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A Richland Park man has been ordered to pay the court EC$250 for transporting sand insecurely in a truck.

On Monday, at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court, Tyrone Nero, 28, pleaded guilty to charges that on Feb. 24, at Colonarie public road, he transported sand insecurely in motor vehicle TR659, causing the sand to fall on the Colonarie public road

He was also charged that on the same date, he drove the said vehicle without having his driver’s permit with him.

The court heard that about 3:05 p.m. on Feb. 24, police officers were along the Colonarie public road carrying out stop and search operations.

The defendant was stopped and the officers asked him about his driver’s permit. He told the officers that his driver’s permit was at home. The officer pointed out the offence of not having a diver’s permit on one’s person while driving.

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Prosecutor Inspector Junior Nero of the traffic department informed the court that he noticed that at certain areas in Cedars and at the bridge at Mt Young, a significant amount of debris is always on the road.

The prosecution also reminded the court about an accident some time ago that is before the court an in which sand on the road is alleged to be a factor.

Bertie Pompey, the presiding magistrate, said that according to the Litter Act, when being transported, materials must be securely fastened as a protective measure for especially pedal cyclists and motorcyclists.

He said transporting items insecurely could also be detrimental to people and property.

The magistrate said that he also noticed a lot of debris on the road and some persons are still not complying with the regulations.

For transporting the goods insecurely fastened, the defendant was fined EC$250 to be paid forthwith or two months imprisonment. For not having his driver’s permit on his person while driving, Nero was ordered to pay EC$250 in one month or go to prison for two months.

The defendant paid the fines.

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  1. If a driver doesn’t have his/her license with them doesn’t mean they can’t produce it later of that they can’t drive.

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