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Political leader of the Unity Labour Party Ralph Gonsalves presents the party’s candidates — at their launch on 20 October 2020 — to contest the Nov. 5 general elections in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

4 replies on “VIDEO: ULP candidate launch 2020”

  1. Percival Thomas says:

    Noticed the PM wearing an Indian outfit. Not an Afrian outfit. Does this means he has more respect for India than Africa?
    The vast majority of people in SVG are of African decendant. Of course, Indians are an important ethnic group in our country and is respected.
    But I would prrefer to see the PM in African outffit. This would make a statement of soliditary with the majority people he governs in SVG.

  2. Hubris Sysdrone is coin by Dr David Owen fromer UK Politician
    He was Not referring to personality disorder but illness of Power and Positions Disorder .

    Irtitis is close medical term as Hubris Syndrone. Postion and Power Diseased

    In medicine a syndrone is condition of symstoms and togather with Siens present a Disease that is hard to kill or destroy it is call (Power Hungry Disease) Many noble men carries this diseased they will suffer and sacrifice families , friends, undermind anyone to get to the top.

    Today we are witnessing to men who have Irttis disease Ralphie and Trumpie they feasting on the spotlight that never dream of becoming Head of State but was giving to them thru devious ways. In SVG it started with Road Block Revolution life lost, eyes blind, properties vandalized and destroyed all this is part of Hubris Diseased but this was always in This fellow growing up.

    This was manifested in University in Jamaica when He and other socialists rioted the school while run and hide playing Sick this according reports from former students.

    This behavior and couple with sexual appetites began to raised it ugly head as lecturer and even when he became a Lawyer in SVG . I want him to confess to Nation even if come out from power about lock the door that lady have to put a fright and threaten go to police . I know you have good memory so recall this! Deny this too mr Hubris. There is no limitation sexual assaults and molestation in SVG.

    All these were underlining Hubris Disease was overlook by fine speeches . The internal fights for Position in UPM can be now analyze by by this Power Hungry Sysdrone always wants to be the head if you do not have votes was it Superior complex Sysdrone you suffering from because all who was elected was Black?

    I wondering how come all these black brothers are supporting you still and been able to make them House and Yard Slave is it by dingling food in their face because you know they were starving under Labour Party Government? Another sign of Hubris Disease. Feed the hungry and the poor and they will come back to papa. (Red Boxes, Poor Relief, Phyme, Galvanize ,lumber and cement )

    Barbados was not entertaining Man with hubris Sysdrone , he was out sail his way from politcal fear after the Grenada Revolution rumors have that he Stow away by night by a good friend in Jamaica and who also was early accountant and advisors to his Government .

    This power is now in your hands Vincy people

    Vincy not allow ” Absolute Power Corrupts ” in hands of anyone because that disease will spread in all directions and you will lose all rights. Becasue such person have no Integrity, brlbery , crooked , wicked, and evil.

    “Power tends to corrupt, and absolutel power corrups absolutely ” and great men are almost alwaya bad men”
    Sir John Dalberg-Acton.

    So becareful of this Hubris Disease it just like covid-19 and dengue spreding get rid of it now my vincy people!

    “What in hidden Darkest dos come to light ”

    My to cents

  3. Nathan Jolly Green says:

    More filth I learned about today. We have students here from India, Nigeria, and Ghana. They got free scholarships from the ULP government. They have all been instructed to vote ULP, they are all from Commonwealth countries and qualify to vote.

  4. I don’t like this scheme. No Vincentians would be allowed to vote or even express their views in those countries. Look at what’s happening in Nigeria today. People are being killed for demonstrating in the streets.

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