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President of the women’s arm of the opposition New Democratic Party, Maureen Brackin. (Photo: Facebook)
President of the women’s arm of the opposition New Democratic Party, Maureen Brackin. (Photo: Facebook)

Things in St. Vincent and the Grenadines are so hard that Christians are not hiding to take their chances gambling with the national lottery, an opposition activist says.

President of the Women’s arm of the opposition New Democratic Party, retired educator, Maureen Brackin said last week that Christians are queuing up early to take their changes.  

“Things are so bleddy hard in this country. Long ago, the old people would say that it’s water more than flour. These days, you have neither water nor flour. Could you imagine that?” Brackin told the NDP’s virtual campaign rally last Thursday.

“My friends, I will tell you something. These days, if you notice, Christians are not hiding anymore to go to the Lotto booths. As early as 7 o’clock, some are seen lining up to buy Lotto tickets. Of course, they cannot help. They have to do this in order to ensure that food is on the table and to make ends meet for their families,” she said.  

Some Christians believe that it is sinful to participate in games of chance as it suggests a reliance on chance rather than trust in God.

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“There are many persons in this country, you know and I know, catching their nen-nen. They cannot pay their bills, yet hear them nuh, ‘Five innah row’. It’s time to leggo that thing. Would we still continue to accept bribes and suffer for the next five years? Oh gosh, man. People, you got to be joking,” she said.

3 replies on “Hard times driving Christians to play Lotto boldly — activist”

  1. A fool is a fool and some men cannot help being just a “born fools” so when one controls that man’s mind, one then controls that man’s eventual behaviour!

    Some time ago I wrote here of at one time being in a shop in Kingstown and while there, I had the misfortune of witnessing a foolish individual who had entered the premises, begging the proprietor for a little something, that he may be able to eat that day.

    Why did I perceive and assessed that individual to be wretchedly foolish? Well, he was wearing t-shirt with an embossed slogan on the front of it which read, “four in a row”! His Government was presiding over an economy that had failed to provide him with any gainful employment, yet this individual was not clever enough to distance himself from their artful slogan. Is this not a fool?

    A useful fool for sure! A foolish tool in the political knockabout in a cleaver election campaign by manipulators who knew that he was indeed a fool and used him to their own ends. And there are many others like him here in SVG.

    Two such within my immediate family. They are forever begging but they cannot make the salient connections between their lack of work/food/necessities and a badly performing Government. Read shirts and catchy slogans never puts food on the table.

  2. Why politicize human nature a simple revelation of human nature? How many other sins do christians commit simply because they are human beings? Further, if you think it’s now Christians buying lotto, think again! Stop grasping at straws and address issues of substance with substance.

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