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St. Vincent and the Grenadines, on Friday, recorded its first COVID-19 death, a 49-year-old female with multiple pre-existing conditions.

The National Emergency Management Organisation (NEMO) said that the woman presented to the hospital services on Thursday evening, Jan. 14, with difficulty breathing.

She was confirmed to be positive for COVID-19 on admission, rapidly deteriorated and died at 5 p.m. today, Jan. 15, NEMO said.

There are now 24 persons admitted with COVID-19.

Further, NEMO announced that 62 new COVID-19 cases were confirmed overnight, 61 of which are nationals with no history of recent travel.

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These cases were detected during contact tracing, testing of persons with flulike symptoms and exit screening.

There are now 316 local cases under investigation, NEMO said, referring to the cases that have been detected since Dec. 28, 2020 among nationals with no recent travel history.

NEMO further said that the new cases detected overnight include one adult non-national who arrived with a negative PCR test and tested positive on arrival.

There are now, 339 active COVID-19 cases in the country, and 110 persons have recovered from the illness.

A total of 450 cases of COVID-19 have been reported in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

“All positive case will continue to be isolated until cleared,” NEMO siad.

26 replies on “SVG records first COVID-19 death; record high 62 cases”

  1. People who has contact with mustique and other neighboring island where there is a big inflow of travelers and mail and people who works in the Grenadines is bringing the covic -19 to the mainland. You all check it out. My sister in law has covic, where in the world she gets it from. Her children works in mustique. Please check it out.

    1. You is an ass ( the incorrect grammar is intentional). Please provide your stats when making assumptions like those. Smh

  2. Cannon ollivierre says:

    The authorities are to be blamed they would not shut down the blasted ports of entry let it spread dead people you will get if I get it all in do is the pray for God’s forgiveness of my sins you hear me because maybe I might recover yes that will be great but also death may come so that’s the only life insurance I may need because the authorities here fooling around yes big fools why they don’t follow Kim Jung UN man all of them out guys stop there and beg people to be safe and spread it over the country dead people soon

  3. Cannon E Ollivierre says:

    This world following America too much they Americans dying out like flies and you guys are not seeing and using alto own blasted head to think for alto self stay there and listen to foolish Americans people like Dr Fauci all yo stay there follow Kim Jung UN no one any choices once you are positive there you go whether you like it or not why you guys don’t give me a position to exercise some authority even the PM would have to listen to me because I shall just once loud and clear for everyone to hear then I make my decisions you guys are so damn foolish well stop there and plead use the guns shoot to kill when anyone die throw their body in the gutter and burn alyo are afraid only God’s forgiveness is required and that is all that’s needed God forgives that’s all that matters use the defense of ” Necessity” it will save lives people will not even peep outside their windows

    1. We gunna die! We gunna die! Orange man bad!
      People should not smoke crack cocaine before writing comments. See what comes from it?

  4. Lincoln Ragguette says:

    And the number continues to grow,and will never get better until we start closing border. Stay safe, and don’t be fearful, but be careful.

  5. The key part about this news is PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS. What were the “conditions”? Too bad SVG Health Officials have apparently “banned” hydroxychloroquine. My father-in-law at 80 years old had many pre-existing conditions. they wanted to put him on a ventilator (which is normally a death sentence) instead he took hydroxychloroquine, LIKE MANY THOUSANDS IN THE WORLD and less than 2 days later his Covide-19 was gone.In clinical tests Big Pharma gave far in excess of the drug to near-death very sever cases and they died. BIG PHARMA DOES NOT CONTROL HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE AND IT IS VERY CHEAP. That is why they have gone to such lengths to prevent the public from accepting it.
    If people do not see that there are multiple agendas being used concerning Covid-19 then we are all going to suffer much more than just the big FEAR campaign, “social distancing” and masks.

    1. Too many people are going down the HCQ rabbit hole. It has proven to be marginally successful, not universally so. I have not seen any studies which show it’s usefulness etc.
      On the other hand VITAMIN D in several studies have shown its effectiveness when used in mega doses. The University of Cordoba (Spain) Hospital study, whose results were reported in early September, 2020 showed VITAMIN D to be completely effective for treatment when given in mega doses, 100% effective. Many other studies have also confirmed its usefulness in prevention and also as treatment.
      And it makes sense when you realize that each cell in the human body has receptors for VITAMIN D (which turns into a hormone in the human body. Respect the sun.

      1. You are absolutely right about Vitamin D!…the sun! There are however many studies, maybe thousands that prove HCQ has been effective and even probably cured Covid patients, (not just my relatives). Just because the proof does not last long on the internet does not mean they are false.

  6. The headlines of this IWN article will probably attract many “reads”, so it is a good place to comment. Before you read this linked article, first scroll to the bottom to see the accomplishments of the author, before you think the “hype” is all “conspiracy theory”:

    Keep in mind, the FIRST casualty of any war is always TRUTH.

  7. Duke, it is time you get real. 2 million persons have died from COVID and it all of your articles you are saying that this figure is insignificant and it is just a little flu. Typical Trump and American attitude. You even praised the Prime Minister for his handling of COVID. This is the first big test and both of you have failed. COVID kills. It is time you wise up and take it seriously. Age and preexisting conditions are not all. All the old people and those with preexisting conditions would be alive today and making their contribution to their family and society. Wear your mask and stay home. We need all of our citizens to be alive.

    1. Realist. I have never heard that 2 million people have died from Covid. Did Joe Biden tell you this? Where is the proof? It would certainly be significant if it were. I suggest you inform yourself with the truth from people that have real information but that do not have an interest in it, such as money or power. Maybe you should start by learning to differentiate the difference between…dying OF Covid and dying WITH Covid.

  8. It is sad that we are where we are! Death and dying… condolences to the bereaved families.
    I calling for the Community Development Division in this country to co-ordinate all these existing plans and give directives as to how we manage this impending catastrophe!
    Dengue, Covid 19 and volcanic eruption! A recipe for more mayhem in this little island.

    Funny how there is not enough transparency about these existing plans…who is responsible for what? Society is in more trouble – many families are unprepared for this time of impending disaster. May God help us all. Communities need to become more organised… more action needed. We are all in danger of losing our lives.

    1. Ricardo Francis says:

      You are absolutely correct.

      I have known this for a longtime.

      Covid19 is a political virus to reset the world economy for the Global Elites to create a totalitarian society, and more specifically a TECHNOCRACY.

      There is a Canadian doctor, Dr. Roger Hodkinson who states some of the nonsense in this video:

      We need an International Criminal Investigation on Covid19. We shall start with the World Health Organization (WHO).

      I am very fearless and courage.

      I shall not and never surrender, and or waive my believes now, and or in the future.

      Ricardo Francis, Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines in Waiting and in the Making

  9. After listening to all these cases especially those who enters the country with negative PCR ,and upon arrival tested positive could it be that those countries r sending these people out with false negative result so that there countries of state can deal with them…it like saying gt rid of them n let there country deal with there situation

  10. I doubt this is the first Covid death as I doubt the volcano rumblings of 3 weeks ago were the first known events of the volcano. But this is what the government wants us to believe. Searching for a pot of gold among the Covid people coming in from Miami was certain to expose us more than necessary.
    Now let us hope that the hospital is totally prepared. As individuals though, we need to be clear what we want to do. For me, I do all I can to stay overloaded on vitamin D, minimize potential infection and always prepare for the worse but hope for the best.

  11. Ignorance will be the downfall of the country. If you believe only the old and pre existing conditions will make you a candidate for death, you are sadly mistaken. The virus is taking lives from 8 to 80, don’t be that person, wear yoy masks and take all precautions.

    1. sensible person says:

      So, the CD is lying to us? All the front-line doctors and nurses all over the world are lying to us; but Bill Gates and Big Tech are all medical professionals and are giving us accurate information? Where are all the bodies, and the dead covid children? The Democratic Party told us it is SAFE to go out and protest for Antifa and BLM but it is NOT SAFE to go to church… In those riots many black children (toddlers) died from the violence. Your information makes no sense and has no baisis in truth, along with all the other news telling us we are all going to die unless we get the vaccine. I hope you are one of the first to do so.

  12. Jah will hit them with diseases for their ignorance. For eases and squeezes. Soufriere will will hit them with sulphur

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