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The accused, Luzette King.
The accused, Luzette King.
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Two more charges have been brought against political activist Luzette King who has said she “ran to hell out” of Argyle International Airport (AIA) on Jan. 30.

On Thursday, in a virtual court appearance, King was further charged that on Jan 30, at AIA, upon arriving into the state of St. Vincent and the Grenadines on Jan 30, did impede the carrying out of any search of anything which is liable for search by not presenting herself to a customs officer.

She pleaded not guilty to that charge as well as a charge that on the same date, also at AIA, on entering the SVG on Jan 30, she failed to produce her bags to the customs officer as required by the Customs Control and Management Act.

On Tuesday, King also appeared virtually before Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne, where she pleaded not guilty to a charge that on Jan. 30, at AIA, she entered the state of SVG by air and did not present herself in person to the nearest immigration officer.

She was granted bail in the sum of $2,000 with one surety.

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On Thursday, the chief magistrate allowed bail to continue on the same terms and ordered that King complete 14 days’ quarantine at Casa Villa Apartments in Calliaqua unless granted an exemption by health officials.

King is represented by lawyers Kay Bacchus-Baptiste, Maia Eustace and Ronnia Durham-Balcombe, while Assistant Director of Public Prosecution Tammika Da Silva-McKenzie appeared for the Crown.

The matter was adjourned to March 29. 

15 replies on “More charges against Luzette King over AIA incident”

  1. Nathan 'Jolly' Green says:

    Remember Luzette will be treated unlike anyone else due to who she is, this a chance for the political crap to kick in. You can bet your bottom dollar instruction from on high have already sealed her fate.

    1. Yes Jolly I saw that too and it is written in STONE l hope she doesn’t expect justice because all she will get is “just she”.Who knows maybe when all is said and done she could be sentenced to be hanged,drawn and quartered.

  2. no one is above the law,you go to other countries and you have to comply with the law,when they come to svg they wanna disrespect the laws and the country so the magistrate have to send a strong message to all those people who coming here,to obey the laws or go to jail or pay a fine,canada is charging persons two thousand dollars for quaretine expenses and these same people if they decide to go Will be fine with that,but here in svg its a problem,traveling cost money if you don’t have money stay which part you is,plain and simple.

  3. Why do lawyers entertain these CLEARLY WRONG political football cases?

    Luzette by her own admission, did not present her self to the relevant authorities and is obviously guilty of the first charge. This is a fact with no need for innocent until proven guilty.

    What else can 3 WHOLE lawyers argue? Strupes…..very disappointed in my colleagues but then again, after reading who are the 3 WHOLE LAWYERS, I am really not!

    Res ipsa locquiter!!!!

  4. This incident was avoidable. Her actions at the airport seems intentional by her own volition. However, no need to go on a prosecution witch hunt. There is a prima facie case to be made on the first charge as the law is quite clear on every individuals responsibility entering SVG. Both elements to prove the offense are there i.e. the Actus Reas and the Mens Rae.

    I always feel that many Caribbean citizens have no respect for the laws in their own country. They will travel to the United States, Canada and England and abide by the laws in those countries. Unfortunately, they refuse to respect the laws and law enforcement in their own country.

    While saying this, we must train our law enforcement officers to be polite, courteous and professional. Many believed the mistrust of law enforcement is a consequence of abuse and unprofessional treatment. It appears the Customs Officers were very professional in this case.

  5. Nathan 'Jolly' Green says:

    This woman is a national hero, and a national treasure. She is special and has done more for Vincentians than almost anyone else. Expect the worst for her because the evil dynastical powers already have her fate sealed.

    1. Florence Woods says:

      Everyone has to do it. The guidelines is set for everyone.
      Politics isnt nice at all. People just need to comply and avoid foolishness and the unnecessary.

  6. Vincy Lawyer even the most brutal of criminals are entitled to a Lawyer(s) it is call democracy, its her right and we have a system where we are innocent until proven guilty. The Muslim guy a couple years ago cut off a young lady head in the middle of the streets but as the law requires he must have his day in court and in so doing must be entitled to Legal Counsel

  7. Luzette king is showing you all that she can do whay she want to do. My only problem is, why they want her to go into a hotel when she tested negative. She lives alone, so therefore she should have send home to her house and do her 14 day quarantine there. They are sending positive to their homes to quarantine. They are the ones who should be sent in the hotels and pay the money that they are charging. You all full of Bolognese down there. Luzette right to fight for the nonsense that has been taking place there. Saint Vincent people you all need to wake up. Stop you all criticizing of luzette action. She was fighting for her rights.

  8. Mitzi Chandler says:

    Some of these comments really baffled me. It’s about time we vincentian stand up for what is right. And not get our political views entangled in foolish behavior like what Ms King displayed at AIA. Protocol are put in place for a reason and she refused to adhere to them. My grandmother Florence cupid used to say education is not common sense and Ms King used neither one of those tools. Let the law run its decision base on her behavior

  9. Agustys Carr this is a civil case and not a criminal case. Why is there a need to prove Actus Reas and Men’s Rea? I see your are flirting with law. Stick to your profession.

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