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Gay hypocrisy 1
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By Gay Supporter

On the one hand, I was elated to see an openly married gay man share the national stage with other Vincentian elites, giving commentary on election night as the results came in.

He must have been invited, presumably by the powers that be, sanctioned by my party; or the party whose executive still functioned, as well as those who sponsored the broadcast. Interestingly, it was also simulcast on the NBC Radio. We were also told of the polls that were conducted.

On the other hand, we in the local gay Vincentian community who are members and supporters of the party have to wonder where our next public harassment or beating is going to come from. Those of us in high positions may escape public ridicule, but why the hypocrisy?

Gay hypocrisy 2

On the day of the march, when the churches and other Vincentians took to the streets against the buggery case that is currently before the courts, the impression given was that the church was sanctioned and sponsored by the government to take that role — the supporting role against the case in the court. I listened that day to my party radio station, and the only thing left for the host and the callers to do, was to go and lead the march.

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They cheered on the march from the airwaves, which led me, and other listeners in our circle, to believe that the government and the party were in support of the march.

Yet, what we saw on election night was the welcoming of an openly married gay man comfortably sharing the national stage here in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Are my government and my party now openly accepting of gay rights in the country? Are those who comfortably shared the national stage that night, now in support of gay marriage? Why the hypocrisy?

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21 replies on “Gay hypocrisy on display election night”

  1. Any time you all start with you all Buller nonsense is when I will leave the Diaspora where I live and pelt stone at Sodom mites. Stone will rein down as a howitzer. Start you all nonsense about gay pride March. I can tell you the jails will be to small to incarcerate vincentian who oppose to bulling. We call a male cattle a bull, we slaughter it and get our beef .People like the Bardod, the Nigels will never turn Vincy into a Buller state. You all have Barbados already. Don’t try that.

    1. I like the passion in your comment but don’t send them to Barbados please(lolll). Let them know hell will be their portion if they don’t change.


    When will people learn that the world is big enough for all different kinds of people? Education and traveling to different parts of the globe helps us as human beings to understand that everything does NOT always have to be “my way”. There are other ways to live. Open your eyes and ears a little wider.

    Please don’t put your effort into hating other people who simply want to love each other. The best gift you can give yourself is to take an opportunity to break bread with someone who is completely different to you. It is and will be a personal life changing experience in how you can truly love. It is easy to love somebody who thinks just like us. Take the challenge and love someone who is different. Now that is the Christian thing to do.

    When words or deeds are coming from a loving place, we all know it. We feel it in our souls.

    Say and do things from a loving place today and every day. I challenge believers and nonbelievers too. Spread love. Be a light in someone’s life. It is amazing when joy spreads like wildfire instead of hate. We feel it and it feels good.

    Blessings and love to my fellow vincentians at home and abroad. We can rise up. We can do better. Love one another.

    1. Well Simone. I agree that we should not hate homosexuals- either men with men or women with women. John 3:16. But the Most High, our Creator, condemns the homosexual lifestyle. God has never said that a homosexual lifestyle is alright. He never indicated that homosexuality is an acceptable alternative lifestyle. On the contrary, God states through the apostle Paul that men with men will NOT inherit God’s Kingdom. 1 Corinthians 6:9, 10. At Roman’s 1:24-27, God is showing us that a homosexual way of life is unnatural and
      disgusting! So while I do not support stoning or in any other way, harming homosexuals, we should condemn and reject their lifestyle,, just as God does.

  3. This is an interesting article. Let me make it declare, persons who are against LGQTQ+ are called homophobic, to have a phobia it to be afraid. I am not afraid of LGBTQ+, but as any other sin introduced, lying, steal, adultery, fornication, we must be mindful of the influence on society . Peter Wickham is a homosexual – he like men and has joined in union by French law to a man. That is France and maybe Barbados but not SVG. Mr. Wickham was preforming his function as a political commentator and pollster (not a good at either) but his sexual had nothing to do with his job, We accept services from liars (Ralph Gonsalves says he lies sometimes), thieves, adulterers, drunkards etc. all the time, in shopping,, lawn services, gardening etc. So the use of Mr. Wickham to try to suggest that the country (the people of SVG) is now accepting of legitimizing LGBTQ+ is utter nonsense. If this article was written by a certain person who recently was called to the bar and wrote articles about homosexual acts being accept, I have a message for you. NOT IN SVG!!

  4. Gay Supporter is making a valid point… Is a member of the elite being treated differently? If so, why? I suspect there may be political reasons behind this.

  5. I’m sitting here asking myself a question? I wonder how many closet BULLERS their are in St. Vincent.
    Most of the time when there is so much hatred against gay people the incident of closet homosexuality is very high. To hate another human being because they are gay is a sin. In life there is no big sin and small sin. Sin is sin. We as human beings need to put away the hatred from our heart towards people that are different from us. We need to be tolerant and show them love.

  6. Ah lot ah you hiding under the bushel but, anytime, any government in St Vincent and the Grenadines even attempt to pass any law legitimizing any gay rights, it would be a sad day. Everybody has a right to live and to enjoy life the best way we can but, when it comes to same sex anything, I say a BIG NO. Woman is for man and vice versa. No matter how elite you may be, keep that in your house. Vicentians….wake up and DO NOT allow anyone to distort your minds from the norm

  7. I have no problem what u homo wants to do on ur private time with ur lives as long as u keep it to yourself, never try to force it on me or my children, that’s where all hell break loose,,
    Eventually gays will be forcing their dirty lifestyle into law then into our schools, corrupting our children’s mind,,know all yo place, Don’t step out of line! With yo dutty lifestyle!

  8. way happen to our pride and dignity what about our morality they say our country is blessed why stain it now with all this nastiness they trying to legalise theybdont read there bibles can someone please explain to me.

  9. Brothels and strip clubs cannot operate in SVG. The influence of the Church will have the Police close them down ASAP.
    A foreign Artist lyrics must be filtered before they can obtain a work permit to perform here or Church will stop the concert.
    Pornographic materials and sex toys cannot sell here either.
    It is even an offense to drive a motor vehicle without shirt ( male drivers )
    So when the Gay Pride Parade starts where would the CHURCH would be? Asking for a friend.

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