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St. Vincent and the Grenadines, on Thursday, recorded 48 new COVID-19 cases, 44 of which are nationals with no history of recent travel.

“These cases were detected during contact tracing, testing of persons with flu-like symptoms and exit screening,” the National Emergency Management Organisation (NEMO) said in a press statement issued early Friday morning.

The four other cases are non-nationals who arrived with negative PCR results and tested positive on entry screening.

There are now 255 local cases under investigation, NEMO said, a reference to the cases with no recent travel history.

NEMO said that four clusters associated with churches, four with work sites and two with holiday parties have been identified.

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Contact tracing, testing, quarantining and isolation continue, and are aimed at containing this COVID-19 outbreak in SVG, the statement further said.

“However, contact tracing is being hampered by the unwillingness of some persons to provide accurate information,” NEMO further said.

The statement added that the strict compliance with quarantine and isolation is even more important now in order to suppress any further spread of this viral illness.

“Persons who have been instructed to quarantine while awaiting their results, must not leave their quarantine sites until they receive their tests results.”

The country had confirmed 388 cases of COVID-19 since the first case was detected on March 11, and 107 persons have recovered and 281 cases remain active.

There are currently 17 COVID-19 patients admitted for care, NEMO said, adding that all positive cases will continue to be isolated until cleared.

“The recommendations for the conduct of mass gatherings as issued on Jan. 8, 2021, restricting the number of persons in an indoor gathering to 10 and an outdoor gathering to 20, will be extended to Jan. 25th, 2021.

“All of the other protocols and recommendations designed to safeguard the health and wellbeing of the Vincentian public, including those for the use of masks in all government buildings, must continue to be followed,” NEMO said.

Update: The headline of this story was updated to correct the number of person admitted for care.

2 replies on “48 new local COVID cases; 17 persons admitted for care”

  1. Idalberto Naranjo says:

    Public transportation is one of the biggest sources of spread for not complying with the rules of social distancing within public transport.

  2. We must continue to pray and act in the best interest of “me and me neighbour” – we are our brothers’ keepers.
    Really sad to hear of so many cases as the COVID situation continues to deteriorate. God is merciful to us indeed.

    We have to continue to “pull” together in order to help each other towards a new day in our country. WE MUST, WE HAVE TO.

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