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The cutlass, a common tool in many Vincentian homes, is often wielded as a weapon.
The cutlass, a common tool in many Vincentian homes, is often wielded as a weapon.
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A 24-year-old woman says she believes that because she is a lesbian, officers at the Calliaqua Police Station are not taking seriously her report against a man who struck her in the head with a cutlass last week Tuesday, March 23.

The woman, who says she is open about her sexuality, asked that she not be identified in this article for fear that the religious relatives with whom she lives would throw her out.

She told iWitness News, on Tuesday, that she began, on Nov. 1, a relationship with a 36-year-old woman who also claimed to be a lesbian.

“We were going good; the relationship was going, totally good, until she met up on this taxi guy. When I found out about it, she was denying it; she was telling me the both of them were not sleeping together, the both of them had nothing together.”

The woman told iWitness News that when she got confirmation of her now ex-girlfriend’s unfaithfulness and she “mashed up” her ex-girlfriend’s phone , last week Tuesday. 

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“When I found out about it, me and she got into a little argument, we got into a fight. When we got into the fight now, I hit her, she hit me and whatever, then he came with a cutlass and hit me in my head with it.”
The woman said that she went to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital for medical attention and had a medical injury form, which the attending doctor completed.

“I went to the station and up to now, they ain’t do anything about it. I suffered head injuries. All now my head is still hurting me. I can’t function properly. It’s just headaches. I just went back to the station a while ago and they tell me they will tell me what is what.”

The woman said that the police know that she is a lesbian and seem not to be taking her report seriously because of this.

“They have it as a joke,” she told iWitness News.

The woman said that the altercation took place in a West St. George community in the yard of one of her ex-girlfriend’s relatives.

She said that during the altercation, her partner stripped her “naked”.

“I was stripped naked. I was in a [pair of] pants alone. I did not have on any bra or anything.

She said that the man who struck her in the head is married to another woman with whom he lives in a West Kingstown community.

The woman says that she is openly gay “but my parents don’t agree with it”.

She said that she did not know that her ex-girlfriend is bi-sexual.

“When I met her, she told me she didn’t like guys. I don’t know if she is just with the guy for the money.”

The woman said that had she known that her ex-girlfriend was bisexual, she would not have started a relationship with her.

She said that generally, in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, lesbians are “criticised’ because of their sexuality.

“You see like how the police are taking me for a joke, people laugh at you,” the woman told iWitness News.  

“That’s why some of us who are lesbian don’t come out straight and tell people that they are, because we are afraid that the public is going to criticise us.

“Look what happened to me. Who knows if this is not happening to other people too?”

The woman said that the man who struck her was present before the altercation between her and her ex-girlfriend turned physical.

“He was there saying, ‘You can’t see I have yo’ woman? You can’t get she back.  She is mine own now.’

“I say, ‘If you want she, keep she.’ And that’s when the fighting started,” she said of the fight between she and her girlfriend.

“She struck me first and then I put my hand on her. I just think if things like this are happening to other people they should just come out straight forward and say. And I need justice with this please,” she said, adding that the police should treat people fairly, “not because of who they are”.

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  1. My friend l dont agree with your sex life. But l do not like this man hitting you in your head with any thing. But the story song like a joke.So you should take a man to

  2. We only know one side of the story in this article. Maybe the police know much more than we readers. I do know that the Calliaqua police are the worst and most worthless and LAZY police in SVG, so there may be merit in this story. I know too many people that have had trouble and those police normally do NOTHING! I had property stolen from me. THEY DID NOTHING! Maybe they did nothing because they are incompetent. They are even worst and more lazy than the police in West Kingstown.

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