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Police in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, on Thursday, announced the cancellation of all permits to play amplified music in public or private places.

The move is as result of the precautionary measures adopted by the government to treat with the spread of COVID-19.

The permits have been cancelled until further notice by authority vested in the Commissioner of Police under Section 17 of the Noise Act.

“Members of the public are further advised to adhere to the social distancing guidelines that have been issued by the Ministry of Health and the Environment. Please stay safe and act responsibly at all times,” the statement said. 

A number of major entertainment events have been cancelled in SVG in light of the deadly disease, one case of which has been recorded in the country. 

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4 replies on “Police cancel loud music permit”

  1. When coronavirus first emerged earlier this year, nobody could have predicted the effect it would have on the whole world.

    A constantly-moving situation, the past few weeks have seen death tolls rise in countries across the globe, with European countries overtaking China in numbers of lives lost to COVID-19.

    On March 11 the World Health Organization (WHO) labelled the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic and by March 27, Johns Hopkins University had recorded a total of 553,244 cases worldwide, with 25,034 deaths and 126,630 recovered cases.

  2. What about Carnival 2020? It will be a waste of people’s precious time to hold the event. Folks from Canada, UK and the US would be quarantined, so why should they come.

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