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Minister of Health, Senator Luke Browne. (File photo)
Minister of Health, Senator Luke Browne. (File photo)
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Minister of Health Senator Luke Browne says that the government is paying too much to professionals at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital and will be addressing the situation.

Debating the 2020 budget on Tuesday, Browne said that his ministry has to think about certain things “as far as making us more efficient in our healthcare expenditure”.

He said he agrees with a comment by a “veteran health professional”, who recently said on a social media that certain areas of his ministry have to be overhauled “to make them more efficient”

“And I think that we could identify a couple of these areas and one such area, I believe to be the Radiology Department at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital,” the minister said, adding that he thinks there should be different terms of work there.

“I looked at the amount of money that we spend on overtime or spent on overtime at the radiology department last year, and it amounted to $140,000 — $104,960.

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“I think that could be saved if we organise ourselves and not only would it be saved, but we will have a better experience for the persons who need these radiological services because if we could have doctor, on a shift system, making sure that there is a medical presence at the hospital all the time,” he said.

“And if you could have nurses on a shift system, making sure that there is the presence of nursing personnel all the time at the hospital. And if, invariably, when somebody comes to the hospital at the A&E Department which functions on a 24/7 basis, they’re going to be there when we need to refer them to some kind of … radiological investigation, then it makes sense for us to have the staff that department on a shift system as well.”

Browne said this makes sense from a patient care standpoint and the staff standpoint of increasing efficiency…

“It makes sense from a management and administrative standpoint because the person who is on call overnight will always be called to duty. So might as well there’s somebody stationed there.

“And when you’re called to duty like that, the next day you’re not able to function properly and you don’t know who was on call the night before so you’re not able to track things properly.”

Milton Cato Memorial Hospital. (iWN file photo)

The health minister said there’s much to be gained by thinking about the reorganisation of certain aspects of the health services.

He said that while the Radiology Department might be the focus of his comment, there are other areas for which a change to a shift system might be applicable.

He said it may be applicable in the laboratory, and pharmacy.

“…somebody comes and is issued a prescription, it may be convenient and important and useful for them to be able to fill a prescription immediately at the hospital”.

The minister said his ministry has seen some progress “and we’re just going to let it lie like that”, adding that his ministry is “in a relentless quest and push for improvement in every aspect…

“And, Mr. Speaker, there are some other areas in which we should also seek to create some improvement. We have to improve in the matter of all supplies management; we have to improve on the question of our medical recordkeeping.

“I must say that the full activation, the full and proper activation of the health information system in which this government has so heavily invested has a bearing on both of these issues. And, some general things that we know that we have to do from our experience, work on waiting times at the accident and emergency department seek to further expand, Mr. Speaker,” Browne told Parliament. 

5 replies on “Minister wants hospital x-ray, pharmacy to open 24/7”

  1. Why are these little things take so long to implement? Why are all public servant on an 8-4 system when the environment demands an 8-5?
    Have a 8-4 group and a smaller 9-5 group in each department. Better able to SERVE the public better.

  2. Are you saying that currently during the night that A&E cases cannot get x-rays or special treatment they have wait until after breakfast in the morning. Are you kidding us Luke.

  3. Luke, thank goodness that like Julian you are unelectable as an MP. What on earth you are doing in charge of such an important ministry God only knows. If it wasn’t so funny we could cry.

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