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Rapist preacher Delroy Fraser. (iWN file photo)
Rapist preacher Delroy Fraser. (iWN file photo)

The rape of a girl between ages 5 and 7 by the assistant pastor of the church she attended is the worst crime that Justice Brian Cottle has seen in his two decades on the bench.

Justice Cottle made the disclosure on Thursday after sentencing Delroy Fraser, 43, to 30 years in jail on three counts of unlawful sexual intercourse.

Fraser had violated the trust that a woman at his church placed in him when she allowed her daughter to go to the beach with him and his infant daughter.

“Mr. Fraser, I think this has been an evil crime. I do not use that term lightly. After almost two decades on the bench, I have not come across any worse an example of the depravity to which a human being can sink,” Justice Cottle said after passing sentence at High Court No. 1 in Kingstown.  

Justice Cottle, however, said he must hope that Fraser can be rehabilitated, adding that at the very least, he feels that by removing him from society for a very long time, the court can avert the possibility of a repeat of his crime.

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Brian Cottle
Justice Brian Cottle. (iWN file photo)

Fraser, who is originally from Barrouallie, raped the child three times between Jan. 1, 2014 and Dec. 31, 2016 in Canouan.

He would place his own infant child on the beach and take the complainant into the sea, where he committed the depraved acts against her.

Fraser threatened the child into silence but was exposed when she drummed up the courage after a preacher at the church prophesied that someone on the altar would be exposed.

The child, then age 7 and now 11, then told her mother, who reported the child’s claim to the church pastor who called a meeting of the church leaders after which he reported the crime to the police.

Justice Cottle sentenced Fraser to 30 years in jail: 22 years on the first count, five on the second and three on the third.

The sentences will run consecutively.

Counsel Israel Bruce represented Fraser while Karim Nelson and Rose-Ann Richardson appeared for the Crown.

5 replies on “Preacher’s crime the worst judge has seen”

  1. The conviction for this shocking rape of a girl between ages 5 and 7 by Delroy Fraser, the assistant pastor of the church the child attended, shocks us all and can only be described as vile, evil, terrible and disgusting. It also drives us to ask ourselves, how in the world is such a crime even possible.

    Further one must ask, if true, what on earth could have induced such depraved and disgusting behaviour in a person claiming to be the servant of a righteous God? Does he even know God at all?

    Some men indeed may go to God and be utterly rejected by him, contrary to the erroneous popular and common belief that is being widely spread abroad by some, expressed as; “whoever will may come.” What forsure is in question in such belief though is this, what kind of state that “will” may be in in the first place!

    Here is a thing for us, which concerns “The mystery of three seemingly keen disciples who were declined by the Lord. God does not always receive those who appear to seek Him, and here Christ shows, why. ”

    Dr Peter Masters puts it here for us why and explains for us, what is the right way to desire salvation? And further, what sincere seekers should experience in the process of seeking.

    Therefore, we have to ask ourselves, was Delroy Fraser ever accepted by the Lord whom he claimed to stand for also what and who is this man Delroy Fraser? How did he come to claim to be a servant of both the Church and God? Moreover, who tested and passed him as being fit for service?

  2. Mandingo Woman says:

    THAT is how you sentence a child rapist!
    He has three decades now to reflect and repent!
    Good for you and good on you, Justice Cottle.

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