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Funeral homes in St. Vincent and the Grenadines have been trained to handle the remains of persons who are COVID-19 positive when they die.

Six persons have died of COVID-19 in SVG and some of the funerals have already taken place.

At a press conference on Thursday, the Ministry of Health was asked what are the protocols – separate from those relating to mass gatherings — for the final rites of persons who died as a result of COVID.

In response, epidemiologist Dr. Charmaine Bailey-Rogers said:

“In response to the question concerning the arrangements for burial for persons who have died of COVID-19, we would just like to say that the funeral homes have been trained to collect and to handle the bodies appropriately. And that burial is usually closed-casket.” Bailey-Rogers did not indicate whether burial at sea for such persons is permitted. 

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One reply on “SVG funeral homes trained to handle C-19 dead”

  1. It is too bad that our society even in SVG is trying to frighten everyone into thinking that MILLIONS of our 110,000 people are going to die from Covid. I predict that this will not be the case. Whenever anyone dies, they will be encouraged to say it was Covid that did it.
    MY HEALTH-CARE RELATIVES OVERSEAS TELL ME THAT IS WHAT THEY DO IN THE USA AND EUROPE. Those people that go on Youtube and mention the truth get censored off the internet and get fired from their jobs.
    Sad news is that, allegedly, many in NY DID lose their lives, even if they DID NOT have Covid!

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