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Fanta Williams, of Digicel. (iWN photo)
Fanta Williams, of Digicel. (iWN photo)

Digicel SVG has asked customers to hold the company accountable to the promise of more data, an improved digital experience as well as a better customer service experience with the launch of Digicel Prime Bundles.

Telecommunications company recently rebranded themselves as a digital operator in SVG and in over 30 markets worldwide. 

Digicel SVG is promising that customers will receive a “powerful digital experience” across eight apps including sports, music, news, local radio, podcasts and messaging. 

“Before we were voice and data-centred. That was the standard operating model for most telecommunications companies,” the company’s CEO, Fanta Williams, said this past week.  

“What we are now is a digital operator, that means we bring to you a suite of apps that will enhance your lifestyle. Our vision is to be part of your everyday life. There are 1,440 minutes in a day. We want to be part of that experience for every minute of the day with you. Whether you want to listen to music, watch television, sports, live sports or listen to your local radio station or communicate on a 10-way video conference call,” Williams said.  

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She also said with the new “digital at Digicel”, customers can expect more for less with the new digital prime bundles.  

“One of the things that we were looking at when we were building those bundles is to ensure affordability. But what we also did was make sure that there was a tremendous amount of value in these bundles.

“Before, if you were using any of our apps, what we didn’t do is give you a large amount of data to use them broadly. We have gone back and looked at how we can make those apps work within a bundle for you so that you still have data to do the things you want to do and also give you enough data that is going to drive a positive experience for you.”

An improved customer service experience has also been included in the new package. This includes an increase in the number of access points for customers and the assurance of 10 to 20-second responses.

Williams said the new customer experience will be “open and simple with no tricks”. 

“This is the beginning. We are anchoring ourselves into new commitments with our customers. Keep us accountable because with that, we know that we can be better.”

The digital services include D’Music for music; PlayGo for TV streaming; SportsMax for sports; BiP for messaging, video and voice calling, gaming and marketplaces; Loop for news; GoLoud for 75 local radio stations and podcasts and Billo for cloud storage.

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