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Prison soccer 4

Action in the prison soccer competition.

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The Prisons soccer tournament, “Free From The Inside” continued on Friday, with action at Her Majesty’s Prisons in Kingstown.

Star Class 2 defeated Block C 1-0 with Sage John scoring the lone goal. Kimmarley Douglas of Star Class 2 received a yellow card and had to leave the field for two minutes.

In the final game, Block B checked the winning streak of Star Class 1 with a 3-1 trouncing.

Mwatha Henry scored 2 and Richard Francis 1 for Block B, while Acer France scored the lone goal for star class 1.

Prison soccer Francis
The winning Block B team.

Atiba Campbell and Raymond Ryan received yellow cards.

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However, on returning to play after his two-minute suspension, Ryan received another yellow card.

The rules say two yellow cards in a single game is equivalent to a red card and, as a result, Ryan had to leave the field permanently and will miss their next game.

At the end of the day Star Class 3 had 1 point, zero goal, and 1 goal scored against them. 

Block C had zero point, scored 1 goal, and 3 goals scored against them.

Star Class 2 had 4 points, 2 goals, and 2 goals scored against them.

Block B had 5 points, 4 goals and 2 goals scored against them.

Star Class 1 had 6 points, 4 goals, and 4 goals against them.

James prisoners
Programme coordinator Meldon James in conversation with players and prison authorities.

The competition began on Feb. 29 at the Belle Isle Correctional Facility.

In the first game, Block D2 and Block B1 ended in a 1-1 draw.

David Hepburn scored for Block B1 while Benjamin Harvey scored for Block D 2.

In the match of the day, Block C2 won their game 5-1 against Block B2.

Sheldon Hopper and Douglas Baptiste scored 2 goals each while Lara Carter scored 1 for Block C 2. Kyle Bacchus netted for Block B2.

Douglas Baptiste, Chad Jacobs Block C2 along with Jermaine Jordan of Block B2 received yellow cards.

The final encounter of the day saw Block D1 winning 2-nil against Block C1.

Matthew Quashie scored both goals.

Glenroy Providence of Block D1 received a yellow card.

Prison soccer 1
Action in the competition.

The tournament continued on March 2 with three games.

In the first game, Block B1 and Block C 2 played to a 1-1 draw.

Douglas Baptiste scored for Block C2 and Akeem Ferdinand scored for Block B 1.

Shawn George of Block B1 received a yellow card.

In the second encounter, Block B2 won 3-1 against Block D1, with Kyle Bacchus scoring all three goals for Block B 2 while Kareem Abbott scored for Block D 1.

The final encounter was between Block C1 and Block D 2, which ended in a 1-nil win for Block D2.

Noel Miller scored the lone goal of the game.

The tournament moved to Kingstown on March 4, with two games.

B Block drew 1-1 with Star Class 2. Raul Boyd scored for B Block and Jonathan Browne scored for Star Class 2.

In the other game, Star Class 1 overpowered Star Class 3 by 1 goal to nil.

Shamol Williams scored for Star Class 1.

Atiba Campbell received a yellow card.

Prison soccer 2
Game action in the competition.

The tournament continued in Kingstown on March 6, with two games.

Star Class 1 won 2-1 over C Block, with Shem Williams and Acer France scoring for the winning team and crimson Williams scoring for C Block.

Alston Mc Donald of Star Class 1 received a yellow card.

Meanwhile, B Block and Star Class 3 played to a goal-less draw.

Dameke Billingy of Star Class 3 received a yellow card. 

Three games were played at Belle Isle on March 9.

In game one, Block C1 had a 1-0 win over Block B 1, with Ishar Simmons scoring.

In game 2, Block D2 overpowered Block B2, 2-0, with goals by Alex Alexander and Noel Browne.

Kevon Williams and Kyle Bacchus of Block B2 received red card.

Meanwhile, Block C2 had the better of Block D 1 in a 1-0 victory.

Bobby Joseph of Block D 1 received a yellow card.

The tournament continue in Belle isle on March 11, with Block D 2 defeating Block B1 — 2-1.

Gemel Williams scored both goals for the winning team.

Matthew Quashie of Block D 1 received a yellow card.

In the second game, Block C1 had the better of Block B2, winning 1-nil with a goal by Jerroy Phillips.

Iso Lynch received a yellow card.

Jerroy Phillips 1
The triumphant Block C1 team.

In the final game, Block C2 overpowered Block D 2 to win 2-1.

Kirk Williams scored both goals for Block C 2 while Noel Miller scored for Block D2.

Jevonni Samuel of Block D2 received a yellow card.

Teams are made up of eight players, only five of whom can be on the field at any one time.

The team can make rolling substitutions, meaning that players can run on and off without the game stopping.

The games are of 30-minute duration, made up of 15-minute halves, with five minutes’ rest in between.

Station Sergeant of Police Meldon James, the founder and coordinator of the initiative, which is supported by mentor Raltie Lowe, a former national footballer who was a member of the celebrated 1979 team.

James Lowe
Station Sergeant of Police Meldon James, let, and former national footballer, Raltie Lowe.

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  1. A shout out to the man Raulty. Regarding the current situation, I don’t have experience with prisons but that compound looks really bad. God forbid a viral infection up in there. Other than that sport should be a normal part of a prison term.

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