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What began in 1961 in St. Vincent and the Grenadines as a Bible study club at the Girls High School (GHS) consequent to the visit of Englishman, Richard Bell of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES), has grown into a quiet, but impactful student ministry, spanning the length and breadth of SVG. 

During its embryonic stage, Elsa Velox and Ynolde Mulraine-Adams along with Leslie Alexander-Hull and Judy Cadougan, then teachers at the GHS, ably and sacrificially provided holistic nurturing to the pioneering group of students.

The uncontained enthusiasm of this group quickly resulted in a merger with a Bible study group that had begun in April 1953 with four female students, under the guidance of Grace Eustace at the Emmanuel High School, Kingstown (EHSK).

This eclectic merger, which, in the twinkling of an eye included a growing number of male students from the EHSK, was given the name, Inter-School Christian Fellowship (ISCF). 

Over the years, the ISCF in SVG has impacted and transformed the lives of many prominent Vincentians such as Minister of Health St Clair ‘Jimmy’ Prince, Dr Lennox Adams and Pastor Sylvester King, deputy Supervisor of Elections, among other renowned graduates in SVG and its diaspora. 

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Like many organisations, this non-profit Christian group, funded by a handful of generous, local individuals and churches and governed by a local board comprising of seven directors, has evolved. 

In 2005, the ministry was rebranded as the Inter-School & College Christian Fellowship (ISCCF) to incorporate all divisions of the SVG Community College as well as medical schools, who wish to partner with the ministry. 

ISCCF, found in 17 of the 26 secondary schools in SVG, all divisions of the SVGCC and four medical schools, is primarily a student-led ministry overseen by sponsors (teachers at respective schools), who meet for about 30 minutes (mostly during lunch) once or twice weekly, to engage in activities geared essentially towards the spiritual development of students and teachers.

Sixty years later, an achievement of formidable tenacity in student  ministry, stakeholders of ISCCF SVG are beaming with joy as the organisation celebrates its diamond jubilee under the theme, “Three Scores and Achieving More” as they give glory “…unto Him that is able to do exceeding abundantly… throughout all ages…” (Ephesians 3: 20-21). 

A year-long calendar of activities, which include a church service, a Bible quiz, Easter camp/retreat, the AGM, a commemorative dinner among other activities, have been planned to celebrate this glorious milestone.

Unfortunately, due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, some activities that were scheduled for the early months of 2021 are being rescheduled. 

The Ministry continues to solicit the support of the Vincentian citizenry through prayers, promotion and provision financially and in-kind, as it seeks to strengthen and extend its roots in our schools “to know Christ and to make Him known” — the ministry’s motto. 

The Staff Worker who can be contacted at WhatsApp +17844542356 or email address: [email protected], is always available at the office located on the VINSAVE compound, door number 4. 

The Ministry’s social media page — Facebook and Instagram, will also provide more information about the ministry. 

“We are excited to have you partner with us in this God-established Ministry which is so critically needed in our schools, especially in this era.”

3 replies on “SVG’s schools’ Christian fellowship turns 60”

  1. Oh. How I remember ISCF from 30bor so years ago at the Grammar School sixth form. Was such a refresher during lunch. This is truly a God established ministry. I hope that students will really get involved. It’s more important than academics. God bless all the sponsors for guiding these students.

  2. Ava Patrick says:

    Hitherto hath the Lord helped us. Thanks be to God for his grace and power in advancing the ISCCF ministry in SVG. Proud to be a sponsor. Congratulations on your diamond jubilee celebrations. …..Make Christ known

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