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Orando Brewster 1

Orando Brewster, a preacher, politician and physician, says he do not “discuss the issue of religion and politics”. (Photo: Lance Neverson/Facebook)

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A preacher who says he approached “with prayer, with fasting and a lot of prayerful consideration” his decision to enter politics also says he does not “discuss the issue of religion and politics”.

Orando Brewster, the ruling Unity Labour Party’s (ULP) candidate for Central Leeward, told iWitness News this week that  he does not agree with the view that  politics and religion is a “dangerous combination” — an iWitness News formulation.

“No. There are great men in the Bible such as Joseph and David who were leaders in their country and once you are in leadership, it’s politics on a whole,” said Brewster, a Pentecostal preacher.

“If these great men can go into politics, that is the myth that Christians are not supposed to participate in it. I don’t think that is a good saying that Christians should not.”

Asked if he thought, based on his observation, that religious people, based on their religiosity, have made any difference in their approach to politics or politics in SVG.

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Brewster said:

“I would be honest. I don’t discuss the issue of religion and politics. I have made my stance going forward on it and it is something I don’t get into discussing religion in the political framework.”

But iWitness news noted that he had just moments earlier said his decision to enter politics was taken after prayerful consideration.

“And that’s why I say I have already taken a stance on by behalf, but when it comes, generally, I do not discuss religion with politics. That’s my stance. I give you from my personal perspective.”

Brewster agreed that his religion influenced a lot his outlook and approach to life and politics.

iWitness news, therefore, asked his view on the ULP approach to the three teachers who, in 2010, contested the election on behalf of the opposition New Democratic Party (NDP) and the ULP administration did not give them back their jobs, notwithstanding a collective bargaining agreement signed between the government and the Teachers’ Union.

iWitness News further noted that the government is yet to obey the court and pay Kenroy Johnson, one of the three teachers, who has reached retirement age, his benefits.

“Well, I cannot comment on that because I don’t have the specifics because I cannot say whether they were ULP teachers or NDP teachers. So I would tend not to make a comment on something that I am not fully informed about. So until then I can’t give you any feedback on that.”

iWitness News, however, noted that the issue is one that is in the public sphere.

“It occurred in 2010. Three former teachers resigned their job and contested the election on behalf of the New Democratic Party. These are all facts — verifiable facts.  The Teachers’ Union went to court after the government decided not to give them back their job. The court ruled that the teachers had a legitimate expectation to get their jobs back. They court further ruled that they are entitled to their pension and all their other benefits when they get to that age. Mr. Kenroy Johnson, who has reached retirement age, has not so been compensated, as per the court ruling. All of these are facts in the public domain,” iWitness News told Brewster.

Brewster, however, said that in 2010 he was not in the country.

Kenton Chance, who conducted the interview, pointed out to Brewster that he, too, was not in the country at the time of the development in 2010.

“Well, you are a journalist. You will be more updated on this info than I am. But, as far as I am concerned, I don’t have the full facts about that issue and I am not going to comment on it. I don’t have the information at hand. How can I comment on it?”

iWitness News also asked Brewster  about the acquisition of Marcus De Freitas property and the fact that he was not being paid until now — 14 years later — and whether he thought that was reasonable, fair or just.

Brewster said:

“These are issues that I am not fully informed about. You can’t throw these things at me and expect me to comment on it.

“If I don’t have the requisite information or facts at hand, I cannot comment on these issues. So I am sorry, but I don’t have the information pertaining to these things.  A journalist can take one side; another journalist can take another side. So how am I supposed to comment on that?” 

Brewster recently completed a Doctor of Medicine degree and has opted to go into politics without completing his internship.

He had previously suggested that God led him to medicine and is now suggesting that God is leading him to politics even before he completes his medical training.

“No. I have to finish the internship programme which I have put on pause for this political aspiration that I have coming up here,” Brewster said when asked if he could practise medicine, based on the training he had received so far.

“I don’t know what the future holds, that’s in God’s hand. I am gonna take my direction from him, as to how to proceed forward. So with prayers and careful consideration I will know what the next chapter holds,” Brewster said.

“I have always been someone who puts God at the forefront in everything I do,” he told iWitness News.

Brewster said he had erroneously said he has a “doctorate of medicine”, having confused his level of training with that of the significantly higher “doctorate”, which is not necessarily related to medicine.  

20 replies on “‘I do not discuss religion with politics,’ says preacher who’s a politician”

  1. I thought that our Constitution says that a Minister of religion cannot be a representative in our Parliament. Any constitutional expert on board?

  2. Mr Brewster is nothing but a neophyte with respect his profession and that is the reason why he is prone to making these gaffes. In addition, he will be spanked and ostracized by the comrade if he makes an honest statement with respect to the questions that were posed by the journalist.

  3. Percival Thomas says:

    Is he up to the job of being an MP, when he can’t handle the questions and is so indecisive in almost every thing he says. He should be much more informed about these issues.

  4. Nathan Jolly Green says:

    If Brewster really is a preacher he cannot be a Member of Parliament.


    Disqualifications for Representatives and Senators.

    26. (1) No person shall be qualified to be elected or appointed as a Representative or Senator (hereinafter in this section referred to as a member) if he-

    b. is a minister of religion;

    So if Brewster wants to be an MP he must denounce publicly he is not ministering religion, and in doing so must cease and desist going into a church and preaching which is evidential of being a preacher.

    Brewster himself has declared he is a Pentecostal Preacher, the term “minister” means “preacher” and vice versa. If anyone would like to offer evidence of him preaching he can be declared an unconstitutionally unacceptable candidate. If he really is a man of God he will choose God before politics.

    I also have a problem with the intelligence of this man in not knowing the difference between passing a test to become a medical doctor which then requires at least a two year internship before he can practice as a medical doctor. He has never taken an internship, what is his game. Not knowing the difference between that and a PhD doctorate, he is not a doctor of anything at the moment. What I am unsure of is did he do this on purpose, was he trying to con the people? Because only someone of his standing with half a brain would not know the difference.

    Therefore is he a fit and proper person to stand as a candidate for the position of parliamentary representative of parliament in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

    What I cannot further understand what is a Pentecostal Preacher doing in cahoots with a group of people who among the leadership are Marxists, some even describe the ULP as a communist party?

    Titus 1:5-9 also highlights the other important qualifications of a pastor. First, he must be a man above reproach. Second, he must be wed to only one wife. Third, he must possess the following qualities: prudent, temperate, hospitable, respectable, knows how to teach, not a wine addict, non-aggressive, peace loving, gentle, and not easily enslaved by the passion of money. Fourth, he should be the father of his very own household. Lastly, he shouldn’t be a newly converted individual and must bear irrefutable respect from people outside the church.

  5. Urlan Alexander says:

    You mean to tell me that Mr Brewster does not have an opinion of his own? The issue with the three teachers and the money for lands owing to Marcus Defrietas were and is still national issues. How as a politician he cannot comment on these? Randy you need to start living your own life.

  6. Rom. 12:1-2. “Come me out from among them and touch not the unclean things”

    You cannot put “New Wine in Old Bottle for the new wine will corrupt”

    “Birds of same fathers flock togather”

    “Darkness and light does not walk togather”

    David was a man have chosen by God to lead his Children but we David began to forsake with wrong company, selfishness, lust, even to murder.

    1 Corinthians 15: 33. ” Bad companion corrupt good morals.

    PSA .1:1-6 “Bless is that sit not in counsel of ungodly and wicked sinners.”

    Joseph was not a leader Sir, he was a Servant with” ” high position”

    You cannot chosen to master at time you to displease one and path you haven now to bite your tongue from speak out.

    Look at all evil and wickedness taking place and the so called Christian men in government and civil servants they kept quiet.
    Sorry wrong choice

    Communism and Christianity do not mix.

    My to cent.

  7. This guy cannot be serious! He is just another Christian impostor with political ambitions, who appears to be in over his head hoping to convince a bunch of gullible voters that he can represent them well. He stinks of deceit and incompetence.

  8. This man Brewster is putting himself out there as a political quack. How can he not discussed religion and politics and from the start he is liken himself to David and Jacobs which were great leaders – wherein there leadership involved politics. He said it quite clearly. So how, he is saying that he doesn’t discussed religion and politics? I will like to warn him and many other quacks like him that Jesus was one of the biggest politicians that has ever graced the earth. They just have to read the gospels, digest, analyse, understand and interpret then they will no that religion is as much intertwined with politics as any other factors, such as, economics, law, science, healthcare, finance etc that is concerned with the development of humanity.
    This man is not just a quack but a very ingenious one. How can he not know about the teachers issues and Marcus Defreitas issues and they are all bandied about the place like disgarded banana skins. He […] forgets that is an MD instead of PhD. How can a man like him who is so God driven, religious lead and calling motivated not have his facts straight? You know why because he is a career liar. Hope other people can see right through him by now.
    I heard that imbecile on Xtreme last week and he was nothing less than a disaster. He needs just to shut up if he doesn’t know what to say or cant answer the questions.

  9. “Well, I cannot comment on that because I don’t have the specifics because I cannot say whether they were ULP teachers or NDP teachers”.

    I’m aware that we are in the political season. However, I can not endorse such categorizations that seek to breathe division among our people. There are no ULP and or NDP teachers. A teacher is a teacher, a policeman is a policeman and they are entitled to the same protection and treatment under the law regardless of his or her political persuasion.

  10. I am going to say my piece after reading reverent Brewster message. You dont mixed politics with scripture. As for the ex teachers in 2010 that resigned to run for a seat was not treated fairly by the ulp. They should have gotten back their jobs if they requested it. Why do you all hold the other parties grudges if they dont win. The country needs everyone whether they are the opposition or not. A country cant run on fighting the opposition if they dont win. You all need each other to see that the country has all its people to make sure that the system move smoothly. I love what I have seen last year when I was there. But what I dont like is hearing how the ndp is being treated by the ulp. Mothers are not given jobs and fathers cannot get jobs because they are NDP. Uou all is crazy.. what happen to parent. How will they feed and clothe their children. Put yourself in their shoes and you all will see.

  11. As church goers when you see evil you must call it evil, to stay silent in the face of injustice is the greatest sin of all. God will not hold us guiltless.

  12. I hope this may be published for consideration. I respect others’ views on the matter even if I disagree. I hope my views are respected too even if others disagree with me. Joseph was put in the leadership position by God in order to preserve lives of persons who were ancestors of the Messiah. Genesis 45:5.
    David was King over the Israelites, God’s people, a position that only came about because the Israelites wanted to be like the other pagan nations in having a human ruler, instead of keeping God as their unseen ruler. 1 Samuel 8:7. God merely allowed the Israelites to have their wish.
    Jesus and the early Christians remained no part of the world. John 6:15; John 17:14, 16; John 18:36. Concerning them, the following reputable historical quotes reveal:
    “Early Christianity was little understood and was regarded with little favor by those who ruled the pagan world. . . . Christians refused to share certain duties of Roman citizens. . . . They would not hold political office.” (On the Road to Civilization -A World History, A. K. Heckel and J. G. Sigman, 1937, pp. 237-8)
    “Zealous Christians did not serve in the armed forces or accept political offices.”– World History, The Story of Mans Achievements (River Forest, Ill; 1962) Habberton, Roth and Spears, p. 117.
    “…the Christians announced that they were citizens of heaven. They shrank from public office and military service.”– Persecution of the Christians in Gaul, A.D. 177 by F.F.G. Guizot, former prime minister of France, Vol. III of The Great Events by Famous Historians (New York; 1905), Rossiter Johnson, ed, p. 246.
    As with the Roman power back then, God ALLOWS human Rulership to exist today as they keep order in society and provide useful services. Hence, true Christians today, like the early Christians, pay their taxes since like all citizens, they benefit from the order and services provided. True Christians also obey governmental laws that do not conflict with God’s laws. Romans 13:7; Acts 5:29. At the appointed time, God will remove all human Rulerships and God’s Kingdom/Government alone will rule obedient humans globally. Daniel 2:44; Isaiah 9:7.

    1. Are we serious? Here we are in 2020 in a post industrial world economy. Yet we go all the way back to a time THOUSANDS OF YEARS BEFORE electricity, before vehicles, before medicine or just about aspect of our daily lives today. We are talking about a time when it was believed that the world was round and had four corners. We are talking about a time when it was felt that sickness was caused by evil spirits and not pathogens. Are we serious??? Wow!!!
      If only we could let our own recent history instruct and inform us. The lessons of McIntosh and other struggles would be far more relevant to our times.

  13. Hope he remembers what happened to Mr Sayers when he mixed religion and politics… God don’t like ugly and no man could serve two masters…

  14. Thank you Father, Your Word says that it’s not everyone who says. Lord, shall enter Your Kingdom. Thou shall not call the Name of the Lord thy God. in vain. Many are called, but only few will be chosen. For many that go down in hell will be numberless as the sand on the seashore. My brother read Ps 1 and pray for God Spirit of discernment. You will have. a happy life.

  15. Dem red shirt people dem daay sure ha fo know ah wah Karl Mars haa fo say bout Religion, Im did say, “Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people”.

    So ah wha? Im bass man bin fooling we fo years with im Bible quotes!

  16. Nathan Jolly Green says:

    He may not be continuing with the doctor of medicine certificate to become a practicing doctor, a practitioner, because he cannot get an internship. Medical schools certificates from some sources are not acceptable to hospitals in the US and elsewhere.

    Does anyone know which medical school he got his certificate from? Perhaps you can help us with that Kenton, I find the photo of his pass certificate in your other article partially unreadable. Having made it public it surely cannot be a secret.

  17. Are we serious? Here we are in 2020 in a post industrial world economy. Yet we would go all the way back to a time THOUSANDS OF YEARS BEFORE electricity, before vehicles, before medicine or just about EVERY aspect of our daily lives today. We are talking about a time when it was believed that the world was flat and had four corners. We are talking about a time when it was felt that sickness was caused by evil spirits and not pathogens. Are we serious??? Wow!!!
    If only we could let our own recent history provide context, instruct and inform us about the political dynamics today. The lessons of McIntosh and other struggles would be far more relevant to our present times.
    LEARN YOUR HISTORY to know your destiny.
    Wake UP.

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