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Tents cover the temporary waiting area outside Milton Cato Memorial Hospital. (iWN photo)
Tents cover the temporary waiting area outside Milton Cato Memorial Hospital. (iWN photo)
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It is unacceptable to have persons waiting as they do in a temporary waiting area set up outside Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, says Daniel Cummings, Member of Parliament for West Kingstown in which the hospital is located. 

He said on NICE Radio on Tuesday that this is further reflection of the lack of care exhibited by the Unity Labour Party administration.

“You only have to look at the recent development — an attempt to bring back the clinic at the hospital. What do they do? Right outside the Victoria Park, right in the road where all the traffic, where the gas station is next door with all the fumes,  patients attending the clinic are to seat outside the clinic in the sun, in the dust, in the fumes, waiting for attendance at the clinic…” Cummings said.

He noted that, in that area, patients are exposed to the fumes from passing vehicles.

“You sit there in the sun and wait. Sit down and wait to attend a clinic. I tell you, if that doesn’t speak to a contempt for a people, I don’t know what does,” Cummings said.

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“Where in the world do you have a waiting area for a hospital in the open, in the hot sun, in the traffic, with all the Sahara dust, people with all the asthma and so on sit there for hours and waiting, people with young babies in arms, breastfeeding in the open dust and fumes,” said Cummings, who is opposition spokesperson on health matters.

“It is an absolute lack of care. I don’t know why it shocks people that this is the situation in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. So many of us have become immune to these things.”

The waiting area that Cummings spoke of above was set up sometime after the first case of COVID-19 was confirmed in St. Vincent and the Grenadines on March 11. 

3 replies on “Waiting area outside MCMH unacceptable — Cummings”

  1. Folly or just plain nincompoops in government? Quoting ― Dr. Deepak S. Hiwale aka ‘Dr Dee’ “You can’t preach things like spirituality, yoga, or animal activism to someone who hasn’t had a decent meal in days…” And what about good health care juxtaposition world peace and security?

    The noted Indian Mahatma Gandhi said that “Action expresses priorities.” Therefore, what idiotic fools we have proved ourselves to be! We boast about a two year NON-PERMANENT seat at the UN Security Council that are to include Germany and Belgium, countries that has some of the best Health facilities in the world and just take one good look at us “poor souls”.

    Speak of grandiose delusion! We can’t even provide a proper waiting facility for our own sick and needy! Yet our failing government finds time and energy to employ our civil servants and their efforts to save the world from its problems. What misplaced priorities indeed.

    To quote one Dallin H. Oaks “Desires dictate our priorities, priorities shape our choices, and choices determine our actions.” And as Ferdinand Okpegbehe has well noted for us, quote; “when priorities are misplaced failure becomes inevitable” What gross nincompoops!

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