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U.S. Ambassador Linda Taglialatela.
U.S. Ambassador Linda Taglialatela.
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ST. GEORGE’S, Grenada (CMC) — The United States Ambassador to Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean, Linda Taglialatela, has praised Grenada for its effective use of the Joint Regional Communication Centre (JRCC) to conduct due diligence for persons seeking to benefit from its Citizenship by Investment

“Grenada is doing a good job, Grenada is using it more than some of the others,” the diplomat said.

She said that Washington, through its embassy in Barbados, has working arrangements with the islands that offer CBI programmes and that the JRCC in Barbados is the hub for due diligence probing.

“We have working arrangements with the five islands in the eastern Caribbean which have an arrangement for due diligence through the JRCC,” said Taglialatela, who pointed out that all applications in each of the island should be vetted by the JRCC.

The JRCC is part of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Implementing Agency for Crime and Security (IMPACS) and it is mainly responsible for the operations and management of advance passenger information system, which screens passengers entering and exiting through CARICOM air and seaports.

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“Some countries are more diligent in doing so. Once they get to the JRCC, it has available to them agencies like Interpol and all the other groups that have information on individuals,” Taglialatela said as she explained the process.

“So, they run all the names through the computer to see if any of them are on the wanted list or identified as people who have done things that are questionable. We then report back to each country what the JRCC has on them,” she said.

The countries will then decide whether to reject or accept the applicant. A review of public records about Grenada’s CBI programme from January 2017 to June 2020 has shown that the cabinet rejected 140 applicants.

The reason or reasons for the rejection were not disclosed.

Under the CBI programmes, Caribbean countries grant citizenship for foreign investors who in return make a substantial financial contribution to the socio-economic development of these islands.

The CBI has been an issue of concern for the United States and the diplomat said that Washington is aware of the delicate balance between concern and revenue earning.

“The USA will prefer the countries do not have the CBI programme but at the same time, it understands the position because it’s putting money into the countries. We understand it as a way to raise revenue,” she said.

9 replies on “US praises Grenada over its CBI programme”

  1. Excellent news. It is not about selling passports according to ULP. They are badmouthing the NDP for its proposal to introduce the CBI when they win on December 5. Great programme once it is well managed and all applicants properly vetted. Much better than selling passports unofficially as done by those criticizing the NDP for its CBI. At least, once properly managed, it will bring in much needed foreign exchange now that tourism will be dormant for the foreseeable future.
    Go ahead NDP. Go for the CBI. Create jobs. You may get him to sell passports too, especially now that you have forced him to drop the onerous student loan repayment.
    Thanks for your foresight.

  2. And it is high time that we in SVG look to undertake some of our infrastructural development without loans. These debts are strangling us and the only way this current gov’t has to alleviate their debt burden is to tax. How much more can this limited labour force bear? And rather than creating some jobs, just pile some more unto the poor relief and pile some more burden those. And you wonder why there is no middle class.

  3. If a pm get close to the US ambassador, she will surely get a piece of his toxic tongue. I don’t know why this man thinks vincentians are foolish, . Please, please shake off your shackles vincentians.

  4. We not selling passport but we were able to give a crook citizenship who slipped out our country owing Vinlec and CWSA thousands of dollars but strangely a minster had his number in his back pocket and could have called him in the UK

  5. Funny how all the people using this article to validate the policy seem to pass over the last part that says “The USA will prefer the countries do not have the CBI programme…”. So much for the US “praising” the programme. The headline of this article is grossly misleading.
    Most of you are quick to call people ignorant without realizing that you are the ignorant one. If the programme was so good, why would the US being wary of it?

  6. The article also states that the US prefers that countries do not use the CBI programme… And someone making a financial contribution to the country , would that contribution be monthly ? Because from my understanding this contribution would be a one off. And is there a law to say that if a foreign person buy land he or she has to make sure use it…
    Cause this article certainly doesn’t answer those question… It may not be based on selling of passport but its also a part of it… You make an investment you get a passport…
    No to CBI…. Read the article… If the US prefer countries not use it… Then why is still a discussion…
    And the us ambassador said that Grenada is doing good… What is good on your son or daughter report card… Not Excellent ….

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