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Opposition Leader Godwin Friday speaking in Parliament on Tuesday. (Photo: Facebook Live)
Opposition Leader Godwin Friday speaking in Parliament on Tuesday. (Photo: Facebook Live)
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Leader of the Opposition Godwin Friday says that he does not want to see the coronavirus situation in St. Vincent and the Grenadines worsen and has called for an end to at-home isolation for the nation’s COVID-19 patients.

On Tuesday, in his contribution to the budget debate, Friday also called for a 28-day ban on flights to the country.

“I don’t want to see it get any worse. I made two suggestions, which I think are eminently reasonable and sensible. We cannot deal with what’s happening internally, if you continue to compound the problem with people coming in and using up resources that we don’t have, for quarantining, and for testing, when you have spread in the community, if not community spread. Others have taken it very seriously. Why are we being so cavalier about it? Two deaths are not sufficient?” he said.

As of Tuesday, SVG has recorded 1,059 cases of COVID-19, including 910 cases detected since Dec. 28, among residents with no recent travel history.

Two persons have died and 275 have recovered from the viral illness, leaving 782 active cases in the country. 

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Friday’s second recommendation was that the nation end “this ridiculous and risky policy of isolation at home”.

He noted that all visitors to the country must isolate themselves at a government approved facility, even if they test negative for COVID-19.

“But if somebody comes from Pembroke or from Mespo or from anywhere in the country goes to a clinic, tests positive, they tell you to go home and ride it out,” the opposition leader said. 

“That doesn’t make sense. That is playing Russian roulette, because that will only lead to further spread because of the risk of contaminating family and other community members are obviously greater. That needs to end. And especially since there is no follow up to see how the person gets home.”

Friday said he had heard stories that he did not even want to repeat in the national assembly.

“That must be contributing to the current spread, and it must be of some worry to the chief medical officer. And those are the policies that she’s enforcing.

He said that facilities need to be provided so that persons can isolate safely, and not risk infecting their family members and friends.

“And if we can’t get the facilities at hotels, and guest houses and so on, then temporarily, we have to make facilities, using public buildings.

“I suggest a school. They want to do something else, that’s fine. Just make sure that we have the facilities so that people can isolate safely. I think that’s what most people want to do. Let’s treat this thing as if it’s the killer that the minister said in his own remarks, a disrupter of lives, a destroyer of lives and livelihoods. And as usual, I’m always on board and willing and able to do my part and that on behalf of the members of this side of the house,” Friday said. 

30 replies on “Friday calls for ban of at-home COVID isolation, suspension of flights”

  1. Kingsley Simmons says:

    Well put Dr. Friday; and there is a very strong case for government isolation facilities in each of the constituencies.

  2. I just read Mr Friday’s opinion and I agree 100 percent with every word spoken I really don’t know why people still listening to Ralph Gonsalves can’t he see that he has lost touch with theajority of Vincentians home and abroad he has lost so much respect from folks near and far Ralph go home please nah people are totally fedup of you and I am too it seems like God is fedup with you too so as you know a lot of forces will emerge intended to sent you what tell me what exactly are you waiting for??????!!

  3. We have had 275 recovered cases and only two deaths which is a death rate of 0.7 percent.

    Meanwhile the global death rate as a proportion of recovered cases is 2.9 percent ( ) or over four times higher.

    This doesn’t make any sense given the large number of our people with comorbidities that make them susceptible to dying when infected with COVID-19.

    Either we have been very lucky or somebody is cooking the books by classifying COVID-19 deaths as occurring because of pneumonia or other pulmonary diseases.

    1. Obviously Statista “cooks the books” and so do the Health institutions world-wide because they get more Federal and Global COVID RELIEF FUNDS when they have more Covid Deaths. Even though death from Covid is far lower than your statistics suggest because every institution has different statistics. The highest statistics I have seen lately is that for every 150,000 population 1 person dies FROM Covid, and they are usually with pre-existing conditions. You have a great education but seem to not have much experience in interpreting data or practical application of information. I learned in Army Intelligence that GATHERING INFORMATION IS GREAT…BUT YOU NEED TO HAVE INTELLIGENT PEOPLE INTERPRETING THE INFORMATION! You should also seek out facts on the ground instead of looking at Fake News and CNN. You suspect that they are “cooking the books” in SVG, based on ZERO information. In fact, it is obvious that the now three deaths in SVG were WITH Covid and at most Covid PROBABLY contributed to the deaths.


  4. I am not a fan of NDP but on this they are right. The covid virus is getting out of hand, time to put in further measures. As a small island should aim to reduce cases to zero covid cases. It can be done. Strict border control and quarantine.

    1. Tell me please, How well have the lock-downs worked compared to countries that did not impose them? How do you suggest we close the borders? What do you think the results of that will be? I actually am an NDP supporter, or maybe “was”, but I refuse to go along with alarmist stupidity that is proven to not work, and in fact, has caused far more harm than a man-made virus that has a 99.8% recovery rate for those that do get it. For those that do not recover…?…keep them safe until they can get a SAFE vaccine.

      Stop all this fear and stupidity!

      I learned in Special Operations Training that the one thing that will cause your doom more than anything is FEAR.

  5. Sorry to say this but it looks like Friday has gone off the deep end, like half the country. I wonder how long it is going to take until people realize that people are not dying left and right anywhere. Those we have to watch out for are the obese, elderly and those with other serious health concerns. By now everyone realizes that those two unfortunate deaths are people that died WITH Covid and not of Covid. I never thought I would say that I am glad Ralph Gonsalves is Prime Minister and not Friday. If the vote were today I WOULD CERTAINLY NOT VOTE FOR FRIDAY. Friday should first learn something about the virus then heed Ben Franklin:
    “Those that would give up Liberty for security WILL LOSE BOTH AND DESERVE NEITHER!

    Instead, the people should be educated with what we have come to know about the virus in the past year. but discount all the FAKE NEWS. We can start with properly educating Mr Friday himself and then our Health Workers who are still back in March 2020.
    If the borders were not closed I would suggest bringing in some of my Medically trained relatives that have worked in a European “hotspot “of Covid!
    I wonder how long we can keep the hysteria going.

    1. “Died with covid and not of covid”. That sir, is a very ignorant statement thats akin to saying they didn’t die from the flu but with the flu. They didn’t die from diabetes, but with diabetes. I could go on and on.

    2. Hey Duke of York you mean not even for one minute you can’t leave out politics in a pandemic they are long-term side effects form covid 19 so all those people who contradicted the virus could have serious health problems down the road.

      1. So, You suggest we all panic and wet our pants? What will that do? You and so many on this site need to do some real research. How is life in Belarus since there are no social distancing rules or mask requirements, only “herd immunity”. Although Belarus has an authoritarian leader, in many ways it is more free than USA, UK, or Germany, where everyone is FORCED to endanger their health by wearing masks and staying indoors where the virus spreads much easier than outdoors….Do some research before you run out of diapers. Stop putting politics into this social issue.

  6. Antony Valance says:

    People who bring politics into what i believe was a sensible suggestion need to have a family member or close friend have Covid, Vincentians wake up and smell the coffee remove the matter from your eyes as someone has said earlier either the numbers have been manipulated or we where just lucky ??? LOL we have never been lucky and this thing will spread and spread, 2 deaths are two deaths to many over a 1000 persons are to many positive and yes we do have a large amount of persons who have underlining health issues, But we also have a HOSPITAL not fit for purpose, we are not properly nor will we be properly equipped to deal with this Pandemic, STOP LETTING people in, STOP people from self isolating at home, GET INTO PLACE TODAY proper facilities Government run/ controlled to accommodate those who are Positive, please please please this is not the time for PARTY NONSENSE……..

    I know whats it is like to loose family friends loved ones from this virus, hope none of you never have to

    1. Yes, two deaths are too many except when there are already over a hundred deaths directly from the Pfizer Vaccine, not to mention many hundreds that have permanent handicaps from that vaccine. Oh, but those deaths of mainly HEALTHY people are acceptable, right? Who knows how many have not been reported?

    2. Yes, the numbers have been manipulated to make it look like people are dying like flies. In NY it is “alleged” that many deaths were carelessly caused to people that did not even have Covid! A DASTARDLY WAY TO BRING UP THE NUMBER OF COVID DEATHS FOR FUNDING!!!! SEE ALL THE CONTROVERSY OVER ELMHURST HOSPITAL AND MEDICAL STAFF WHISTLEBLOWERS!!! I have had 4 family members get Covid. Two were cured immediately with HCQ. The other two realize it is just like a mild flu so they did not bother taking any medication. HOW DO YOU PROPOSE A SOLUTION WITHOUT ANY POLITICS INVOLVED? Should a preist make the rules??? Maybe a janitor at an Elementary School! Some of you need to get REAL information then stop and think a little to quell your TOTAL FEAR so that you can make wise decisions instead of spreading the misinformation and fear.

  7. Right on target Friday. I often wonder if Cumrod could actually wear a mask. The guy is hugely overweight and may not be able to breathe properly in a mask. I don’t think he’s an antimasker. Just a thought.

    1. I suggest you do some research. Go to the sources!!! When the truth very gradually comes out I am not going to laugh at you because it is mainly a corrupt (FAKE NEWS) media that is causing you to believe the misinformation.

    2. Agreed. Duke has never empathized with the 2.2 million people that have died. He condemns all the sensible protective measures. He thinks that COVID is a joke and all who advocate sensible measures are hysterical. He needs to get real. He will only understand this virus if it strikes him directly. Poor man! Be needs to put things in proper perspective.

  8. 3 deaths of already sick people over a whole year, wake up from your slumber people there is no proven (isolated) covid 19 sample anywhere its all a lie to inject you with nanoparticles, kary mullis pcr test inventor you can’t use the test to diagnose any disease.

    1. Some of what you say is controversial but Kary Mullis has been saying that his PCR Test is not totally reliable and, like you and I, he says that there is so much MISINFORMATION about Covid and unfortunately most of SVG has fallen for the FAKE SCIENCE rather than the real facts that have come out over the past year.
      I too was very frightened. That is why I have kept up on the REAL TRUTH from front-line Health Workers and virologists. Very sadly, most of SVG is still back in March 2020.

      1. The danger of social media era is that everybody wants to insist that their individual interpretation is the truth. Comments which are staunchly launched from the corner of a particularly polarized political rationale rarely offer critical thinking based on humanitarian consideration of indigent and suffering people.

  9. You really believe there has been only 3 deaths, your 5 star general is hiding the true number, disguising dengue fever deaths that were actually from covid 19. I have firsthand knowledge the fearless leader allowed a known positive covid case to quarantine at a local hotel and never informed the owners that the guest tested positive upon arrival to SVG. The man can’t be trusted.

  10. Concerned citizen says:

    Duke you display so much ignorance in your comments that it is difficult to take you seriously. I believe that you are posting your comments just to be provocative, because otherwise your comments would be laughable if they were not so dangerous to the wellbeing of vincentians. I speak as someone who has had friends and acquaintances die from this virus who were in the prime of their lives, and not afflicted by any known ailments such as heart disease, high BP etc. I know in a democratic society we are all entitled to our opinions, but we are not entitled to our own facts, please cease and desist from your inane comments. This topic deserves rational logical comments, and not the drivel emanating from the orifice in your face.

  11. Ignorance is bliss, as I am sitting here reading these comments, dialogue is always a good thing but I cant help but shake my head to hear someone from my home country speak about fake news, I guess the tentacles of the Donald has far reach lol. Anyway on a more serious note folks need to understand that Covid is real and it’s effects are indeed deadly, you are speaking about not including politics based on what Mr. Friday had to say which I think is rather wise, I don’t see how leaving control of the spread of this virus up to the people is sensible in fact it is totally insane, what Vincentian you or I know who is going to follow some kind of protocol they are totally ignorant to. and you sir Duke or whatever you name is I didn’t hear you speak anything about politics when Ralph spoke about getting ready to taking this Russian vaccine and getting vaccine from here there and everywhere else, what are you ordering all these vaccines for if it is fake news, I didn’t hear you comment on that, word of advise support whoever you want to support politically but don’t you dear try to so discord and try to confuse and corrupt these poor people because out of them came you, and all this crap research you speak about are nothing but opinions of others.

  12. Explain why over 300,000 people have died from covid in the us alone, you ignorant conspiracy theorist, not just the older population, but killing children too, keep believing its a not a serious virus. Drink ur sunset rum it will save you…….lol

  13. Concerned Resident says:

    The suspension of flights doesn’t make sense, it only hurts the economy. The Covid-19 infections only seem to be local or community spread. Isolating those persons is the problem, even more so the continued ignorance of protocols from a lot of persons. Every infected person, sent for home isolation, should be issued with written guidelines on how to effectively carry out the protocol for home isolation. These recommendations are clearly laid out on the UK NHS website. As long as funerals with hundreds of attendees are allowed, the spread of Covid-19 will further take off like a bush fire.

    1. If hurt economy is what you are worried about let me share this with you hurt economy is far better than dead people and dead economy, if far bigger countries with much better health structure and much greater economy saw the logic in secure the people that is within and stop those coming in with possible infections by shutting it down, then you have a much better chance of curtailing and treating so you can minimize further contamination. Wake up and be wise people it is your lives we are talking about

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