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Marlo Browne, left, and Jamal Glasgow.
Marlo Browne, left, and Jamal Glasgow.
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Research Innovate Lifestyle (Ril) has announced the release of its digital payment platform, Payswif, which was developed in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Payswif allows businesses and individuals within SVG to conduct e-commerce transactions such as; online shopping of products and services, electronic money transfers, bill payments, electronic mobile top-ups for local carriers and API integration for websites and mobile apps, the company said.

Ril was established in 2014 by the founders Jamal Glasgow and Marlo Browne who share a combined ICT experience of over 10 years, with expertise in areas of cyber security, computer networking and software and systems development.

Ril’s mission is to develop viable solutions using Information Communication Technologies (ICT) that will improve the quality of life for Vincentians, the company said.

It said Payswif has brought job creation and aid in small business and entrepreneurship development with its remarkable ease of use and unmatched features.

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Payswif has been developed and built locally from the ground-up with open source technologies and strict security standards of PCI compliance by the staff of RIL. “Payswif was built by Vincentians for Vincentians, hence our unique understanding of the market requirements for digital payments. Payswif has been tested with confirmed transactions of EC$100,000 in international e-commerce, $15,000+ in local bill payments and $10,000+ in other digital services during its one-year pilot phase which commenced March 2019 and ended March 2020.

“Payswif has created over 50 part-time jobs with its agent programme, providing income for the unemployed and assisting with additional revenue generations for developing small businesses. Payswif agents are located nation-wide as far as Chateaubelair to Fancy and to our lovely Grenadine Isles.”

4 replies on “Research Innovate Lifestyle launches Payswif”

  1. Anthony Durrant says:

    Congratulations to Marlo and Jamal for creating in SVG a creative enterprise payment platform and for giving so many people the opportunity of employment. Well done young men, your country should be proud of you both.

  2. That’s excellent news , it the kind of innovations we need in St. Vincent , throughout the Caribbean, Africa and developing countries . I’ve noticed those young entrepreneurs have confined their services to St.vincent ; it’ll be nice for them to scale up thèir operation to those geographies ,mentioned .

    Way To Go, Think Big. Be Cautious .Be Fearless .

  3. There is so much (Youth) potential in SVG we should have an army of software designers. Good luck guys.

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