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A 77-year-old homeless man, who is practically blind, has been living for eight years in squalid conditions at the abandoned Chateaubelair Fisheries Centre.

16 replies on “VIDEO: 77, Blind, Homeless”

  1. Grateful for those who lend a helping hand. No one knows his or her end . The word says we ought to number our days so we can apply out hearts to wisdom..

  2. Wow this is a shame. The man fall on his luck and abandoned by family, friends and the politicians. You mean neither Pater Mathews nor James could not have helped this poor gentle man. It shows how self serving politicians are. Both of them have failed him moreso his family. It’s a disgrace.

  3. Now you visited three times and you have your story my question to you is What have you done for this man????? with all the various so called big wigs in this country have you approached and tried to get something for this gentleman….. I wonder if you will even let this comment go through No point reporting someones plight if your not going to be a solution or part of the solution???

    1. Come now Carl! I am sure Kenton did do something for this man. One thing he did was making this video. And the fact that he did means he has compassion. He probably gave him something to eat or some old clothes at the least. Charity should not be done for publicity. It should come from the heart. I knew a dentist (now deceased) that paid for some Vincy people to be educated overseas but he never made it public and some of the dentists here treated him very badly and even sabotaged his charity work (as he donated and installed all the dental equipment in the South Grenadines) as well as taking the credit for his work as he was most of the time overseas. I myself have done a few such things and others go about saying it was they that did it. Best is to get people jobs, if possible permanent jobs, but our economy strongly discourages job creation, (supply-side economics); something I am outspoken about.

    2. Reporting the gentleman’s plight means that ur doing something for him because someone, somewhere out there will read or hear about his story and assist him. Sometimes i wonder why do we as a people have to be so negative in our thinking. I am sure that there are a lot of journalist in svg and one one of them come foward to highlight the plight of the guy yet we still criticized. Smh

    3. Yes, Kenton’s end game wasnt clear. Just expose this and then what?

      What really was your purpose of all this?

      Let’s start putting our monies, where our mouth normally is!

  4. This makes me very sad such a gentle soul he needs help as soon as possible no one in SVG should be living in such manner especially in these times lets come together and help Mr Mc Arthur please

  5. Vincy lawyer does Kenton know you by your pseudo name? If not how then can you help? I suggest some reputable charitable organization in the area should head a helping project or even the government should help people like this who are down on their luck. Kenton by reporting it is valuable public information to enable better to be done. The person who made reference to him is not intuitive in his/her thinking. As a journalist he has covered his mandate. Don’t tell me that Patel Matthews and Carlos James are not aware of the man’s plight. How about the church? Should they not cater for the whole man? that is man with his physical as well as his spiritual needs. We have some many lawyers in St Vincent ,do they not have a fraternity that can help in such cases? or they are simple takers and does return a dime to their communities? How about the North Leeward community groups? We have all fail him including his family.

    1. Vincy Lawyer says:

      My identity needs to be revealed to help? Such an infantile statement.

      If Kenton for example suggests an account or any other means to help this guy, help will be given by me!

      Whether I do that anonymously or not is of no concern to you or anyone!

      Blessed week!

  6. A very moving story, Gov. should be ashamed. KC, you captured the right stuff. Fungal infection eating the squatter alive while he is living in unspeakable conditions due to bad health [personal hygiene] and lack of proper healthcare. So Government doesn’t owe this visually impaired elderly man nothing? Not even respect for our senior citizen? If this isn’t shocking to see then one has been completely desensitized to the abject poverty that human beings over there are living in. seeing the squat that the senior citizen is living in. Good job KC. The socialist are running SVG into the ground inch by inch.

  7. This is so sad and shameful for our senior citizen
    He can’t see maybe because he has cataracts which is easy to remove if he gets the right help. I am ashamed that a senior citizen is living in such state and the area representative never heard of or seen him.????
    They can build him a house on state land and get someone to assist him.
    You put him in the poor hone and he dosen’t want to go he’s just going to die.
    And hes fairly a strong man still.
    This man needs help like it’s yesterday.
    The relevant authorities needs to go something fast.
    He madd his contribution and never recieved his PROVIDENCE FUND/NIS this needs to be looked into if he never recieved it who did?
    Is it still at the office?
    I hope he gets the help he needs
    Sad state of affairs smh
    I am sure someone took him to vote and took him back to that dump!
    Lord have mercy!

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