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Deborah Charles in a September 2020 photo.
Deborah Charles in a September 2020 photo.
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The ruling Unity Labour Party’s (ULP) candidate for West Kingstown, Deborah “Debbie” Charles has asked constituents to ditch current MP, Daniel Cummings of the main opposition New Democratic Party (NDP) and vote for her at the next poll.

“We have laboured under the burden of a representative who doesn’t know how to represent,” said Charles, whose ULP has been in office since 2001.

“Comrades and friends of West Kingstown, for too long, you have been saddled with a man with no plan,” she told the ULP virtual public meeting on Wednesday.

“And it’s evident, comrades, he walks about like a crazy man,” she said of Cummings who defeated her in 2015, when as a newcomer to politics she failed in her bid to prevent his re-election to a second five-year term in office.

“I’m not sure what he’s about because he has no plan for the people of Western Kingstown,” said Charles, a former teacher, who is a parliamentary secretary in the Ministry of Education.

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“But tonight, comrades, I want you to allow me to offer an alternative. A woman from the bowels of West Kingstown, a woman who knows the families of West Kingstown, a woman who knows the children of West Kingstown, and a woman who has a plan,” Charles said.

The ULP is seeking a historic fifth consecutive term in office, and Charles said, “Comrades, I believe that there are now things we can do in the next term. And there will be a next time of ULP government.”

She said that even with the work that is going on in the constituency now, she has a few plans to lay before voters for the next five years.

She spoke of a road that connects Great House to Lowmans Bay; a link between Spring and the Bonadie’s property where she said a hard court would be placed soon.

Charles said that under her representation, the government would create a footpath, to connect Great House to Buddy Gutter and develop the footpath to allow passage for Mahaut (Mahoe) to Burging and

construct a road between Gun Hill and Ottley Hall.

The ULP will complete the construction of the Buddy Gutter road, define the Buddy Gutter stream, widen the road to Lowmans Bay, develop a road that links Gibson Corner to Dauphnie, through Fenton, and create an alternative gateway into Kingstown.

“Develop a modern sewage treatment plant in Rose place, develop a plan to connect the communities of Edinboro and Montrose to the existing sewer network, coordinate with central government to relocate the fisher folk from Rose place to Edinboro and Lowmans Bay, make the footpath linking Grand Gate to Walker Piece more accessible,” Charles said.

Her plans include upgrading the New Montrose tennis court, upgrading the playing fields in Ottley Hall and Largo Heights to include bathrooms and a pavilion.

Charles said she would create a national park with beachside facilities at Lowman beach and more green space for recreational facilities across the constituency.

The plans include constructing a public library and a resource centre for constituency use, crafting tailored programmes that educate willing constituents to entrepreneurial best practices, encouraging backyard gardening throughout the constituency and giving prizes to the best gardens in West Kingstown.

Charles says she wants to open business opportunities by utilising available factory space at the industrial estate in Campden Park and make land along Lowmans Bay available to the residents of West Kingstown for business and home ownership.

“Comrades, I only have this much time with you tonight. But most of you know that I haven’t spent the last five years hiding in a cave or sulking,” she said.

“I’ve been working on your behalf every day and sharing my plans and vision with you. I’ve been on your doorsteps. I’ve been in your living rooms and I’ve sat on your porches,” she said and encouraged party supporters to ensure that they and their neighbours are registered to vote in the upcoming election.

“I stand before you, a woman offering myself once again to you in service as the next representative in Parliament. I ask you to accept this offer and vote for Teacher Debbie on election day,” Charles said.

9 replies on “West K’town ‘laboured under the burden’ of poor representation — Debbie”

  1. As a woman go and offer your service to ugee , and the police womam miss Andrews, especially to this vulnerable young ugee. It’s so painful this makes me cry when this come to my mind. They need your help

  2. Cummings has been asking for these things since the anglican church clock was a casio watch. Teacher Debbie seems to be living in oblivion !

  3. Albert Hannaway says:

    But is there government in power for the last 20 yrs,,,how come these things were not done?such a shows her government has no plans for the ppl there..NDP in opposition,,what can they do?

  4. A Representative who is dishonest now not not elect already showing there true colours you will not get my support.

    Ms Deborah, you sound just like Mini from the leeward who is against Pret who service his area without the help of the Central Government Ralph and Ulp committee.

    Dishonesty I will use here if anyone can state that the Major Leacook was not a true representative to his Constituents in person and House of Parliament.

    The best proposal today is by Major Leacook and fighting hard for which benefits all Constituency. Call

    Constituency Development Fund.
    This will free up monies from the Central government and put hands of financial committee and representitive .

    Ms Charles for the pass five years show us something tangible you and your party did not electioneering but in social welfare, development, exports, housings, not those that finance by the clients and build by ulp .

    Ms Charles you and Major are in same Boat waiting on the Government to do something in the area, but you may be horse of different colour where the No -elective like yourself have more power than the People Elective Representative under your socialist type of system.
    Ms Charles you and Mini may be indirectly to East ST.George ,and Calliaqua which is the Central for that constituency.

    When you speaking of Mis Representation see us in East St.George . Foundation of Labour Party and dwarfted head of United People’s Movement. Ulp.

    Cato time East St.George was overlooked taken for granted. The only time We get any true Representation was from NDP under Lois Jones.

    Afer that we have 20 yrs of Deados From my friend Burgin and from Ralph’s Distinguish and Dignify Silent Son. So please give Mr Leacook his due.

    I support no political party only ideas and Policies that will make our people live better

    My two cents

  5. Nathan 'Jolly' Green says:

    Comrade, Comrades, that shows this young lady is a communist. Daniel Cummings is probably among the best of all representatives in SVG. Intelligent, real, switched on, with it. Then along comes a nobody and suggests otherwise.

    Folks leave all these old fashioned commies be, they are usually sleeping until an election is around the corner. Then they awake from their deep slumber and present absolute rubbish to the people in the hope they will have have a well paid job for four years [or more if they can get the ballots worked on]. We cannot say they will ever get a step on the political ladder because to do that they must be a member or an associate of the dynasty.

  6. Urlan, if I can recall I think she said that she is being called Hitler. Subject to correction, This I heard coming from the parliament

  7. It’s your government with the public purse, so you all are the ones giving us poor representation. So what about the delapidated main hospital, who to blame for that? There will be representation when Mr Cummings government in control of the peoples purse, can bet you on that. Woman think before you open your mouth , sound so stupid

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