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The moment when an artiste's worship "performance" is interrupted to make way for a speech by Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves at his party's gospel concert on Sunday. (Photo: Facebook Live)
The moment when an artiste’s worship “performance” is interrupted to make way for a speech by Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves at his party’s gospel concert on Sunday. (Photo: Facebook Live)
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By Walt Carter

(First published on Facebook)

DISCLAIMER: This post may upset some.

I have been looking on for weeks now and I was gonna be silent but we need to hear this.

A political party provides the nation with gospel shows and I have no problem with that but Sunday night was distasteful. A lot of these gospel artistes and musicians are friends so I’m gonna speak out of love.

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We can’t afford to mix light and darkness. Sunday night was nothing else but a mix of that and I’m going to try my best to show how.

All I saw Sunday night was our artistes giving the people a good time. Absolutely nothing is wrong with that but you see when that is all it’s about and not letting Christ’s name be known, in the name of “gospel event”, we WRONG.

No one would have left the event hearing what God wants of them, which is for them to live for Him. The performances were all about making a feel good moment. I even remember hearing that one of the leaders wanted to hear a particular set of songs. Did you all pray about the songs before the performance? What did the Holy Spirit tell you to do? Was it what the Holy Spirit wanted you to do or what the political party wanted?

I have lots of respect for our prime minister, Ralph Gonsalves. However, when I hear him started a song about going to Zion Hill and [who] should follow his footsteps, it worries my that my musician friends would hear that and give musical accompaniment for something like that. We need to have boundaries. Going to an event and playing positive songs would never compare to that. Playing around with those things isn’t wise because God doesn’t take it lightly.

The meeting Sunday night was a campaign, not a gospel event and that was very clear. Our prime minister came in and the artiste on stage had to stop. He came in and didn’t even acknowledge God’s servants. He didn’t even acknowledge God — at the “gospel event”. The host had nothing to say about God after each performance. Everything was about the party — at a “gospel event”.

We, as gospel artistes and musicians, need to know how far to go and stand strong. I know of non-believers asking if this was really a gospel event. That is the last thing we want when we are representing our Master. It was very distasteful. Again, I say this out of love. If you disagree that’s fine but let’s talk because I have a lot more to say.

Christians, we need to know our boundaries!

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2 replies on “Was Sunday’s gospel event really about God?”

  1. Do remember this dear Walt Carter, not all who say Lord, Lord shall be accepted or can in any way enter into the gates of heaven.

    For as we know, Biblical religion makes it very plane, and says this, that there are many charlatans here with us and who are indeed very good at deceiving and who may fool some men into following then even to the very hell, but the truth of real repentance in them, is well-known by the Godhead.

    Therefore, Walt Carter, as you may further know, some men will do anything for power and money. Yet for all that, all men eventually will die. And as we know only too well at Hebrews 9:27 New King James Version which says “And as it is appointed for men to die once, but after this the judgment,”

    What folly then lies is in their foolish behaviour! If only they had prayed God to grant them Repentance!
    2 Timothy 2: 26, If only!

  2. Nathan 'Jolly' Green says:

    The door to Satan has only to be left open a little for him to slip in and corrupt you all.

    How can a Gospel event have everyone dressed in the ULP party colours, this was clearly not a true Gospel event. In fact those who took part in this mock event should feel the wrath of the Lord.

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