President of the women’s arm of the opposition New Democratic Party, Maureen Brackin. (Photo: Facebook)

Things in St. Vincent and the Grenadines are so hard that Christians are not hiding to take their chances gambling with the national lottery, an opposition activist says.

President of the Women’s arm of the opposition New Democratic Party, retired educator, Maureen Brackin said last week that Christians are queuing up early to take their changes.  

“Things are so bleddy hard in this country. Long ago, the old people would say that it’s water more than flour. These days, you have neither water nor flour. Could you imagine that?” Brackin told the NDP’s virtual campaign rally last Thursday.

“My friends, I will tell you something. These days, if you notice, Christians are not hiding anymore to go to the Lotto booths. As early as 7 o’clock, some are seen lining up to buy Lotto tickets. Of course, they cannot help. They have to do this in order to ensure that food is on the table and to make ends meet for their families,” she said.  

Some Christians believe that it is sinful to participate in games of chance as it suggests a reliance on chance rather than trust in God.

“There are many persons in this country, you know and I know, catching their nen-nen. They cannot pay their bills, yet hear them nuh, ‘Five innah row’. It’s time to leggo that thing. Would we still continue to accept bribes and suffer for the next five years? Oh gosh, man. People, you got to be joking,” she said.

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