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Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves. (File photo by Lance Neverson/Facebook)
Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves. (File photo by Lance Neverson/Facebook)
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There are “one or two church men” aligned with the opposition New Democratic Party (NDP) who believe, who want the government to “put a brakes on “ during the final year of its five-year term, says Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves.

He said on WE FM on Sunday, that there is a notion among the opposition that no work must be done when the government gets to year four of its term.

“Ralph must stop do everything, stop do anything at all, as though I have four years in office — the term is four years,” said the prime minister, who is seeking a fifth term in office.

“The term goes up to the day when the people go to the polls. And I working up to the day,” said Gonsalves, who has announced that Vincentians will elect a new government by year end, ahead of the March 2021 constitutional deadline.

The slate of candidates being offered by Gonsalves’ Unity Labour Party includes two preachers, Frederick Stephenson and Orando Brewster.

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“So when a road is built out, don’t tell me foolishness that building out a road is an election thing — we building roads all the time. But you will try and highlight some that are being done, or that the PRYME (Promoting Youth Micro-Enterprises) programme is an election programme — but we articulated it so long ago, or the one involving the private sector out at Arnos Vale, well, you all must be involving in electioneering too, Joel,” he said referring to Joel Providence, manager of Coreas Hazells Inc. who was a guest, as Providence and other voices are heard laughing.

The prime minister continued:

“I mean, we have to do work. What am I sitting down doing? I mean, it is the most cockeyed notion that I have ever heard and you have some people in some people,

one or two church men aligned with the NDP and when you in that alignment you more interested in politics than God – well, leh me say this: they more interested in politics than the people, party politics, because they very much interested in God.

“But what I mean is this; they want you to put a brakes on deal[ing] with people who are poor. You mustn’t do anything for poor people in this period. As though, somehow, leave poor people, leave the children them to have all their problems.

“Don’t do anything at all. Don’t try to get uniform, if rain coming don’t give out any galvanise, but some of the pastors who taking like that, they have roof over their head.

“And some of the internet crazies, staying away from St. Vincent, they have roof over their heads you know. And some here trying to use the election to make money for themselves,” Gonsalves said.

He continued:

“It’s amazing what is happening, but they want government to come to a standstill, but you know, I see through all that foolishness. I have five years and you can talk what you want, I am working down as prime minister to the last minute that we go to the polls and then prepare myself to be sworn in as prime minister for a fifth consecutive term. That’s the way I doing my business.” 

18 replies on “Some NDP-aligned ‘church men more interested in politics than the people’”

  1. Ralp the days when what came from your mouth had respect has faded, you might as well consider yourself ” faded glory”! You had a whole generation at the head of every institution in SVG and with little tangible evidence to prove that you are a competent leader you still trying to resort to ” same old same old” petty bribery and your characteristic disparaging of your critics as if you are a demigod beyond scrutiny. In all your erudition make a case to prove the inherent evil in preachers involvement in the political process, a good place to start is the mention of Jesus in Matthew 16:18 of the term ” ekklesia”.

  2. I’ve said it already but all Ministers of government and all members of the ULP who claim Christianity while remaining silent when wickedness is done needs to reassess their faith and familiarize themselves with the Holy Scriptures. There is a silence among Christians when there are allegations of rape; when innocent people lose their lands; when Judicial Orders are ignored and when victimization is open and blatant. But then again I’ve lost faith in the entire ULP. After two decades our per capita income is the lowest in the OECS.

  3. You love run yo mouth pan people and when they do it to you they hate you? you have two preacher Man as candidate and I will like to ark’s you a question about them do you think they love women as the LORD will like them to?.

  4. Hypocrisy is a bitch! So what about the ULP aligned church men who are more interested in politics than the people? SMH….. The longest rope has an end Ralph, I hope you’ll soon find out.

  5. Red shirts or otherwise, death comes to us all in the end, just as it has now done to this “comrade” of the Khmer-Rouge. How many of these red shirted individuals have ever delivered any of the prosperity that they always promise to their otherwise enslaved nations? Not one of them have ever delivered it to date. No not a single one of them! Misery and poverty is all that follows in their wake!

    From Castro in Cuba to the Khmer-Rouge in Cambodia. From Chavez and Maduro in Venezuela to Ralph Gonzales’s in St Vincent and the Grenadines of today. Power hungry individuals who delivers only unhappiness and misery in their respective countries. Further, they never leave office willingly either never ever!

    Indeed, misery, sadness and poverty is all that they ever deliver, despite their long ranting speeches that they always hoodwinks the poor with. When will we of Vincentians ever realise, that what these individuals really mean to say is, what’s yours is mine but what’s mine is my own and for my children aid I so to enjoy!

    1. If he does have a mirror he will see a polititian that is more interested in politics than the people!

      He has been there all these years and with politics he has fooled the doltish to the point that we are now at the economic bottom in the Caribbean: Mass unemployment, the least investment, the worst roads, children leaving school that cannot read!… and little or no hope for prosperity for the poor….Yes, Who sees politics more important than the people…but we have a temporary seat on the Security Council!

  6. The hatred and bitterness in all you heart for Ralph Gonsalves, a man who has done so much for our blessed country will surely give all you haters an instant heart attack and kill all you once and for all. I do not expect bias Kenton Chance to post this comment but I am submitting it anyways. You have a chance to post or not to post it.

    1. Bill. Did you not read what Gonsalves said? How can you say that people are bitter towards a man who shows bitterness towards his own people ever chance he gets! Please check yourself.

  7. Nathan Jolly Green says:

    The slate of candidates being offered by Gonsalves’ Unity Labour Party includes two preachers, Frederick Stephenson and Orando Brewster.

    The Constituency is quite clear preachers may not be Members of Parliament, these people who break the Constitutional laws are clearly in breach of the Constitution, their own rules and those of God.

  8. Urlan Alexander says:

    I have never heard more foolishness. Ralph you’re trying to sidestep the argument. The point is the ulp deliberately does work in an election year that they ignored the four years leading up to the election year. If Ralph wants to chastised men of the cloth, the first thing he needs to do is peep in his own bowl.
    I love how simple things are making you angry comrade, anyhow don’t buss an vein.

  9. He really scraping the bottom of the barrel. Nothing to say or do. I’m so tired if you Ralph and your emptiness.

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