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Opposition senator and candidate Kay Bacchus-Baptiste. (iWN file photo)
Opposition senator and candidate Kay Bacchus-Baptiste. (iWN file photo)
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An opposition politician says that electoral officers who conduct their duties within the confines of the law have nothing to fear.

Kay Bacchus-Baptiste made the point at a recent campaign event of the New Democratic Party, saying that God does not sleep, even as she asked questions about the current status of the returning officers in North Windward and Central Leeward, where election petitions were filed after the 2015 vote.

Bacchus-Baptiste said that Winston Gaymes, the returning officer for Central Leeward, counted over 300 ballots which did not have on the official stamp.

“He committed an offence. Where is Mr. Gaymes now? He run away,” said Bacchus-Baptiste, a lawyer, who also quoted sections of the election law in her speech at the NDP’s virtual meeting broadcast on radio and social media.  

“I have written to the Director of Public Prosecutions to bring up criminal action against him for that breach of Section 40 of the act. I don’t think he’s coming back for now,” she said.

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“He certainly would not be registering officer or returning officer for Central Leeward,” Bacchus-Baptiste said.

She also turned her attention on Ville Davis, the returning officer for North Windward, who told the court that the recount of ballots in that district continued until 9 p.m. on Dec. 10, 2015 — an hour after the prime minister was sworn in.

Davis also “lost” all the statements of the poll in the North Windward election in 2015.

The statement of the poll, a “Form 16”, is the document on which the presiding officer at each polling station records vital election information, including the number of ballots received and used, as well as the outcome of the vote at that polling station.

“Where is he today? Check it out. I don’t think he would be returning for North Windward either,” Bacchus-Baptiste said of Davis.

“God is not sleeping, and we say once you do your work, registering officers, officials, you have nothing to fear.

“But if you are a cheat if you do what — that’s why we taking the time to make sure that every Vincentian will know what the law is, as regards what the registering officer should do, what they should not do, what a ballot should look like,” she said, referring to her “Election Watch’ public education campaign broadcast on NICE Radio.

“And we’re going to write the Supervisor of Elections to clean up the list. It is her duty under section 25. … Take all them dead people names off, and all those people who have not been in St. Vincent for over five years continuously and living abroad, We’re going to make sure that if you don’t do that, you will have to face the penalty of the law,” Bacchus-Baptiste said.

3 replies on “Electoral officers who act lawfully have nothing to fear — Kay”

  1. An extremely very unhappy aspect about these past years, of which Vincentians have had to endure my dear Kay, is this very miserable and sad situation that Vincentians have found themselves in. A bloated pseudo-Marxist tyrant with extended family in tow! SO WELCOME once AGAIN TO THE PLANTATION!

    Moreover, worst for us is that this oppressive, self-appointed royal family of SVG, who are forging a dismally wretched obvious yoke around Vincentians neck, are the very people who are apt to parade themselves on the world stage as our SVG’s most gracious democratic and generous saviours. How ironic can that get, may one ask? But who have questioned them?

    Poverty for sure Kay is a wretched thing indeed! Just look at the Vincentian society today. Profoundly dysfunctional and imbued with an unhealthy excessive amount of people now suffering from that well documented malady, popularly known as the Stockholm syndrome. A most sickening sight for anyone to observe at close hand. Social Marxism imported from CUBA and VENEZUELA is making us drunk with envy!

    Moreover, democracy and fair play for all took a very long holiday, when those pseudo Marxist, sadly entered the Parliament building. Much to our shame we allowed ourselves to be taken as hostages in the process!

  2. God of heaven and earth please save this nation.The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof , the worlds and all they that dwell therein. Blessed be His name forever.

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