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By Police Recruit

We, at the Police Training School at Old Montrose, are facing a number of issues as recruits during the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. There are over 100 persons at the training school, which constitutes a “mass gathering”. This goes against the advice from the Ministry of Health to practice physical distancing

2. It is said that the training school was not built to accommodate 100-plus recruits but yet it does and is managed under extremely poor health conditions (flooded toilets, dirty mouldy baths and toilets) which sometimes have to be cleaned with a limited supply of gloves or sometimes, no gloves.

3. The Ministry of Health advised the training school at a meeting to practice proper hand washing to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Recruits were issued with hand soaps that last two days because of the number of hands to be washed. On the other hand, the liquid soaps is watered down and, therefore, weakened, which makes no sense to effectively wash hands properly to prevent the spread of the virus.

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4. The neighbouring School of Nursing has been closed for over two weeks. Police recruits are, therefore, wondering if the government has forgotten us and whether our safety matters. They are also wondering why senior officers are wearing face masks and none have been issued or provided to the recruits.

5. Recruits have been confined and were never allowed/given proper time off to put their homes in order. Reports of food shortages have been circulating and the Ministry of Health has issued an advisory to stock up on foodstuff. What’s going to happen to recruits after training if we are unable to stock up on food at home?

6. Currently, recruits are being sent home on a daily basis if they experience any symptoms of COVID-19. However, they are returning back to training before 14 days’ quarantine and are being sent back home if flu like symptoms persist, leaving other recruits scared and worried for their safety and health. Why are the authorities risking 100-plus lives to prove an unknown point at Police Training School? If one recruit gets sick, all will be getting sick because there is no proper preparation for COVID-19!

7. Lastly the police training school is an open compound which civilians frequent during the day. These civilians are not checked nor stopped at the gate for questioning

And that’s the perfect situation from which  to start the spread of the virus at the school. We need help!

3 replies on “Police recruits forgotten amidst COVID-19?”

  1. I wrote a post on Facebook regarding the same issues where I called.out the Primeminuster as Minister of Natiknal Security and the Commissioner of Police to stop what is happening immediately and to o avail.

  2. Dear Recruit, lets hope they never trace your name to this article. Because you will never work again as long as you live, you cannot be a whistle blower in SVG.

    Good luck, stay safe.

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