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3 replies on “VIDEO: Ash blankets the northeast”

  1. KC, you’re brave no ass. Great reporting. I hope they map and widen the roads after this and put up street names so people who don’t know the area don’t get lost; and for tourists. The public works department has a lot of cleaning to do. Chance, you don’t have to publish my question, but who does one address a Moneygram to Kenton Chance or IWN or a special bank account?

  2. Tremendous reporting Kenton! That poor man that had his bike stolen! Even if it may be only 1% of the people are thieves in SVG, it leaves a tremendous impact on the majority of the people. The theft has devastated this man more than the effects of the volcano.
    Although all professional studies proven that such masks do nothing to protect anyone from the corona virus, they are vital at this time. Not so much the surgical masks but dust masks. This powdered rock MAY be good to smooth your skin, but too much is very bad for the respiratory systems of humans and all animal life.

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