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St. Vincent and the Grenadines now has six new cases of COVID-19, according to the latest figures released on Sunday by the Coronavirus Taskforce.

The figures released shortly before 9 p.m. — about eight hours after Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves announced that the country had recorded two new cases from the American Airlines flight that arrived from Miami on Saturday.

The Coronavirus Taskforce offered no information on the new cases, saying only that the latest figures reflect the results received from the Caribbean Public Health Agency, in Trinidad.

“Our late update of the SVG Health Report was unavoidable as we follow our usual protocol of informing individuals of their results prior to dissemination. We apologize for this minor inconvenience,” the taskforce said in an 8:54 p.m. email to the media.

The National Emergency Management Organisation, which usually announces new cases of the virus in SVG, was yet to issue a statement.

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Gonsalves had said that all 154 passengers who arrived on the flight had been tested at the lab in Kingstown and that CARPHA had confirmed the two positive results that he spoke of Sunday afternoon.

The prime minister had said that a number of persons who arrived on Saturday’s flight had broken their quarantine.

He said some of them going to Mangoz Restaurant and Bar on Saturday, and others to church Sunday.

On Wednesday, the prime minister had warned this week that his government was “not joking” about 24-hr isolation period for visitors.

On Sunday, however, he said his government wanted to use “moral suasion” rather than the amended Public Health Act which prescribes penalties of up to EC$2,000 per day for breach of quarantine.

With the latest results, SVG now has six active cases of the viral illness, taking the number of confirmed cases to 35 — 29 of whom have recovered. 

The number of persons in quarantine is 110.

21 replies on “SVG records 6 new cases of COVID-19”

  1. They let them in the country because they are St Vincent Citizens they must obey the law of the government they are coming from a hot spot Country and one that has the most Virus in the world don’t come and infect others for the government to get the blame you all are grown men and women take responsibility

    1. The majority ARE home. Where would you send them when they are Vincentians who have been stranded for months in the USA?

      1. Kittana Albert says:

        Don’t open the borders to let them in or when they comes do not send them to their homes till the all clear simple as that

  2. Sad to say but it’s going to get worse if a super spreader get on the island no symptoms at all but just one droplet from this person and your back to square one there is a reason why Europe has band American travellers from hot spots coming to their country.

  3. With all the CRAZY laws that journalists have to go along with in SVG, I do not know if Kenton is allowed to print what I am aout to write. If it helps to cover his ass, let me say beforehand that it is MY opinion and not necessarily his:

    Almost no one should be alarmed; not even if we had 500 cases. The only people that should be concerned are the frail and elderly and those with weakened immune systems and other key health issues such as severe hypertension.
    Last week the award-winning journalist, Ben Swann provided research from all over the USA, indicating that although more cases are being recorded (EVEN WORLD-WIDE), there are far fewer deaths by at least 90%. It is because so very many people have built-up antibodies as well as the usual lifecycle of a virus. As of yet, over time all of these types of viruses weaken, and apparently so has Covid-19. Doctors from all over the world are coming out and saying that there are now very few deaths from the virus.

    The factor that is stopping this as of yet is pressure from entities that profit from Covid-19, such as Health Institutions getting Federal Grants and big Pharma.

    1. Science Guy says:

      Duke, if even 1 person dies in St. Vincent when it could have been prevented it too much. Also you seem intelligent enough to know how statistics work, for every 23 cases 1 person has died. Does this mean that if we have 46 case 2 will die? no. Does it mean that if we get 100 less than 5 will die? No. Thats not how statistics work. what happens is reflected in the statistics and not the that they determine what happens. If anyone in St. Vincent dies who will claim responsibility for this? Who will reconcile this to their love ones? Your comment suggesting persons ignore the risk to their health and lives of themselves and loves ones is irresponsible and disingenuous.

      1. Yes Science Guy, and since Covid 19 is now here to stay, all our kids should stay home and never again ever go to school. No one should go to work ever again because they may get sick! It is irresponsible to ever go outside again, at least not until Bill Gates invents a vaccine. Like the other times he has vaccinated people in India and Africa! He even wanted to vaccinate people against Religious Extremism. I do not know how much you know about science, but you and Nathan know little to nothing about viruses. You and Nathan need to do the research before you criticize others!

      2. Good logic!
        If one person dies in an airplane accident, no one should fly anymore because “one death is too much”. If that person did not get on that plane his/her death could have been prevented. If one person dies in a car accident, no one should ever travel in a car again because the deaths could be prevented. That is brilliant!

  4. Duke you should be prosecuted for disseminating false news. If you want to give out such news you must post where it came from along with websites etc. Otherwise it is just an opinion and may well be based on falsities. Thousands are dying all through the Americas, Brazil, Mexico, and every other country.

    1. Nathan, I usually often appreciate your comments. Science Guy, I am responding to you too…In my comment I was repeating information put out by a great journalist. Yes, for your information: I DID MENTION WHERE I GOT THE INFORMATION FROM!!! You need to read more carefully! That journalist, Ben Swann, is known for meticulous research. He was repeating what doctors MAINLY THOSE IN THE FIELD AND NOT THAT SIT IN OFFICES connected to institutions that profit from the virus.have been experiencing and not “professionals” out for profits and fame. Nathan it is you and “science Guy” who should be prosecuted for FAKE information along with Fauchi, Gates and many others.

      Science Guy, far more people die in traffic accidents than Covid 19. According to your logic we should all stay inside and off the streets because we may get hit by a car.

    2. Nathan, sorry but you are the one spreading FAKE NEWS. You love to attack me when I post comments. You seem to have a reading retention problem. You say that I should state that it is my opinion…I DID! You missed that! You also say I should say what my source is…I DID! You missed that too! It is the award-winning journalist Ben Swann. Now, use Google, go to his site and see it for yourself. Please stop being ridiculous trying to make me look bad, it actually makes you look bad. This is a comment I should not have to have written. I hope Kenton posts it

  5. As “SVG records 6 new cases of COVID-19” what shall we be doing about keeping ourselves safe? With election on the way and large gatherings on the way too and the playing of loud music once again being freed up to the annoyance of the majority of us, what shall we understand about our nation?

    The new secretive, autocratic, totalitarian but entirely Capitalist China has presented the world with a new unforeseen problem called COVID-19. How shall we be in the near future?

    When the plague arrives be it Covid-19, this Chinese Virus, the plagues of Egypt in Moses’s day, what shall we say or understand of them? one man view is that there is always a point of reference a point of origin for said epidemic. So what is SVG’s human record past and future?

    1. James, I am not at all concerned about Covid-19. I am more concerned about the other viruses that Fauchi and team have waiting to release on us. Judy Mikovitz stated they were working on “a handful” of viruses at the time before the US Government banned the research and Fauchi and team, with 3.7 Million US Dollars, moved it to Wuhan China.
      Kenton, I hope you are posting my comments from today. It may make those indoctrinated with FAKE NEWS angry, but in time they may find out the truth and cause them to “wake-up”.

  6. Lynette Lew says:

    That might not be partly true cause states like Florida, Arizona George, Texas, California are now hot spots. Other Asian countries are closing facilities that they reopened

    1. The politicians are under a different kind of pressure. They are scared about losing voters. Many countries did not lock thier people inside, Holland, Sweden, Belarus, … and most never practiced Social Distancing and none of those countries suffered more than those that did. The difference is that the people of those countries are now better-off than people in countries that locked thier people in. For all those reading this that believe in the FAKE NEWS, look at Germany. After they let everyone out they had a rise in cases but fewer deaths. The state of Thuringen abandoned all Social Distancing. A new fact is that Covid-19 spreads indoors and rarely spreads outdoors. Remember when they told us to constantly clean all surfaces until they found that it practically never spreads on surfaces, but is air-born spreading?

      We are living in the age of disinformation, thankfully the journalism in SVG is far more honest than in the USA although we are heavily influenced by it. Too many know-it-alls spread too much PANIC and FAKE NEWS, even in SVG. where no one has died from the virus and probably never will. Too many connected establishment people profit from that FAKE NEWS by keeping us scared and spending money that has to be borrowed because they are locked-in and not allowed to work. Because many are not allowed to go to church, that money can be used to give to Big Pharma to keep the panic going for as long as possible. For some days now NYC has reported NO DEATHS from Covid-19. When Covid-19 was at its’ worst, more people died of Tuberculosis in any given time period than from the virus. These are facts, They can be found on the CDC website. Nevertheless, I recommend seeing the Ben Swann video, WHERE HE QUOTES FROM INFORMATION PUT PUT BY THE CDC!

  7. Not so my dear DUKE things could be very different that you would think from other facts.
    “Mystery as 57 Argentine fishermen test positive for coronavirus despite spending 35 days at sea and testing negative before they left.

    Echizen Maru fishing vessel left port in Ushuaia, southern Argentina, 35 days ago. It returned after several sailors fell ill; 57 out of 61 are positive for coronavirus. Scientists are baffled because ship had no contact with land while it was gone. Sailors all tested negative and had 14-day quarantine before voyage began”.

  8. Dr. Dexter Lewis says:

    When we have 154 people coming into the island where our medical infrastructure is poor we have to be on heightened alert. First, most countries are banning people originating in the US, but somehow Gonsalves sees it fit to invite them in, not just from the US but from the very worst State of the very worst country in respect to Covid-19. But now we know there were infected people on that flight, a mode of transportation that is the worse, that squeezes passengers together for at least 4 hours, you must assume they are ALL infected. So they must be repeatedly tested so we can minimize the chance of disaster in SVG.
    For the rest of us we must wear masks regularly to decrease the chance of infection, practice social distancing and ignore the crazies who do not use their own names but want to convince us that immunity is increasing and deaths also. All misinformation. Doctors in the UK have shown greatly diminished antibodies in just 3 months.
    And for me, my younger brother died in Boston in May of Covid-19 and that brings reality to your doorstep. We should not pretend its all normal. Covid-19 is the major issue of our time and may even get worse if we do not play our cards right.

  9. The T&T PM has locked down the nation I heard some time ago. This is a wise move because the nation does not have the resources to fight COVID-19. Barbados is also playing with Bagans lives by opening its tourist facilities. SVG will find out very soon that you don’t play with fire when there is gas around.
    Why would Ralph open the gates for visitors from a state in the US that will soon have to shut down? I don’t care if they are Vincentians they are still carriers of the disease that can and would affect all Vincentians.
    I have no idea who Dr. Duke is but he is dead wrong about how children are affected. They are dying and taking the virus home to their families. That’s why many schools in the USA may not open in September. There are cases where folks had the virus and are still suffering from various sickness.

  10. Dr. Dexter Lewis says:

    STOP THESE FLIGHTS. The rest of the World has stopped flights originating in the United States of America, but somehow our extra-smart leader has decided that normal logic does not apply to him so he has restarted flights from the heart of US Pandemic, Florida.
    New reports have surfaced that another 3 passengers from last week, July 11, have tested positive. That brings the number to 9 in a week. First we need to stop any additional flights, but we also must continue testing for another 10 days and we might need to take a step backwards and quarantine all of the passengers from that initial flight. And also from today’s (7/18) flight if it is not stopped.
    I hear the arguments that most of these passengers are Vincentians returning to SVG, hence they should not mind being strictly quarantined in their own homes, but we must evaluate their situations at home etc. etc
    I also hear arguments that these airplanes circulate the air every 3 minutes. So in an 4 hour flight you have 80 chances of being infected. That air NEVER leaves the plane.
    We need to patiently wait for Germany to start allowing US flights into Germany. After all, our hospital is massively sub par and if things get out of hand here none of us would be safe. None.

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