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Laverne Gibson-Velox. (File photo)
Laverne Gibson-Velox. (File photo)
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Opposition politician Laverne Gibson-Velox says that the ruling Unity Labour Party (ULP) has not delivered on any of its promises since coming to office almost two decades ago.

“The ULP has not delivered on any of its promises over the past 19-plus years in Government, whether that be a new national stadium — you know what we are seeing, the construction of a new city Arnos Vale or even a change in its aging leadership,” the first-time candidate told the New Democratic Party’s (NDP) virtual public meeting on Thursday.

“The ULP has nothing new to offer, only the same broken promises that have debilitated our great nation,” she said of the party, which is seeking an historic fifth consecutive five-year term in office in an election expected by year-end, ahead of the March 2021 constitutional deadline.

“And now, just ahead of another election, new promises,” said Gibson-Velox, who is making her first bid to be elected to the nation’s parliament.

“It is true, they only appear when they want your vote and they will say anything to win — but won’t deliver after the election.

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 “We cannot afford another five years of ULP Government. Our country is broken and the spirits of our people are broken. The pain is real!

“Enough is enough. It’s time for Dr Godwin Friday and the NDP to be given the opportunity to govern more competently,” she said.

Gibson-Velox is hoping to replace minister of Finance Camillo Gonsalves as MP for East St. George. Gonsalves was elected in December 2015, after two years as a senator.

The NDP candidate said that her party leader Godwin Friday has a clear plan to create new jobs, and the determination and the leadership skills to build a brighter future for SVG.

“He is passionate about bettering the lives of Vincentians and committed to achieving this goal.

“In the upcoming election, you have the chance to change the course of SVG’s future, to build a brighter future for SVG where our young people have the opportunity to work and thrive,” she told the political meeting.

“This election is your chance to back a real plan. A plan that will grow the economy and create sustainable jobs for you and your family.

Only a vote for the NDP can secure real and lasting change for St. Vincent and the Grenadines. That is why I am asking for your support in East St. George. With your support and your vote, we can get SVG working,” Gibson-Velox said.

2 replies on “‘ULP has not delivered on any of its promises’ — Laverne”

  1. Make me laugh. What a narrative? Not even one promise realised? LOL. In mathematics you can prove a proposition false by contradiction. If you make a categorical proposition, e.g., all men are liars, then all one needs to do is to find a truthful person to reject the original proposition. Someone once said that “integrity is made from sterner stuff”. How could someone accuse another for being ‘no good’ while employing the most obvious falsehood? Who constructed such a narrative? May God help SVG.

  2. Well me tell you all NDP people. You all was in government for 18 years and all your party did is buried st.vincent and grenadines to the ground.and don’t even get me started . It was only NDP party supporters get all the scholarship program and all the work. And your party Robbed me of a secondary school education. And you have a heart to go on the political platform and talk rubbish. Just watch and see what will happen to your party again.A PROUD VINCENTIAN AND A ULP SUPPORT FOR LIFE.

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