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The Venezuela-funded Miracle Mission will return to St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) from Feb. 8to14 to conduct free visual testing with the aim of helping persons with limited resources who have vision problems, mainly caused by cataracts and pterygium.

Testing will take place from 9 a.m. at the following locations:

• Sunday, Feb. 9: Kingstown Clinic

• Monday, Feb. 10: Georgetown Medical Complex

• Tuesday, Feb. 11: Buccament Polyclinic

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• Wednesday, Feb. 12: Bequia

• Thursday, Feb. 13: Mesopotamia

• Friday, Feb. 14: Chateaubelair

Head of the Venezuelan Mission in Kingstown, Francisco Pérez Santana, along with the Permanent Secretary of Health, Cuthbert Knights and his team of medical professionals, met to determine the logistical needs and work agenda of the Venezuelan ophthalmologists who will arrive in SVG this month.

Pérez Santana announced that the Miracle Mission will be in different communities of St. Vincent carrying out visual diagnosis from Feb. 8to 14, with four Venezuelan doctors to, first, detect conditions such as cataracts and pterygium.

“In this new stage of the Miracle Mission a total of four phases will be carried out. The first is the visual diagnosis to determine the needs of the patient; the second phase is the selection of patients who will do the exams required for the preoperative phase; the third is the surgical intervention and, finally, the postoperative evaluation of the patient”.

In SVG, through the cooperation programme between member countries of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America — Peoples’ Trade Agreement (Alba-TCP), the Bolivarian Government, through the Miracle Mission, has carried out 310 surgical interventions mainly on persons who with conditions of cataracts and pterygium; Pérez Santana reported.

Knights, on behalf of the Government of SVG, expressed his willingness to carry out this new stage of the Venezuelan mission as part of the bilateral agenda of these countries.

This new cycle of the mission is carried out within the framework of the re-promotion of the PetroCaribe Regional Integration Agreement, ordered by the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, and has as its final objective to assist 1,998 patients from the five countries that make up this agreement, of which more than 400 persons will benefit from SVG.

4 replies on “Venezuela’s ‘Miracle Mission’ offers free eye care in SVG”

  1. Why come and do this in SVG when they are failing the people of Venezuela, there is little or no proper eye care in Venezuela. This is simply more Gonsalves election mode crap, so as he can say “look what I have convinced Venezuela to do for us.” What a sad sick man bent on making us a sad and sick society.

  2. Well now the puppets dancing, only missing the fanfare to complete it. Why do men do the things they do? It is because they want something. To bad half, the country can’t afford to shit so the remedy is importing Venezuelans.They are our close neighbors and we should have good relations with them. but all this is happening under growing suspicion about big belly Gonsalves’s intention and tens of thousands jobless. Trump invited and vowed support for Juan Gaido in his SOTU address. You went to Russia. Venezuelans are good people but their leadership made a lot of mistakes. It is hard very hard to believe a man in power for 20 years and unemployment is 50%, a record number of folk struggling in inhumane conditions as if it were normal. All to the tune of big belly Gonsalves. ;D

  3. Charity should at all times begin at home! If only these Venezuelans could find the time to do what they are doing here at home in Venezuela. From all accounts, it looks like they are indeed need there at home:
    Chinese hospital ship docks for a week in Venezuela.

    Here in SVG the Gonsalves family are indeed very good at ostensible gimmicks, especially when shoring up their failed governmental policies. We may well find out that these medical providers from Venezuela are not free to us at all but are being paid for by our treasury.

    After all, the Cubans provide most medical services in Venezuela in exchange for Oil and a Cuban Surgeon earns about $40 dollars per month. That sure tell us something.

    Why Cuban cab drivers earn more than doctors:

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