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Oleen Horne took to Facebook, on Tuesday, "to clear the air".
Oleen Horne took to Facebook, on Tuesday, “to clear the air”.
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Police are said to be looking into an allegation by a Bequia woman that sex videos of her that began circulating on social media on Tuesday are actually evidence of her being raped.

Oleen Horne, a teacher, took to Facebook Live to plead with persons to stop circulating the video and to share her explanation of what had happened.

She said that she was raped and beaten by a man, who she had been dating, but broke off the relationship after she found out that they were close relatives.

Horne said that the man had known all along about their biological relationship.
She said she was not the woman in the video circulating last week engaging in anal sex with a man.

She, however, said that the man had raped her anally.

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In the video, the woman’s back is turned to the camera but the video was shared along with photos of Horne and a screen capture of her Facebook page.

Horne, however, said that the videos that began circulating on Tuesday, in which her face is clearly visible, are of her. 

“And I want to clear the air as to what happened because people seem to think that that is something that I did willingly but it’s not,” Horne said.

“And I am here to show you guys the receipt because this is ridiculous and I am going to show you who the person is, so that other persons will not get involved with the person.”

During the 28-minute Facebook Live broadcast, Horne showed a picture and gave the name of the man who she said had raped and beaten her.

She said that after raping her, the man blackmailed her and used fear to force her to visit him in St. Vincent when he returned to St. Vincent from Canada last year.

“I have been trying to stay quiet about the situation because this person has been hushing me for the longest while by threatening me, by blackmailing me,” Horne said.

“I have been blackmailed for the longest while and I have had to do crazy stuff that I never in my mind wanted to do…”

Horne said “one thing led to the next” while she was dating the man she would later find out is her relative.

She said that she broke off the relationship and “some other stuff happened” and then they were “cool and were talking” and showed “no signs of anger”.

One day, he offered to drop her to a dental appointment, but instead took her to a hotel on the east coast of St. Vincent.

“He took my phone … and he literally — he became a whole other person, literally… He beat my head to the ground, he kicked me, he slapped me, he boxed me, anything possible. He put a belt around my neck, he tried to poke to out my eyes — and he did this for hours, eh. He did this for hours…

“What this man did to me is unacceptable and I am tired of staying quiet. I have been staying quiet since last week. I am fed up and I am letting people know what happened…

“This man is insane, literally, he said he is going to rape me again and I have the screenshot from him telling me that he would rape me again. Okay, people?”

Horne said that she did not press charges in 2019 because she did not want to frustrate the man’s mother.[J6] 

“That was my worse mistake, because I, Oleen Horne, I have a big heart, you know, I have a really big heart so I really don’t know when to not forgive. So I forgave him, I decided I was not going to press charges.”

She said that the man hacked into her phone.

“When he kidnapped me, he locked me in the room and he had my phone. I didn’t know what he was doing. This guy, he hacked into my stuff. He went back to Canada and eventually now, he’s like, oh, he has control over my phone.”

She said that the man generates fake WhatsApp numbers “and he torments me on them”

“I don’t know where he generates them from but he generates these numbers and he torments me. The whole of last year, I’ve been suffering with depression, anxiety, everything because I was being blackmailed. I had to do stuff for this man, all because he was saying this time in the past he took this image of me, that image of me.

“So I know what society does to people whose stuff gets leaked so I was so afraid, apart from him beating me up badly,” Horne said, adding that she has “my doctor paper still”.

“… -well actually, the police knows so he can’t deny that he ain’t beat me up because I had so many scars, went through so many depression and all these things. People don’t even know.”

She said that she went to meet him when the man told her last November to come to St. Vincent “or this or that would happen”.

“I was so frustrated and fearful of so many things. I was afraid of him for one, he as blackmailing me, and on top of that, when stuff gets released of people, it’s over for them…

“I’m not going to tell you guys all of the details, for certain reasons but what I am telling you guys today is the truth,” the woman said.

She said that the man beat her up last November, this time, in her head.

“I grew up a good child; I was a bookworm, these things, all these things. I never got in fights. I was girly, very girly, I don’t know how to fight so he had so many controls over me, mentally, physically, everything.”

She said that the man took her to another accommodation venue on the east coast of St. Vincent and abused her.

“And I know usually people will say what they would do in certain situations.

“But until you are in that situation, it’s like I was paralysed. I couldn’t think, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t defend myself in any way possible.”

Horne said that photos of her that were released last week were taken “when that man had a knife to my throat. It was either I do or die. So I chose to do because I didn’t want to die.  

She said there are other young ladies out there who the man has done things to.

“If you still want to think I did those things willingly, by all means, continue. But I know what happened so I will walk the street like — I know what happened. This man literally took advantage of me and he has no — to tell someone you will rape them again. Okay?”

She said that the man had “released many more things about many more people”.

“I hope he gets what coming for him. I really hope he gets what’s coming for him. God is in control of the situation anyways. I will continue to pray.”

She said that a lot of people are messaging her because the man gave them her number. She said she did not cry on the live video because she has been crying “so much and my tear bag dry. And I really can’t. Please.

“And nobody send me any video that you are seeing out there. It is just ridiculous. Don’t send anything to me because I know what is going on.

34 replies on “Woman says sex videos show her being raped”

  1. Vanessa Roberts says:

    Why when he force you to come on the mainland to meet up with him you did not set up the police ‍♀️ to come with you? He wouldn’t have known the police was coming with you, you did not use your head. You should have go to the police set them up about the whole thing and then the police would have catch him. Another thing when you found out you guys were first cousins why didn’t you break off all relationship with him, but you continue to see him. This story just don’t add up to me . Don’t get me wrong I don’t disbelieve you , but somewhat there’s some stuff in the story you are talking just don’t add up. You are a intelligent woman plus a educator, you are telling me you did not use your brain and think before you have this guy doing you so much things and you continue to do what he told you to do before you go to the police nonsense man. I listen carefully and I heard everything you say and I analyze it. Some of it just don’t make sense to me. Sorry young lady but that is how I feel but am not saying he did not do the stuff to you , but you literally allow him to do all these stuff to you for so long before you go to the police ‍♀️ well something is wrong with you. Sorry but something is not right, you stay in that relationship with for to long although you find out you guys are cousins and when you were ready to break it off he did not want to gave up and he get nasty with you, but that did not say he’s not wrong to do these things to you , but you are the one allowed it to happen for so long cause you stay in the relationship with him. Blame yourself, you continue seeing him and that was the mistake you made.

    1. Shut ya […], what the […] do u know about fear and the threat of death? I know 3 women that were threatened by a guy name Jerry and two of them were so fearful they ru off to Canada to get away from the guy, and he was a married man. I know women who complained to the police and were told to go back home to the man he just vex and he would cool down but he beat ya because he love you. I hate that is women that doubt other women rather than coming together and giving support. I met two girls in their teens that were raped, one by 6 men and their mothers took money rather than prosecute. I am a barbadian, I lived there for a number of years and these women confide in me. I know this shit first hand so sit to […] down with ur ignorance and judgmental attitude. Who feels it knows it.

      1. Jeffery Campbell says:

        I absolutely agree with your comments. The previous writer does not understand what FEAR does to a woman when she is threatened, whether it be blackmail or death.

    2. Wow u serious didnt u see the text do u know how victims of rape feel after their lives had been threaten scare looking over ther shoulder every second of the day that they have….come on now woman put urself in her shoe then u can say what u saying now all the garbage….. it doesnt have all to do witjy education but if she dont have the physical strengrh to fight off an attack with someone like that what she gonna do u ever think not everyone is that strong some ppl are actually afraid of confrontation etc …..its not ur story to tell clearly u can seee she is the victim so its her god n the monster alone was present… stop judging her give her support instead

  2. Girl you are a retarded blasted moron. In y his day and age you cent let a man get away with such things. Especially a Vinci. How can you put up with these abuse and did not set him up. He needed to be gang whipped and let him learn sense. Now your name is plastered all over the internet and you like a fool coming on the internet apologizing if his misdeed. Why after all you went through when he called you last year to come to the mainland you left your home to come to see this scumbag and did not bring two of your male friends to set him up. All I have to say as a mother and grandmother and a single mother at that that boy would have wish he did not mess with any of mines. He would have been crawling instead if walking. By the way all I can day stop apologizing for what has happen. I am blaming you for not reporting him for what he done to you. You young women are scared of your own shadow. Wake up girl. Next time you see him have something for him that he will never forget. Good luck.

  3. You are a fool that’s why this is happening to you now every and any sexual assault should be reported regardless and should not be taken lightly.You did not want to cause WHAT to his mother?Go get your head examined. Look at what he has done to you? You can still file sexual assault charges against him and an active warrant would out for his arrest anytime he enters the state, if this happens I can guarantee he would not be laughing.SVG police can also inform Canada that there is an active warrant out for his arrest on a charge of SEXUAL ASSAULT and believe me Canada take sexual assault VERY SERIOUS.If you can’t do this please keep your mouth closed then the AIR will be CLEARED.

  4. Across the Miles says:

    Oh Please, someone beating you so badly, threatening you and you don’t go to the police because you ‘did not want to frustrate the man’s mother?’ It’s best you had refrained from ‘airing your side’ on social media because this is the most poppycock I’ve read in a long time.

    And please news, stop writing these silly non-newsworthy stories. All you’re doing is looking for sensationalism. When I come here I want to read something of substance about what’s happening in my home country, not about somebody’s sordid sex life.

  5. I dont buy all that story, you were so scared to the extent that you were afraid to go to the police. Too may holes in your story. Come clean and tell what is the real deal or the real Mccoy. Were you promised something and did not received it? You went on.the mainland with him. Why did you break off with him when you discovered what the kinship were. So you want to tell me thay you Aunt did not know what the kinship was? I dont buy youe story beyond a reasonable doubt. You said he bulled you. However, that is neither here nor there since he may have bulled you before. Verdict , I am unable to ovetcome the treshold or hurdle beyond a reasonable doubt. You have lost the case.

  6. The only fool here is all of you negative comments. It’s precisely why she suffered in silence. She was afraid of this negative beat down and this is exactly what you guys are doing.

    1. Across the Miles says:

      No the only fool is her. If what she said happened why go to social media instead of filing a police report? Again, if she was afraid of negative comments SHE SHOULD NOT HAVE AIRED HER DIRTY LAUNDRY ON SOCIAL MEDIA.

  7. Kenton, have you considered that by publishing the victim’s photo you are actually aggravating the situation? As someone said earlier, this person appears to be retarded. You should remove the photo. It is the decent thing to do. Furthermore, why publish this story, is it really news?

  8. Vanessa Roberts says:

    Monica I totally agreed with you , that’s why I ask those questions cause it’s unfair to her

  9. This matter can still investigate by the local police and the Canadian mounted police and have him extradite back to St Vincent to answer charges, of rape, assault, blackmailing. Domestic abuse is a very serious crime. As a former Police officer, the situation the victims normally found themselves in is not easy to act on their own as some may think, the mind controlled threat the abuser uses ,always place them into a state of denial and fear, so please go easy on the young lady and offer some form of support to help her to get over these abuse, so she can regain her life and get herself together, but this monster need to pay for these criminal acts he committed against her will. Let justice rule let interpol flush him out of hiding and get him back to St Vincent . The arms of justice is long.

  10. I read will saddens of the trauma you suffered by someone you thought your were having a loving relationship with. I am so sorry to learn of your suffering. Please don’t blame yourself . I am quite willing to help you out of the trauma you experience.. I cannot say I understand what you are going through because I really never had that experience. However I will be willing to offer you some sessional therapeutic counselling. If this is something you will like to take up I will leave my Name and Telephone Number at a place you nominate. This could be the Bequia Police Station. Again I am very very sorry to hear of your pain, please stop blaming yourself.;

    Mr. Edwards

  11. Y’all love to blame women for their pain and abuse. This is why we can’t get no where as a ppl. You point the finger at the wrong people. And wonder why ppl don’t speak up. Praying for women all over the world rn.

  12. Kirk Knights says:

    This story is unbelievable,I don’t believe this woman. She’s lying because the video was made public. Rape is sexual intercourse by fear and force,not the woman part taking in the sex act.

  13. The guy who put the video on Facebook is a sociopath/jackass. It should have been his sister, daughter, mother, or aunty then he would have known how that feel. Some people are void of common decency. But it’s a bad thing to publish the woman’s picture (and not the man).
    This would have looked better if the caption was ‘Police manhunt underway for alleged rapist (who posted sex video on FB’ ). But this is really funny news. 😉

  14. Hashtag Prince says:

    This is so unfortunate and I sympathize with Ms.Horne.

    The guy is a danger to all women and has serious personality problems. I hope when he returns to SVG, if he is not there – that the Police will be waiting to arrest him. They need to put out an APB and hold him at the airport for collection. No one should suffer what this young lady went through and a serious investigation and charges should be pressed against that “mongrel” of a man.

    Kenton, I disagree with posting her photo, because it creates another phase of abuse.

    I mean just knowing how heartless society can be at times.

  15. Very interesting…question were u rape after u realize ur video of ur face was all over the place??
    Would u have come forward if there no video?
    From ur action sure this isnt a first act ?

  16. Absolutely agreed with all the comments from Alvin Toby you see some people want a lot more details but there is a reason she can’t and understand that. Support her for Christ sake!. She is telling the truth with some salacious details withheld. Get the Police involve.

  17. I dont eant to be presumptious but i symphatize with Oleen Horne until hearing that she willingly accompanied the agressor to the mailand. Something is not right here, in the mind of a reasonable person something is wrong with her decision to do such a thing this me indicates that was a willing participant.

    In addition, someone from the grenadines confided in me that it is not unusual for cousins in the grenadines to be involved in a sexual relatoonship. The practice is widespread in Carriacou a Petit Martinique also. I dont say it may not happen in mainland tol but more frequently in the Grenadines.

  18. I am from Cannouan and one of my cousin tried the same shit with me telling me that cousin and cousins make dozens. I said hell no.

  19. I cant believe some of u you no sense ppl Comments here
    Before u Niggas Sympathys wit miss Horne
    Hear some of u Comments
    I Hope Some Of U Guys Sisters Mothers watever
    That Dnt Happen to Dem

  20. Now I’ve read all of the comments and there must be some truth in what is being conveyed by Ms. Horne. What I don’t get is the fact that persons are bashing IWN For publishing something that’s already out there. FACEBOOK IS A PUBLIC SOCIAL MEDIA SITE and the beginning of Kenton’s Story says she took to FACEBOOK to clear her name. The lady is a Public figure, who made public statement on a public site.

    So if she didn’t want Kenton to publish the story then she should have gone to the police and dealt with the matter privately

    What I’ve read is quite sad, because people do go through abuse secretly.

    A lot of the comments the though, are based on mere speculation. Vincentians would read a story without knowing the root cause, basis or facts. Typical Vincentians…..

  21. Crime watch says:

    Well when the man story is told the whole pot batty gwine drop in. This is to much water. I need more flower

  22. Socrates- I know you won’t believe me, but the highest form of human excellence is to question oneself and others says:

    Before jumping to conclusions, we must first ask:
    Who would post a video like this?
    Why would they post this video?
    What have they got to gain by posting this video?
    Would you want your daughter, sister, aunt, mother, friend to date the person who posted the video?
    Even if this was consensual, what was done in private should have remained between the two individuals.
    To the young lady, Thanks for your bravery in speaking up. When you stay silent you allow this type of behavior to continue.

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