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The shooting victim, and threatening language accused, Cornelius John. (iWN file photo)
The shooting victim, and threatening language accused, Cornelius John. (iWN file photo)
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Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), Sejilla McDowall has issued “certain directives” to the police relating to the alleged shooting of a businessman at his home in April, reportedly in the presence of a senator and an assistant DPP.

“The matter is still being investigated. I have had discussions with the office of the DPP who has issued certain directives. These directives have to be carried out, have to be followed and then further discussion and then the file returned to the DPP,” Commissioner of Police Colin John told iWitness News on Wednesday.

The police chief said that no arrest has been made nor have charges been laid in connection with the matter.

Cornelius John, 60, of Diamond Village said he was shot in the leg after three persons came to his home uninvited on April 13.

Karim Nelson Ashelle Morgan
Assistant DIrector of Public Prosecution, Karim Nelson, left, and Senator Ashelle Morgan, are “persons of interest” in the investigation..

He said that the group was made up of two men, and a woman, who he recognised as government senator and Deputy Speaker of the House of Assembly, lawyer Ashelle Morgan, although each of the three were wearing COVID-19 masks.

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John said he was able to recognise Morgan by her voice, gait and physique as she grew up in the community.

He said that the taller of the two men shot him in the leg and Morgan threatened him with a gun.

Commissioner of Police John has confirmed to iWitness News that Morgan and assistant DPP Karim Nelson are “persons of interest” in the investigation into the shooting.

Nelson has proceeded on leave amidst the investigation, but Morgan has refused to demit her parliamentary positions pending the outcome of the investigation. 

John, his lawyer, Kay Bacchus-Baptiste, and the parliamentary opposition have called for a thorough investigation of the matter and for charges to be brought. 

6 replies on “DPP issues ‘certain directives’ in Cornelius John shooting case”

  1. Jomo Thomas should join this legal team because these are the things he was writing about not too long ago.

  2. Whoever forms the next Government, the first thing to do is fire Police Commissioner Collin John. The spineless stooge Gunslaves’ Lackey isn’t fit for that function. I have never heard so much bull shit in a single session. Gunslaves on vacation with his wife so maybe Collin on his own but if they [the perpetrators] get away with this it will be the end.

  3. This bear BULLSHIT. The commissioner of police send for Wayne Murray because of a Facebook post he said he didn’t see but was told about. Mr John identified a person who is an accomplice to him being shot. If the Commissioner Of Police is not an IDIOT, then tell me who is? Nuff said

  4. Mr. Commissioner you have a problem. You are probably not in control of your police service men/women. You are missing guns and ammunition, your goon squad attacked and seriously injured women, and you have ULP criminal still walking the streets.

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