his life and feed him bread and water daily. Also the Police Officers and all the Powers that be who protected him should have the same punishment. God RESCUE St. Vincent.

    1. A DOG is an animal of love and faithfulness. That man is a beast He is not a dog. If they don’t hang, then solitary confinement and bread and water will be his punishment.

  10. Warrant issued BUT NOT EXECUTED….

    I simply cannot read beyond this.

    I doubt that anything will come out of this but I do believe heads ought to roll for this tragedy.

    In this case, “TOO LATE, TOO LATE,” has been the cry. When will we take domestic abuse of any form SERIOUSLY?

    May the soul of this lovely lady rest in peace and may her death cause a swift change in the modus operandi of not only the police but all those who have the mandate to curb domestic violence.

  11. She so caring didn’t want him arrested infront of d kids and d animal gun her down infront thier son please hang this man Rip taylor rest easy in the sky

  12. I have no faith in the Government and the laws in SVG. The Cumrod has two laws: one for the well off Vincy who are his supporters which says you can get away with anything and the law for the poor masses which says there’s no hope for you.I hope this man gets what he deserves but this is the Cumrod’s country and he’s the law and so you never know what the government might be cooking up..seen it too many times in the past.

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