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By Maxx Walker

For the past 20 years or so, the ULP has broken promise after promise to St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Unemployment has increased exponentially. 

In 2017, the IMF put youth unemployment at 46% and 30% among women. Projects have been started with no ending but the money is spent! One example is the sporting complex where money was provided by the government of Libya over 10 years ago. And now, in this election year, we should be happy with a basic rubber track, no lights and no stands!

It is hopeless for youths under the current situation that was created by the ULP. Victimisation is our lot if we don’t fall in line and shout, “Labour!”

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They say tourism is the future of SVG but the actions by this government say the complete opposite. The Grenadines is neglected. The airport in Bequia is all but destroyed. Salt Whistle Bay is left for the water to erode, forcing citizens to scramble to save one of the world’s most beautiful beaches.

But all is not lost. SVG still have hope with the NDP! The past manifesto of the NDP is still relevant today as the hospital is still in great need by all the citizens of SVG!

The plans the NDP has for agriculture is leaps and bounds ahead of the lack of action displayed by the ULP.

Job creation is also at the top of the NDP’s list of things. They will do to move SVG in the right direction.

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15 replies on “ULP has failed SVG”

  1. We should have known that the then promised Cubanisation of SVG would lead eventually to Victimisation and ever, ever increasing poverty, just as it has done to the Venezuelans. As always, these guys soon run out of “other people’s money”.

    Look at us today! The world’s shameless beggars! This Government shamelessly flies the world over begging the world’s governments for Grant Aid and Income Support. The trouble is that Labour just isn’t working!

  2. A vincentian says:

    Mr. Walker because you share an opinion does mean you should force your perception onto others. Why don’t you speak about the fact that for tourism to bloom we had to get direct access to more countries than what our regional airlines provide, and after that should be health care is the next priority. You want to focus on a stadium for tourism but not on education nor Healthcare things the current government have a priority. Why dont you speak on the fact that the president of lybia “Gaddafi” died in 2011 soon after the agreement between governments were made and they had a change of government which resulted in the agreement and monies to for our aid being either postponed or canceled. So where is the source the funds that you say were spent if we never got the aid to begin with? On the issue of Jobs, you state percentages for 2017 but nothing to compare it to, yet they are programs in place that gives the youths who graduated college and universities an opportunity to work on contracts every year, example the S.E.T program.

    Don’t be posting false and twisted information to confuse those who missed the news or isn’t aware of the situation. You are supporting a party thats fine we are all entitled to an opinion but do not go and throw lies with the intent of driving others into the floor. If this is the way of the NDP what possible future can be guaranteed?

    This is coming from a politically neutral vincentian youth.

    1. A Vincentian too says:

      how about we give you the finger? I can’t believe that you people want to see another 20 years of the Gonsalves family calling the shots. You must be on the payroll.

    2. A VINCENTIAN, which Vincentian? They supposedly got the money in 2010 and an article in the Cuban press in April 2011 said he got it. Gadaffi was killed October 20 2011.

      I have written articles and opinions asking Gonsalves what happened to the money. Peter Binose wrote several articles asking where the money was, I think Peter stated it was $16 million, part gift part low interest loan.

      Gonsalves has never replied to me or anyone else as far as I know. Either to say we never got the money, or to say where it went. The silence since asking the questions have been deafening.

      Ralph Gonsalves, would you now tell us where the Libyan money is?

      Are you the Vincentian Ralph?

  3. I strongly disagree with maxx, it’s the people, they love it so. They have refused to shake of the shackles of slavery. I pray for them.

  4. Even in the schools you can see a victimization and also the people of this nation don’t see it but when foreigners come to this country they see it and the Grenadines where I am from is clearly being neglected by the government how sad this country can do way better but because of the propaganda there will be no change this is the vincentian mindset how foolish because my parents fought for particular party how you do the same without even considering what they offering

  5. Prime Minister Gonsalves unfairly intervened in the Guyana election before Gecom declared a winner and the four stage recount process is complete is hiprocracy at best. He has his own Crystal ball that is still unfinished before the court of law of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court.Accordingly, PM Gonsalves is a hypocrite by telling the Guyana Election Commission what they must do before the process is complete shows the extent of his partiality. The PM should know better that making such a dastard pronouncement.

  6. In support of the ideal; I suggest that the NDP candidates include more women folk. The SVG governments have always been a bunch of middle aged men who, as time has proven, have not always been truly committed to the country’s needs.
    I also suggest that the Prime Minister’s terms be limited to two terms. Government ministers should hold a single ministry. Not five portfolios each.
    Information should to be more forth coming about development plans and decision process by the government.
    Hold referendums on a range of social issues such as guns, knives and other weapons, alcohol and marijuana. Do more for sports, the Arts and Cost of living.
    The cost of living ideally a Standard minimum income. When someone does work their rights to pay must guaranteed. If the bosses don’t pay a worker should be able to take them to courts or get arbitration from a government department of work.
    If poor people and young people mobilize you should get 65% of the votes easy.
    In order to clean up a lot of thievery everyone must have a bank account to receive any official payment for services. 90 % of all transactions ideally should go through the bank. A better view of how money circulates among your populous. And, replenish the treasury so when anything happens we don’t have to go begging.
    Invest in K’town infrastructure build apartment buildings and office buildings.

    I’m certain other people want to see other things done, other than what I find ideal, so a dialog with the people especially our younger population groups won’t hurt.

    1. Breadfruit grows anywhere. Plant 1/2 of those forest lands with breadfruit. You could build a whole industry of products that would generate some work. I mean if you have something to trade you in business.

      1. No 17 year old boy should be obliged to work two shifts a day to earn EC$ 100 a week to help his homeless mother and little sister and then still have to go to school being in form V.

  7. The pre-election filth has started!

    I have credible information being recorded that they are giving away building materials secretly right now

    No line of trucks but it’s on going and being recorded from within the storage depots.

    Also packages of money is being distributed in the villages by the constituency offices.

  8. The NDP is looking at 25 years in the political wilderness if they loose the next 20-21 elections.

    What are the chances of NDP winning the next election?

    In my opinion, the NDP is F#$&!!

  9. Monica Rosa says:

    None what so ever. Ndp cannot win this is their problem. They do not have enough good foot to put in the door. God bless them.

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